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I regularly order food delivery from the likes of menulog or eatnow. No problems till tonight. 


Tonight the driver didn't have change and took my cash and promised to return with the change. No biggie, that's happened before. Got the meal inside and it was stone cold. Not a little bit cold, but like it had been in the fridge. Rang the restaurant and they argued with me, insulted me and were aggressive. "what do you expect" was the response to my complaint about cold food. "of course it's cold, you've been on the phone to me for twenty minutes" "actually the timer on my phone says I've been on the phone for 3.23minutes" The driver returned with the change but the restaurant refused to give me my cash back. The poor delivery guy was an Uber and equally pissed off with the situation. Lesson - always check take away deliveries and don't hand over cash with a promise of returning with change.


I've emailed menulog. If I have no joy from them, I'm taking it all the way to the high court - it's the vibe. If all else fails the restaurant will get a lot of cash deliveries in my area!

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