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  1. Hi Cobran, Thanks for posting these snapshots. I would wonder what other database has such a record of graphics which illustrate the state of the economy. Perhaps the ABC might keep a record but this is an amazing array of material for anyone interested in viewing a graphic representation of the past 10 or more years. It is a credit to you and I hope that "SimpleSustainable" can retain the record somehow. We don't hear from RE much these days, but we are indebted to her too, for keeping the page operational. So, I for one, are grateful to you for your time in providing this service, because I rarely watch the ABC news or see Alan's segment on the TV. Thanks. Solomon.
  2. This piece by Matt Barrie has been featured in several forums. This is referenced from Zero Hedge. Thought it was worth a new topic. So much to talk about. Which card will fall first? Which card will be played by the politicians in one last ditch effort to keep the dream afloat? Which card do the banks require to be maintained in order to stay solvent? So many cards. So little time. ****Warning - Very Long......****
  3. I agree with your suggestion Tor. The only trouble is: .... it seems to be required when you nominate. Imagine the work involved with nomination for members of the senate. I think the last ballot had 120 candidates just for Queensland. I just think there has to be some mechanism that would allow the matter to be dealt with, without the imposition being placed back on the individual. Once this fiasco calms down, apathy will again creep in, and we could face a similar situation in 10 - 20 years time. It would seem the parliament should only be made up with indigenous persons, who are the only ones who have a valid claim to single citizenship. The rest of us, probably have some migrant heritage in our past.
  4. What a circus! I'm inclined to agree with Tor on this. It should be easy to construct a simple declaration that every member of parliament signs at the time of nomination declaring that they will not be subject to the laws and regulations of another country, and renounce all citizenship of any foreign land. Of course that doesn't solve the current crisis whereby people were already citizens. We may have to go to the polls again to fully satisfy the suggestion above Otherwise any decisions of this entire government since its inception may be brought into dispute. (Tied up in the High Court for months.) I often wonder how many laws I break everyday, because of just plain ignorance. Still, the highest citizens of the country are expected to comply with the constitution.
  5. Why is this corpse still alive?
  6. Maybe this explains "why".
  7. Someone is making a killing on the petrol price....
  8. Or a whole heap of highflyers are complaining they can't get Centrelink payments.
  9. Has Martin stopped blogging, or did it just become too burdensome to load them all to this thread? Not a criticism, just asking.
  10. Everybody knows the dice are loaded. Everybody knows.
  11. That would be except "cash". I have on occasion had 100% in cash, and never lost a cent. It might have deteriorated according to inflation, but that's beside the point.
  12. Oh dear zaph, I think you should stop while the stopping's good. (I say that in all humility, and with due respect to you; and also not because I want you to stop with this line of reasoning, but because I am ultimately afraid of the consequences.) You are being so rational, but this is one of those subjects that is entirely subjective. Children are not like pets, that you can determine their likes and dislikes to a large degree. Children have a will, and by that I mean, they are capable of putting tremendous pressure on parental nature to provide for their longings. My own 5 children still complain about how restrictive I was in our household, and with their first paycheck they went out and bought that xbox 360 that I wouldn't get for them. They still say they were deprived and yet they had food on the table, clothing in the cupboard and a bed to sleep in. They should have been totally happy and content. My grandchildren by contrast, I believe are spoilt rotten. They are given $500 birthday presents (have we gone mad!!!!) They each have their own ipads and tv sets in their own rooms! No wonder we are maxxed out as a nation and as individual domestic households. It is difficult enough not to buy "Tiddles" or "Rover" the best possible food and lodgings, but for children this is only the tip of the iceberg. And when they go to school you discover the real power of peer pressure. The latest fad or craze becomes essential. (Shopkins is now a multi-million dollar industry!) Even the Target look-alikes won't cut it to fashion savvy children. Don't even start me on technology, and what is now regarded as the must-have for 5 year olds. I agree with you zaph, that consumerism and materialism are the curse of modern parenting, but there doesn't seem to be any end to the abiity of the marketeers to keep the children engaged. Good luck with your project.
  13. See my comment on Local Council corruption.
  14. Too much money wallowing around Local Council's nowadays. Mainly through development companies. Tweed Heads Council was sacked only 10 yrs ago for supplying favours to big business and development. Council's are now simply glorified money laundering schemes, becoming richer as rates have increased. Just too tempting it seems for many people to keep their hands off.
  15. OMG Anders; I never thought about it before. What if they had English UK scientists determining the code words, and Microsoft auto correct kept changing them when the president was trying to type them in? "I thought realise had a "z" in it!"