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Found 1 result

  1. It has been a year of reflection for me. And the end of the year was a reason to take stock of a lot of things. Apart from "what the heck should I do with my life now?" there has been the gnawing question about the concept of reality and our knowledge of it. In an earlier post I mentioned that returning to Sweden has been weird with 3 degrees of separation between the experience of being here now and the memories/expectations of what it was like in the past: perceptions as a youth are coloured by inexperience memories of those perceptions have faded and (sometimes romantically) distorted experience of reality now as a middle-aged man Even though I expected life back here would be challenging (is that a 4th degree of separation?) it has been very different still from what I expected. So, what is truth about experienced reality? Try answering these two questions: Are house prices at crazy bubble levels? Was Julia Gillard a good Prime Minister? Depending on your point of view - your perceptions of the reality (answered truth) of those two questions could end up being vastly different from some other persons perspective. Well, there were at least a few differences of opinions in the old GHCP forum... If the truth of experienced reality is so wildly relative - is there any point in trying to find truth itself? Is there any point in debating anything? Maybe we should just pick a viewpoint that makes us happy, gives us confidence - and meets our selfish needs. But somehow, that seems to be so shallow. Yet, society doesn't seem to put much value in truth seeking analysis anymore. It pays way better to be able to communicate/debate justifications for agendas - i.e. having a talent for bullsh*t.