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This is what happens to chickens that mess with the clown


Deboned, stuffed and tied up so they can't run away and straight into the oven...

Cooked just in time for le tour.

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50 mins cooking a 1.6 kg chicken in a 160c fan forced (longer for others ) Chicken == moist and tender. Not over cooked. Except I didn't have a casserole dish big enough so I covered the roast in foil. The water in the bottom pretty much steams the dish. The final roast browns the chicken.


Served with the liquid reduced as gravy except I added extra home made chicken stock. This was super chickeny. Using the deboned carcass. Waste not and all that. The gravy is almost chinese. Looks a little insipid but packs a punch. Truffles Schmuffles according to Ms Clown it's all about the chicken. The truffles had lost their flavour but the dish was enhanced with a mysterious depth of flavour which is my guess what truffles do. Best chicken ever.

The wild mushroom medley in garlic butter (also scored from the farmers market) was superb. As will be the candied orange ice cream quenelle served with crepes suzette. :)


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