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Mr Medved

Cutting out the RE agent

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So my landlord has changed property management companies to a different RE agency.

They want to charge me for paying rent via the same way I've done for the last four years. I told them to bugger off I'm not paying your silly fee. They seem to be insistent so I contacted the owner via Linked In. Social media other than S&S may have a constructive purpose. :)

I've invited her to piss off the RE agencies who charge her for doing SFA and asking me to pay silly fees. She said she'll think about it. So fingers crossed.


It was the complete opposite of the experience of Mrs Medved in Russia... interesting to say the least.

Over there they not only have agents for sellers but also buyers! Talk about being reamed, they take a cut from both sides. But it's even worse than that.

Apparently there is an unwritten agreement between RE agents that once you become a client of one RE company you can't deal with any others! It sounds like a full-on cartel - exclusivity of customers with no contracts signed whatsoever. So you have to be careful who you approach first, you're stuck with them. Unfortunately Mrs Medved didn't know this so is sort of stuck with a RE company now. The good thing is the RE agent acted as a chauffeur to get do different buildings around the city. So unlike the RE agents in Australia they actually provide some usefulness. They're also open about when sellers are willing to "bargain", so although I don't like paying their commissions it may actually be of some value.

I get the impression when they hear a foreigner (even a Russian speaking one) they think 1) sucker and 2) $$$ ka-ching! So I'll be treading slowly but step one to my Siberian hedge has completed (finally).



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