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Potential cures for Covid-19?

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Maybe there is hope:

Coronavirus Australia: Queensland researchers find ‘cure’, want drug trial

Some patients who tested positive for coronavirus in Australia have already been treated with one of the drugs and “all did very, very well,” researchers say.


the drugs that seem to be effective treatments for coronavirus patients are lopinavir/ritonavir and Chloroquine:
The University of Queensland is ranked in the top-50 in the world so I think the scientific finding is credible. The advantage of these drugs is that they are in production and use. This means that they have already been tested for safety in clinical trials - and can be quickly re-purposed for coronavirus treatment.
In theory, if you can convince your medical doctor to prescribe these drugs then treatment with these drugs could be available immediately.
Please note that I am not medically trained and this email is not advice of any kind. I am just sending it to you so that you are informed about potential options to discuss with medical professionals, if you would be in the unfortunate situation where it is needed.
Channel 7 news:
Interestingly, at 2:29 you can see MinION DNA sequencing device that is produced by Oxford Nanopore - a company I worked with at Oxford:
And here is an interview by Sky News:

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