Should free email accounts be allowed?

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Is tor drunk?

Thank f*ck I already have an account. I am obviously legally drunk any time I turn up here but that is silly. Am I drunk by my terms? Whenever I am I am usually 10 minutes away from typing with one finger or typing with one finger. Unfortunately I don't always know I am in the 10 minute buffer.

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I've noticed that the "location" field is always filled in with these guys. Is it mandatory? Anyway this is the attribute I thought you might have easy access to and could white list against it.

Its actually not hard to get them once they've registered, what I want to stop is the flood of registration notification emails ... and then the bounce emails when the validation email from the forum fails. Between two forums, getting hundreds of these per day is incredibly annoying. Spammers also tend to fill out their signature, website, yahoo etc while Real People don't.

Anyway, for now at least one challenge question has stopped them dead. Hopefully a Real Person will sign up eventually to see if it works :)

There's still a few spammers on the forum that slipped through in November/December but they'll eventually get weeded out.

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A set of challenge questions that could only be answered by someone with at least a passing knowledge of Australia would stop 99.9% of them.

Things like: What is the capital of Australia? a. Melbourne b. Sydney c. Canberra

and maybe some others.

You have to actually join to be able to post a recipe, and I want to stop the flood of joins each day. Deleting everyone with 0 posts every day is easy but I'd rather it be automated.

Hey - I've never posted a recipie... better get to it

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yeah i signed up a few weeks back, and the challenge question was fine for me to do. Simple process, but if it works to get spammers out, then it's effective enough.

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