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i know why we don't have windmills (like re's) in small scale on top of houses. but why not a small scale of the above?

what's the cost (yeah i know it would be high at first but would come down with efficiencies of scale) of roof top wind power generation vs solar? benefits? drawbacks?

i'm no engineer so i have no idea about the answers to these questions.

where's dyson when you need him?

Hi zaph,

There are already several miniature versions available for home use.

Check out this website:

Wind Turbines Australia

And here's one for only $25,000, but there are other models a little cheaper.

Wind Turbine link

This site supplies a whole series of different designs - "Made in China"

China turbines

And finally the major website for small wind turbines and just get a load of the configurations available on this page.

Small Wind Turbines

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tks sol for the find.

some pricey things there, but i did see a 1000w for 400euro enough to keep pc running and a small fridge.and i mean small

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