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How long will Joyce remain?

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So Joyce is now nationals leader, deputy PM and sometimes acting PM. I'm not really asking how long he will remain, just keeping the thread title consistent with other political ones. 


He's likeable, popular, known and outspoken. I doubt most voters would even know who Warren Truss is. Most voters would know who Joyce is. 


What's in store?

  • He crossed the floor 28 times in the senate. He had to stop that when he became the minister for nothing in the lower house. Now he's the leader he'd be expected to toe the party (which party?) line even more. Will he become a yes man or remain outspoken?
  • Will he continue Nats as being wallflower to libs? Will he create a wider brand identiy between the libs and the nats? Will he try to merge the parties, as happened in QLD?


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