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  1. If Trump sh*ts and burns this year do you think his supporters (like cockwhistle here) will change their mind? I think we need more Trump for longer to really put these f*ckers out of the world. They can go back to dreaming of changing the world safe in the knowledge they will never be allowed to and are not competent enough to do so. It'll be like a 16 yr old explaining how the chick really wanted him but at least he will have the experience of being completely shut down and not be brave enough to try ever again. Or of course the hilarity of finding out that most US military people don't want to die in a cascade of nukes and, the ones I know anyway, will rapidly turn on the nazis and militia and wipe them off the face of the earth. Because, you know, actual training as opposed to wanky little bitch sessions and re defining words to cannon fodder 20 yr olds. Armstrong and his ilk get what they are asking for and they will find themselves sad old men in hiding. Good for the world in many ways though so there is always that. When I am angry drunk I totally feel we should let them have their game. Find out just how many people actually support their sh*te.
  2. _My_ tinfoil hat? not sure where you think I am into conspiracy theories. In my mind you are the one that supports the fringe and alternative ideas...
  3. Nukes are expensive. 10 or 20 gives you negotiating power. More than a few hundred will bankrupt the country through upkeep and sanctions (China and Russia don't like the idea of an armed to the teeth N Korea either). I guess on the bright side if we do have armegeddon I might get to try out all the bayonet training I have been doing the past couple of years
  4. I am not sure you understand the concept of artillery. I know it isn't as sexy as ICBM's (which are functionally too expensive to be useful for such a state) but you might want to take your belief system through the artillery capability and see if it changes. Australia is not a N Korean target and won't be in any foreseeable future in my opinion, no need to worry or vote against gay marriage on that score.
  5. Get her to build a small lake if she doesn't have one already. Viking pyre for the win.
  6. When the investigation gets to the data analytics bit it will be interesting.
  7. A million bucks + rent is a decent chunk of cash. Lots of the locals here stay at home even when they are crazy decrepit so I guess there must be some way of setting it up. Aging population in Australia means it might be worth investigating options... (unless you were referring to some kind of insanely high end care which a couple of people use). Personally I'd set up a small block of town houses, organise local drug dealers, find someone to organise the orgies and hire a hard core chef and brewer / distiller. A million bucks plus rent should get you an awesome last few years of hedonism.
  8. Surely that is getting to the point where it would be cheaper to hire a live in nurse wouldn't it?
  9. Take up smoking nicotine looks to be a pretty good alzheimers prevention...
  10. The US just had their record house prices didn't they? I only saw a headline and didn't chase it but maybe something has changed and now big physical (and therefore easily taxable) assets have just become long term popular for now? The US crash should have scared people off for ages I'd have thought. (or in a worst case scenario mode, maybe the sneaky stuff you can do with property has become more popular)
  11. Wife is breathing a sigh of relief
  12. I think the issue is that he has two predictions for stuff as soon as he starts trying to sell his whole theory of the world. The socrates prediction and his own. Easy to be correct when you have both outcomes covered... He seems to be actually okay at predicting when he gets out of the whole "cycles apply to everything" mode and just looks at trading data. I think I still have a prediction from him where France is going to collapse fairly soon that feels counter to the EU bottom theory.
  13. I have extravagant plans in that regard! I am sick of people doing martial arts as "evening fitness" I am also sick of people claiming "mystic wonder powers". Most of the time if you punch someone in the throat when they are being a dick all their friends decide not to be dicks for ten minutes. Extending that ten minutes would be awesome. Not punching the throats would be even awesomer. So I started two new companies dedicated to teaching people to just f*cking kill the other guy and to learn how to become a better person based off that. Might have accidentally got my third country asking me to be a citizen from it I do think that knowing how to kill someone effectively is a good way to know all of your own weaknesses in real life. It is amazing how many people lack the skills for their mindset and lack the mindset for their skills. Once people know about killing they tend to not want to do it anymore. So yes the dojo is in planning. It will have tons of rooms for guests so you will always have a room if that project gets off the ground. They might want you to get sweaty
  14. I remember a billing project connecting telecom NZ with AAPT that lasted longer than I think either company did in Aus. You are sorted
  15. I know! The wife is getting worried. If I don't have cobran to argue with it is sure to spill out somewhere in the real world. Plus she doesn't know what will happen when she buys me the little bottles of scotch which means I get less scotch! It hasn't mattered much for the past fortnight as I have been training and testing to get my sensei level in one martial art (I got it, I am f*cking stoked) but I have nothing much planned of high stress for the next few months and will need someone to rant at.
  16. The increases in excise were a large reason why my cigars were such an insanely good investment.
  17. Is cobran on holiday and Medved being lazy? I strained a muscle at training and am drunk so here is some stuff! (anyone know why socrates needs a relaunch?) (I thought americans [and armstrong] were pro gun just so this didn't happen, maybe guns are useless in the hands of civilians after all, maybe they only work against kings in which case "stupid founding fathers") (hooray the yen didn't move much and I am slowly getting japanese customers) (so many bikes on the ground! won't someone think of the bikes! [I haven't spoken to any germans in the past few days - been busy - but his photos look like less than the average ice hockey win]) (No there isn't any such thing as “personal qualification", if it isn't classified then it sort of is "not classified" as exemplified by "not being classified", when someone goes out of their way to write something so that it is isn't classified they are after your arse for some reason or another. Fairly sure Armstrongs claims of being "almost as good as a real lawyer fail him here) (largely I agree with Armstrong there, I just don't expect it to happen and plan my life accordingly, I would refer Armstrong to his feelings regarding the persistent abu ghraib investigations should he wonder if the persistent russia investigations are justified; other people have their ideas of where accusation / innocence starts and ends. Seems that the GOP techniques under Obama were learned by the Dems and the GOP might not be as unified in power as they were in opposition. That means fun for us until the ambulances come) Hooray I updated and argued all in one post!
  18. I think that Trump Jr & Kushner are so used to being rich and getting away with anything in america that they didn't even consider it was really retardedly illegal not to make at least an attempt to make it look legit. Manafort is so used to working eastern politics he got caught up in what the children of the boss were saying Veselnitskaya was so used to working with phrasing covering the real topic for arguable deniability that what happened was: -go between- "hey come and see this sh*t that the russians who love your dad found (I am dumb or covering my arse for later) Trump "wheeeeee excellent" Kushner "wheeeeeee excellent" Manafort "another day another dollar" Veselnitskaya "So there is info you can kill clinton with but we need to sort out the adoption thing" (meaning the rich russian embargo thing) "where's my quid pro quo" Kushner "f*cking children? I'm out, qatar won't f*ck itself up" Trump "I made the meeting if we all bail I look like a tool in these two guys eyes but f*cking children?" Manafort "another day another dollar" Veselnitskaya "ohhhhh okay I have no idea how to make this report" and I don't think Trump (either one) has figured out yet what the implications are. Kushner at least refiled papers a few days back but, given he still has clearances it wasn't to keep them (I'd have lost all mine for a few of things he has pulled off now and I am no one), it was to have a decent media "He already declared that". Having worked at companies that have had levels of different skill sets all thinking they can work independently (I worked for Telecom NZ when the CEO jumped up and said "we deliberately make pricing hard to compare") I might be biased but it seems like a fairly normal f*ck up. Just slightly higher liability for the f*ck up, can't go bankrupt or get fired for being a sh*t president after all. Still his support in his base isn't dropping so I want him to stay. As Armstrong says only when everyone gives up does the change come. If we want the racists, bigots, misogynists and all the other f*cking small minded tools to be ignored when they are training the next generation we need Trump to become as big a laughing stock as crack became. My father only became "not anti lesbian" when one of his drinking buddies offered to f*ck his lesbian daughter to fix her. A truly spectacular flame out will mean the republicans do more for the world than the democrats have.
  19. Fusion subpoena will be fun! And it might open cambridge too which would be hilarious (not that cambridge left everyones details on the net, that I am pretty sure was just incompetence by the US republicans). So much fun to watch the self declared greatest country in the world squander their good will so fast!
  20. Anyone read it? If so are his accusations regarding Neoclassics economic theory actually true? If so, screw those guys!
  21. Louis Theroux is great. I love his interview technique of just being so out of his depth and helpless that people stumble over themselves to answer him...
  22. Holy crap I am a millenial
  23. Heh they did the same play with Obama getting killed. I wasn't an arts student but mostly dated them because I was good at theatre games, I got exposed to many variations of shakespeares works. I am pretty sure that anything you think is good has at least once been made the subject of derision (or something after all Julius caesar was not about a bad politician as far as I understood, rather about the backstabbing of politics, something Armstrong would surely support as he believes Trump is being backstabbed [I agree]). Lots of the more vocal gun supporters were strongly in support of Obama "sucking the barrel of my gun" to quote Nugent. American politics is funny. But, and I say this sincerely, don't do f*cking interpreted works of shakespeare. My lord are they annoying to sit through as a boyfriend. Especially the risque ones where the girl with the best boobs gets them out and you have to ignore that if you want sex tonight.
  24. So he has the infallible computer and regularly craps on about human emotion always being wrong and chooses to ignore the computer (brexit) for his own interpretation, which was wrong. And then chooses to ignore the computer (and didn't even publish what it said regarding the pound quandry until afterwards) for his own interpretation, which was wrong. And then publishes an article which doesn't even mention the computer, which was wrong. I mean I get the feeling his computer should just fire him really... I guess soon he'll post an article explaining how the computer predicted it but he didn't want to show us. Hell I was more accurate than he was in that at least I had parameters you could measure.
  25. " The entire refugee crisis was created by Angela Merkel " Really? All those people left the places that were being bombed before Merkel said "we can't send you back and think of ourselves as human" and She caused it? I would argue the bombs and decades of American interference (which is only getting more fun given the Qatar situation) at least have some root cause.