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  1. The jumper reminds me of pigeon tail feathers.
  2. What about her friends in her "circle"? https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-1R8JGhEij-M/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAADw/ROF-Gg-TSpo/s250-c/photo.jpg Is it a circle of trust? Have they realised that Mei Li is mangalicious?
  3. Latest from Fremantle band San Cisco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pmHTPgG51w
  4. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-12-28/home-ownership-rate-drops/4445792 Some new statistics in there (sources not verified), unfortunately no analysis as to causes (we can speculate causes such as underemployment, people drawing equity, people who have upgraded from one house to another in the past decade etc). I also know a few people who pay their mortgage interest only and keep the equivalent of principal repayments in an offset account. This is handy if ever one decides to rent their property because there is a higher amount of tax deductible interest that can be claimed because the principal amount has never been paid off. The Baby Boomers might be doing this too, I wonder if Mr Hugo's research takes this into account (e.g. Baby Boomers still have a mortgage but also enough funds in the bank to pay it off if they really wanted).
  5. Australian cities and towns are becoming more and more boring because of NIMBYs.
  6. Yes, strumming pattern is very similar to that used in Awkward.
  7. Promising West Australian Band
  8. Naked and Famous Don't you know people write songs about girls like you? Everything you say is, fire All the things you say, you liar Love this.
  9. Fair enough points. What I was thinking was that the dung would need to be hitting the rotating blades in large quantities if 400K units in Sydney were to drop to 200K, I'm thinking huge unemployment levels to cause that kind of drop. I wouldn't under estimate the ugliness of poverty. Everywhere I know of where poverty levels are high, those places are pretty sh*tty places to be in. I'd rather be among prosperity* than poverty. (obscene wealth aside). I don't foresee prices dropping that far for most of Sydney. The boon-docks might be different. Dwellings might become better value through price stagnation, in which case that is going to take time. If you're happy to wait that long, then you wait and bet against the masses that still have other ideas (especially where my unit is located in Sydney. Prices still seem to be rising, maybe only keeping pace with CPI, but that doesn't make them any more affordable). We here are now probably all aware of some regional markets that have already dropped 20%, houses selling for below replacement cost already. So maybe regional towns are the go? Where I've been monitoring in Cairns, prices for average homes are up to 20% off what they were selling for in 2007. Despite this, a couple of odd things that I've noticed in Cairns: Tradies travelling 500+ kilometres to do jobs to maintain labour rate and won't discount local jobs, not even 10% discount. Landscapers in Cairns seem to be flat chat, again some travelling 100's of kilometres instead of doing local work. We found most don't even bother to return phone calls or reply emails, even in this so-called "downturn in the local economy". One more thought, maybe the government has more tricks to prop things up, such as attracting even more foreign money and further increases to immigration. Tricks that will be designed to increase the competition/demand for resources locally to keep the wealthy satisfied and I doubt it will matter which party the populace vote for, it will be the same vomit.
  10. I agree with the fair value point, not much in Australia is fair value. I think a fair amount of wealth destruction would be involved if the market was to return to $200k for 2 bedroom units within 20 kilometres of Sydney CBD. In that kind of environment, buying a house for your children to have a nice childhood would be the least of your worries. I'd guess the crime born out of desperation and poverty would create a dangerous and uncomfortable environment. 1/4 acre blocks are a thing of the past in the cities. Heck, even in Cairns it is becoming really difficult to get that size within 20 kilometres of the city, unless you're looking at older houses and older areas, and you'll pay fairly big money in the decent areas. Blocks larger than about 900sqm where ever I've seen them are way beyond entry level affordability.
  11. What's your definition of entry level house? 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, < 120sqm floor area?
  12. Are you predicting 3-4 average individual's wage or household?
  13. I'm suggesting that a building in the middle of a freeway when travelling at high speed can be bad for your health. I like the wit of your comment though. Don't tell the Chinese government, might give them ideas. They seem dodgy enough already to allow this to happen (not that similar, albeit more subtle things do not happen in Australia).
  14. I wonder what the speed limit on that road is? Or if the speed limit even matters?
  15. And this brilliant piece from a project Michael was involved in with Ollie Olsen. "Whether it's god or a bomb it's just the same, and It's only fear under another name" R.I.P. Michael, you're sadly missed. Great to see the upload from music video director and friend of Michael, Richard Lowenstein. Thank you Richard.