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Most of our power bill comes from heating - I really want one of these little suckers when we build a house:

The main feature of them is once you've got one, they don't cost anything* to run.

Seems to cost about $3000, give or take, which is comparable to a wood heater. I'm not sure what a gas heater costs to get installed, but bottled gas and electricity for heating are horrendously expensive over the years and wood heaters can be quite expensive unless you get your wood for free and cut it up yourself, so the payback time on this one would be ~5 years, maybe less if the price of electricity keeps going up.

I'm sure these things would be much cheaper (I mean come on, its a box with some electronics) if they were mass produced in China and not lovingly handmade in Australia.

*ok, they have a fan in them that can be turned on at night so they cost something

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