Wind and solar are crushing fossil fuels

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4 hours ago, tor said:

Are you paying for Socrates? Is this your "skin in the game"?

Or are you not even doing that yet?

I've answered that multiple times. Stay off the booze as it helps memory.

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4 hours ago, zaph said:

This is only for Australia and 2 years old

Renewable energy subsidies to top $2.8b a year up to 2030

In any case, I'd support a move to remove all subsidies and just use cost to the consumer and reliability of supply as the benchmarks.

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'Mr Green' is nothing more than a NIMBY.  Perhaps those farms should be moved to Sydney's northern beaches. That would after all be consistent with what they voted for at the last Federal election. :-)

Crusader Brown turns against wind farm

Former Greens leader and veteran activist Bob Brown is campaigning to stop a $1.6 billion wind farm development in Tasmania because it will spoil the view and kill birds.

Despite the criticisms leveled at former prime minister Tony Abbott and treasurer Joe Hockey for describing wind turbines as “ugly”, Dr Brown said the Robbins Island plan was, visually, a step too far.
“Mariners will see this hairbrush of tall towers from 50km out to sea and elevated landlubbers will see it, like it or not, from greater distances on land,” Dr Brown said. “Its eye-catchiness will divert from every coastal scene on the western Bass Strait coastline.”

In his letter on the wind farm, Dr Brown wrote: “Besides the impact on the coastal scenery, wind turbines kill birds. Wedge-tailed eagle and white-bellied sea eagles nest and hunt on the island. Swift parrots and orange-bellied parrots traverse the island on their migrations.

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Looks like the Dutch are in for a bit of the Australian experience

Dutch Govt To Start Turning Off Gas Supply To Households



And, of course, the implications are huge. The unlucky householders affected will need to find maybe £10000 or more, simply to replace their boilers with non-gas alternatives. They will then be faced with much higher energy bills as well, thanks to the fact that electricity is more expensive than gas. [Electricity prices are about double those of gas in the Netherlands, according to the EU. However, about half of the gas price is made up of taxes. Whether consumers or government stand the cost of the switch from gas remains to be seen]

Moreover, electricity prices will continue to rise in future, as the grid switches to more renewable sources.

As even Milieudefensie, the Dutch branch of Friends of the Earth, admit, the costs are real and cannot be ignored. It seems certain that government will have to provide some funding, given that the costs are unevenly distributed and hit those with lower incomes the most. But as they also accept, the bill is simply too huge for the government to bear.

If we translate into UK terms, to convert all of the homes on the gas grid, in the region of 25m, would cost £250 billion, at £10,000 a time.

Looking forward to the election results after they receive their new energy bills.

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