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  1. I have to agree Cobran. It seems that greed wrapped up as "good business", or "free market" capitalism is the catchcry of all western governments. I'm not necessarily a socialist who believes that it all has to be equal, but I do believe in at least a "fair go". I hope the whole sorry mess blows up in the respective government's faces, because as Armstrong often comments; "People only change when it comes down to "crash and burn". Our current group of politicians are only allowing it, because none of them want to be remembered as the politician who rained on the party. They are essentially all "populist" politicians, because that's what got them into politics in the first place. They like to be popular! It is well researched and known that alcoholics, gamblers, drug addicts and every other addict for that matter, only ever change when they reach rock bottom. Until then they completely deny there is any problem. There is all the hallmarks of an addiction in our current home "market". (HOW I HATE THIS TERM ) This is also a sad indictment on the whole human race, that we would rather see people exposed to the elements, then lose our precious equity. I have watched with disbelief and fascination the rise and rise of home prices, thinking that it couldn't possibly go any higher. I have been naive and over time have questioned every aspect of my thinking throughout this whole ordeal. I am reluctant to suggest any longer that it couldn't go any higher, because I have been wrong so many times. I now realise they can stoke the fire as long as they like, simply through immigration and foreign ownership. I now worry more about infrastructure keeping pace. Unfortunately the compassionate side of me is well aware that any "crash and burn" situation, will mean that a whole lot of relatively innocent Australians are going to suffer the consequences well before any politician. I can't help but feel totally impotent in the face of the problem. How, When, Where and Why is this ever going to change?
  2. I would be interested to know the content of that report on Superannuation/Retirement if anyone has access. Not necessarily the details, but rather the themes for how to be best situated if everything occurs that Armstrong proposes.
  3. So we are bloated up with household credit, and household inflation is on the climb. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.
  4. Thanks SC. I didn't mean to cause you any angst. Thought there might have been a quick fix that I could implement. Appreciate your trouble on my behalf. Regards, Sol.
  5. Ahh! But that would reveal your integrity zaph. Some people it seems don't have any, or simply don't care. I was always under the impression you were required to excuse yourself as well. I'm not aware of too many people though being convicted for a "conflict of interest". It is usually the after affects (corruption charges) which make for better court cases. I wonder if the deputy mayor is on a commission if the developers get their desired result?
  6. Is there some way I can stop the screenshots in this thread from loading full-size. It takes ages and it always goes right back to the beginning when the site was recently updated. Appreciate some help here guys. Thanks.
  7. Exhausting!! I can't imagine the number of out - takes involved.......
  8. Exactly tor. Martin maybe needs to be reminded that there is "weather" and then there is "climate". I assume climate change, to refer to the long term, for which it requires a more extended period to ascertain. In a similar vein the seasons are generally measured in months but there is no definitive date upon which a season suddenly changes. As we saw late in December 2016 (summer) when it was still snowing in Tasmania. As I mentioned in a previous comment on this subject the effects of the sun's dynamics affect the earth in only 18 minutes. That is a substantial influence on the day to day weather of our planet. As I also said in a previous comment, we may actually get hot and cold operating together, given that is how a refrigerator and air conditioner work. Albert Einstein is supposedly to have once commented that there is no such emperical measure called "cold", but it is simply a term associated with the absence of heat.
  9. The problem being that Prof Keen has lost all credibility with mainstream Australia. The pundits will come back with all the trite answers now to any kind of suggestion of a house price fall. ie; All the banks have loaned prudently. Higher house prices create increased equity and therefore the market is self regulating. There is still a supply shortage (despite 10 years of building). There is no bubble in house prices in Australia, so no requirement for them to fall. Non-recourse loans mean that Australians will not allow house prices to fall. etc, etc, etc.....
  10. I found this article by Bullion Baron, an interesting read. War on Cash In particular because it highlights just how easily a cashless society could be implemented, and I dare say most Australians would simply accept it with a whimper. I feel for all the elderly and seniors who often operate with cash, and who have no access to internet or cards. Frankly, I'm with Martin Armstrong on this topic. I think it is a genuine attempt to reap all the plebs money off them. I would like to know exactly how much the Black Market/Criminal element is actually worth in Australia. Politicians are simply looking for the easiest answer to their growing divide between tax income and expenses. If they keep robbing the credit card to the extent they have, I warrant it will turn THEM all into criminals! I think this is more serious than most Australians imagine.
  11. Venezuela have withdrawn their largest denomination as well. Venezuela cash crackdown Causing huge uproar and could become even worse yet. Millions of people have seen their wealth diminish overnight.
  12. The thing about services is; Who pays for them when there are no jobs in the other sectors. Service people will be paying service people in an endless cycle of unproductive service. But at least it keeps the economy ticking over....
  13. And how do those who claim man-made gases were the culprits to the recent spike in global warming respond to that? I have a couple of questions as well. I notice that in the operation of my air conditioner and fridge; both of which are designed to cool temperatures, a large proportion of heat is produced. That heat has to be dispelled in order to gain and maintain the cold. I understand the earth emits infrared energy as a way of staying cool, otherwise our planet would simply get hotter and hotter. I just wanted to ask what happened in the lead up to previous ice ages of planet earth. (I don't dispute their existence) How does any hot planet cool sufficiently to enter an ice age? Where does the heat go? I would have also thought this is not dependent upon the planet itself, but its external source of heat. In our case the sun. Wouldn't such previous periods of heating and cooling have been dependent upon the activity, or lack of, of the sun. Is the sun a constant, or is it, as I am led to believe, a dynamic heat/energy source, where the sun goes through periods of high and low activity? What is the normal lag time for such events of the sun, for impact upon the earth? Days, weeks, months, years? Its only 8 minutes!! Just pondering.
  14. Guys I am finding it a little hard to adjust to this new format. Particularly when previously the "unread" material was much easier to find and navigate to. I know I'm probably unaware of some setting to get back to that convenience, but it was so much easier when you were linked to the last page of each thread. Thanks to all those who have kept the conversation simple and sustained me in my desire to see a much more economically balanced world. My thanks also to RE for sustaining the site for us nondescript wayfarers navigating through a sea of baloney.
  15. Has anyone contacted RE about this. Could it be something to do with the ad banners that now come up at the start of accessing the page. I've changed passwords, but the warning would suggest that there would be some phishing to obtain these rather than simply hacking login details. I'm confused as to why it all of a sudden, started to do this. The warning appears to be generated from Google. Do other search engines throw up the same?