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NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet: 'I don't think it's fair that my generation is going to foot the bil''

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This is what I've been expecting to happen sooner or later, which is why I'm not expecting a government pension to be available to baby boomers until they've spent every cent of their own money. But I suspect that he will follow other state treasurers and introduce another FHOG.



..."I sit there and think as somebody who is 34, I don't think it's fair that my generation is going to foot the bill for modern day governments that don't live within their means,"...


"If you look at governments around the world and the pressures on their economies you're having discussions on a whole range of issues about where we put funding that I think just won't be available," Perrottet says.

"With an ageing population those pressures and the costs of those decisions are going to be borne by our generation. We've got to make the tough decisions now to make sure we have a strong position for the budget going forward."...

...As finance minister Perrottet last year raised some eyebrows by advocating for the hated stamp duty on residential property sales to be replaced by a broad-based land tax as one part of the solution....

..."As someone who's 34, our generation want to reach the great Australian dream of owning their first home," he says. "As a government we need to look at the levers that are available to us to assist."...



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