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Solomon - cheers :)

ETSA is the people who do the electricity infrastructure in SA, as opposed to the people that sell you the electricity. We needed them to get a meter. They had a 10 week lead time and the house had a 5 week lead time.

i imagined the house being delivered in two pieces and having to 'weld' it together on site. i also imagined a much more rural location. i love that stone house to your left, my right. is it the dump you renovated?

The green one is the one we fixed up, the cream one is the neighbour's house. The cream one is a 4 room cottage + 1 leanto and the green one is a 2 room cottage + 2 leantos, which is why it has such a low roof line. There are clones of both styles of cottage all over the town, I call them cookie cutter cottages. The 2 room + leantos is about the lowest end of the housing here so we're going to sell the old house quite cheap, especially with the HIA order on it and the falling market here.

This town has a real mix of houses, there's a lot of new transportables like ours, older lower end transportables, old stone mansions, fancy new brick 5x2's with retirees in, and almost every style of architecture in between including a really fancy gothic looking thing about 2 blocks away and the overwhelming majority of houses are very well maintained with picket fences and roses. Very, very pretty town.

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Last couple of weeks has been hell. Telstra and ETSA were the worst two to get hold of, and unfortunately they are the most important.

Currently poking the bank with a sharp stick trying to get them to pay everyone, since the plumber cost a whisker under $14k so obviously he wants to get paid NOW considering he turned up on August 1st. Not that he's sent a proper receipt yet so I can claim all the cashbacks from the solar HWS.

I have some photos on flickr, its been raining on and off for most of the two weeks so its a serious quagmire outside from all the subsoil clay that got turned up with the trenching for the plumbing, so trying to keep that stuff out of the house has been ... interesting.

We're almost fully moved in (give or take half a dozen boxes of 'why do we even have this stuff and where do I put it' and some people are meant to move into our old house pretty soon, but one of them has a major renovating injury so I guess they'll just hobble on over when they get around to it :)

Looking forward to sitting down INSIDE, out of the mud, and watching the rain from somewhere warm and dry. *sigh*

Never doing this again. The house is really really nice, we're loving the extra space and being able to actually sleep now the baby has his own room (first solid night's sleep in almost 14 months last night) and the house is big enough for all of us but not so huge we'd rattle in it without kids so I can see us being here a REALLY long time.

I read the posts but nothing much sinks in unless I see the photos. :stupid: Thanks RE and congratulations. Nice job. :)

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I just wanted to give my congratulations as well. Your "weird" and unique project is truly inspirational. It was a great read finding out your success and your struggles.

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