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What? He was pressing 90kg dumbbells? Holy smokes if that's the case.

Yeah, he was always wearing corporate clothes and never looked "huge" but when you actually paid attention he was as big as the rest of us and we were just fat :)

tor took out a mortgage in a capital city ;)

hehehe actually it is from when I was young I had to make breakfast and lunches for the other kids and, being sensible, realised that if I didn't eat either then it was less work for me.

It probably did save me a chunk of cash over the years though.

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I wonder if they have that show in China?

SMH: China's spoilt generation takes obesity to new level

SHANGHAI: China's spoilt generation of single children is rapidly becoming overweight, a report shows, while their parents are also growing obese faster than any other country apart from Mexico.

There has been a 25 per cent rise in obesity in Shanghai's primary school children over the past decade, with 13 per cent overweight and almost half of those also obese, said the report from Jiao Tong University.

Officials have blamed China's rush to emulate Western culture, the plethora of fast food outlets and the tendency of parents in one-child families to express their affection through food.

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