US Elections 2016

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I think this is going to be Trump's achilles heel during his presidency. He won't want to give up control of his empire but he will have to and the Democrats will keep a close eye.


Donald Trump's conflicts of interest: without precedent in American presidents

And if we learned anything from the neverending neverfinding benghazi hearings I guess it would be a problem. But only if the his own party makes it viable.


If they do they are playing the exact games that,I think, the populace has said they hate. I am not sure many of the voters would say they hate the benghazi harings if you called them that but if you didn't name them and described them it would fall under government being f*cktards wouldn't it?


(honestly asking here as I know no one that understood the benghazi hearings thing in any way that made sense to me)

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The recent violent protests against Trump are very puzzling. 

Presumably they rather have Clinton and neocon warhawks continue "nationbuilding" by deposing dictators in the Middle East. 

They must think that the endless wars are worth it to spread "freedom and democracy". 

So that is why they don't accept the election result?

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The term "useful idiots" comes to mind. I think if you asked people why they don't like Trump there'll be at least a dozen reasons. They'll also fail to see the bigger picture. And there is a lot of hate for Trump - I didn't realise this until chatting with someone who lives in DC (not very politically active).

Those with (potentially) a lot to lose will manipulate the usual idiots for their own purposes.



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