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  1. OMG Anders; I never thought about it before. What if they had English UK scientists determining the code words, and Microsoft auto correct kept changing them when the president was trying to type them in? "I thought realise had a "z" in it!"
  2. Like anyone would seriously listen to Alan. He took us to the brink by claiming we were in a new age of economics.
  3. You're right SC. Any other context of terrorism and the SWAT team and ASIO would have been all over it. But not the banks. Its all a load of self-interest B@#$#^t. Money talks, and I live in vain hope that some day all the corruption will be exposed. $1,000,000,000,000. Just imagine what that would have said to the world about Australia's concern for its citizens and no corporation exists outside the law. Keep the cash coming boys. We'll launder it for you.
  4. Thanks Anders, but its all "gobbledly gook" to me. This article by Prof Daniel Palmer of Monash University makes a pretty good fist of it however. At the end of the article he suggest post-modernism (I'm never sure whether it should be hyphenated or not) is now out of fashion. But take a look at what's on the forthcoming academic menu!!! Human beings are relentless at following fads. We are herd/tribal creature. We follow the crowd. Fascinate me with flattery and I'm yours. I think the academic world got lost on airy fairy land, and took a whole lot of us with them. Philosophy and idealogy are intent on seeking meaning, even when meaning and purpose may not exist. We have battered truth to death, and now we are trying to relocate reality. I'll leave my attempt to comment on this subject at that. Contemporaneity....... Hehehe.
  5. This is all being driven by our exorbitant house price economy. (And I'm sad to say, I think it is now the new norm) Too many people now have vast fortunes made on house prices. They just can't ever go down again. Everything is now valued against the elevated price of homes. One day, someone (all of us) will realise just what the banks/greed did to our world!! They and all those who have sucked off the teat (Governments, Local Councils, Public authorities) have totally wrecked our lifestyle. The aged care industry all assumes the elderly are sitting on a juicy rich piece of real estate. For those who are renting or in public housing there is just no way they are going to afford those sorts of deposits. It will come back to the situation when I was a boy and family looked after their elderly in their own homes until they died. Our nanna lived with us for many years. The only nursing homes around at the time in country Queensland were repatriation homes for returned servicemen and women. Then the churches and masonic and buffalo lodges built some as charitable institutions. Now most of them are privately owned and it is all about profit. Watch for the increasing revelations coming out of the homes about "elder abuse".
  6. I read that article Dose. It was even more enlightening in the comments, to see that some people have withdrawn their properties and are now renting them. Waiting out the downturn; believing that this is only a short reversal, and they will soon be back on the trajectory to the moon.
  7. Imagine though if they include "actual" words. There may be a panic in the future remembering the correct spelling!!
  8. That; or become an alcoholic. Most decent alcoholics don't make it to old timers!!
  9. Dos thet mean they r rong tho? Its not ther falt. They just was nt tort rite. And no 1 bothered to corect them! Who nos wear we will end up. I blame twiter....
  10. That is so funny Anders. Brilliant! Thank you for giving me a laugh today.
  11. I still regard the above as the penultimate chart in this whole home price fiasco. No wonder the baby boomers are all nearly millionaires. It is followed closely by this one. You can find these and more in this Macrobusiness article of 2013. When this busts it is going to be a doozy ride down.
  12. Great to have you back Cobran. We were beginning to wonder if you might have left us for good, so it is pleasing to know that it was only a small hiatus. Hope you are refreshed by the break. Look forward to whatever you are able to post.
  13. Cobran we do love you! All is forgiven. Come back.... Seriously Cobran, we do hope all is ok.
  14. Just sorting out demarcation of jurisdiction should take a decade or two. No agency in this league wants to play second fiddle, so you can imagine the lobbying to be the dominant organisation!! Frankly, my suspicious mind also wonders whether something else is afoot. Are they falling into the M. Armstrong trap of wanting to be able to predict and control everything. This is all predicated on politicians wanting to keep their citizens safe. You can hear the rehearsed rhetoric every time one of them opens their mouth. They seriously believe this will eradicate terrorism without any cost to personal privacy or even human decency is ludicrous. Honestly! Getting to a level where you can predict every single individual threat to our communities is closely akin to herding cats. As you know, I believe there is a place for government. Nothing operates without governance controls, including personal & family affairs, but when government thinks it needs to control every little thing about our life, then the system is seriously dysfunctional. I have to wonder what threats they are really pursuing.