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On 06/02/2019 at 10:10 AM, cobran20 said:

If you go for an NBN50 plan, that should be ample for playing video over the internet. The only issue should be how much bandwidth the ISP has purchased from the NBN as the speed slows down during peak times. The ACCC publishes a report on ISP's performance.

I think I'll go for the 25 plan. That should be enough and if I need more I can just pay more. 12 was always enough in my old place. 

Once I'm there i'm thinking of getting the residents together for a better deal.

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5 hours ago, zaph said:

Just give me the price. Shell games I don't appreciate. 

You'll have to learn to 'appreciate' the game as each retailer has different plans, each with its own prices and conditions.

Retailers rely on the apathy of people who go with the 'default' plan, which usually attracts higher charges.

I use a spreadsheet to be able to properly analyse the various (electricity & gas) plans, so that I could compare 'apples with apples'. That included recording my previous 12 months usage and solar panel inputs. Simples!

For a single person, who may often eat out, it would probably not make much difference.

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