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On 17.7.2019 at 7:20 PM, Swaize said:

So june became july and its probably a high in the dow and gold

Next turnpoint is september area

Yes medved i agree it could be a september  low in the dow.


Private blog summary:

Dow up into 2022ish so buy the dips this year

Gold up into 2024? Buy the dips

Emerging markets will crash, europes economy declines, 

Dollar rallye ahead and eurondecline and pound decline into 2021

2022area monetary system crysis worldwide, bretton woods style, dollar reserve system change

If your not making tons of money the next 4 years youre doing something wrong 


by the way how is it going with the australian real estate collapse?

all ordinairies conference array m.jpg

Here are the turning points for australias stock market. August and December turnpoints

with action in the market august and september

By the way, @Mr Medved do NOT expect the next crysis to just be a stock crash. And also, stocks can decline much later after a recession or slump already started.

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By the way, the forecast on the Dow is:

2021/22 high

at 33.000-35.000 


so im thinking to buy more on a september or november low this year

all ordinairies conference array m.jpg

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Gold has been a nice hedge against a declining AUD. I don't see the AUD recovering until the next commodity bull market... which may coincide with a major war cycle, so nothing to celebrate.

I'm still bullish on the USD. The trade wars and what's going on in Hong Kong is not good for global trade or for China. I spoke with people in a company that deals internationally, particularly in Latin America, and said business was down quite a bit in the last year - Australia was actually the strongest for them.

Swaize - want to be my hedge fund manager? :) 

I don't have time to keep up with what's happening in the markets. I was actually thinking of contacting Marty to see if he'd like me to organise a WEC in Australia for him... I'm just a bit disorganised at the minute.

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