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  1. Anyone read it? If so are his accusations regarding Neoclassics economic theory actually true? If so, screw those guys!
  2. Well the democrats got their prosecutor (and don't have the votes to shut down the government anyway). I do find it amusing that for a self proclaimed legal expert he doesn't know the definition of treason in the US. "Pay for make a deal" would be corruption or something but there is no viable way it could be considered treason. Treason is fighting against the US in a war or helping the opponent in a war.
  3. Impeachment and thrown out of office seems exceedingly unlikely. I don't think it has ever happened even with opposition in control of the senate and the house. Trump has both of them, to be impeached would take proof on a level which convinced everyone. Given the publics treatment of facts currently I don't think that level of proof is attainable short of Putin physically handing trump money
  4. Wow he is really doubling down on being Pro Trump! That seems risky, I wonder what the computer says...
  5. I think I saw a 70K install figure somewhere. The "compete with normal roofing" price was factoring in the electricity savings. Granted it has a life of the house guarantee. Cool if it worked.
  6. " which is why they cannot stand Trump. He cannot be bought. No amount of money will change his life style of that of his family." That may be why the politicians can't stand him "It’s now all about accomplishment and being remembered." That is what I suspect will be his corrupting influence. Seems to have been already in some small ways.
  7. Apparently Medved is getting the site flagged as malware by his work browser.
  8. Look at Jim Jones conferences which cost way more, pleasurable sounds of what you want to hear sell tickets.
  9. ipconfig /all
  10. "There have been 21+ civil uprisings in France since 1229. That is in line with the 8.6 year frequency (8.615 * 4.307) = 37.104 " Out by almost 50%, maybe that is why the computer prediction wasn't shown. Unless his 21+ actually means 37. Maybe his computer can't count. I can count a little and I did: (2017 - 1229) / 8.6 = 91.6 (which is right only about 23% of the time). If he is claiming that half the 8.6 yr cycles are up and half down and using 8.6 as the cycle then it would be (2017 - 1229) / (8.6 / 2) = 45 (slightly less than half the time right) If he is claiming his cycles are actually a function of themselves (8.6 * half itself or 1 every 37 years) then civil uprisings should be evenly spaced apart which doesn't quite appear to match history as far as I can tell. He appears to have just used the wikipedia list of civil uprisings in france ( which does have 21 events. but ten happened in the past 17 years and 11 in the previous 788 years. So his cycle is woefully incorrect 2 years ago and will be again in another two years if cycles were a true thing reflected in a wikipedia article. Maybe that is why he won't make french predictions from the computer public. They are based on wikipedia.
  11. hmmm it is almost like he doesn't want to show off his prediction computers results by linking to them. If it is too hard for him to find them then I guess I am unlikely to. Now that swaize seems to have given up on using Armstrong as tradable information and prediction I wonder if anyone else is. Given, off the top of my head, Buffet has provable records of his 20 odd percent compounded growth for a decade or two I wonder if that is a better option, certainly seems lazier and I am a lazy fellow.
  12. The computer could surely have updated it's predictions if they were wrong a few years back... don't suppose you have a link to the article from 2015 by any chance?
  13. Nah I don't do that kind of stuff. You'd want to hire Cambridge Analytica and AggregateIQ - if they can tailor messages for Trump and Brexit I am guessing they can do ads for you
  14. So Armstrong _does_ think Le Pen and Macron are wildly different and that Macron will destroy the EU. That seems a relatively important thing to know before the election results, wonder why the computer didn't predict the answer?
  15. Seems unlikely, drug usage is pretty widespread.
  16. Reasonably sure the animosity wouldn't cause them to overlook the good targets though - not like they have a ton of missiles Who needs to hit the continental US when you can waste a bunch of americans_and_ japanese in any of the US bases here As a bonus you slow down the US response. If they hit Tokyo the response will be within minutes from the US bases, odds are good even if the attack on Tokyo fails (likely given the apparent IT infiltration levels of the N Korea systems) N Korea would be wasted before anyone knew it had failed.
  17. " North Korea cannot reach California yet. The real danger of a North Korean nuclear attack is on Seoul or Tokyo " This is blatantly incorrect. I am fairly sure it is common knowledge amongst rocket afficianodos N Korea have launch vehicles for most of the continental US, California itself may be excluded due to great circles but that is kind of retarded to say. NY is definitely the prize target. Mostly the US anti ICBM guys are not quite sure if their stuff can stop all the incoming but 80% is cool right Tokyo also would be a silly target, the US bases are not there. If Tokyo was chosen as a demoralising target whilst the US bases were left intact in mainland Japan that would be suicide of a quicker nature. I am fairly sure I get a lingering death as Nagoya is no longer anything except a manufacturing base and this wart won't start with WWII practical targets. Seoul would never be used to waste a nuke on when conventional artillery in the North will flatten the place in about a minutes shell flight time. Here in Japan we currently have received an updated "dangerous crap" warning which is used for earthquakes etc. Basically it says if N Korea fires on us we have about 8 minutes warning except probably not that long. We're meant to head underground (easy, we have sh*tloads of underground within a few minutes walk of most places that have US bases) but all things being equal "you live in Japan, you die with no warning" is the mentality. So why the f*ck worry I do love how international weird sh*t seems to follow us around, at first I thought it was selection bias. I am starting to think the only people that hire me are the ones out of ideas and just need a drunk silly guy cheering them up. I guess that means I should not work so hard at my job and just get way more drunk!
  18. The froggies have quite different platforms though (pro / anti globalisation). I'd have thought he would have made a prediction simply because that is a pretty important topic for him.
  19. Socrates doesn't know? Seems the perfect article to make a prediction.
  20. Which, if there is still a problem, don't work I guess. Maybe if you slow the immigrants down a few extra minutes with a beautiful wall that will solve it... yeah that must be the thinking.
  21. I was thinking about that actually. Any wall that is built is going to need motion sensors otherwise people will just scale it / go under or through it. Which means you may as well not have the wall. Motion / heat sensors will still only work if you have rapid response people. Presumably that can't be done (or it would have already been done).
  22. As far as I can tell Armstrong hates the free education for being socialism and wasteful. The wall he hasn't come out against despite it being the same thing on a bigger scale.
  23. I wonder how Armstrong brings the view of free education being bad economically in line with building the wall. I assume he does for now as I haven't seen him say anything anti wall but it must be causing a bit of tension for him I'd have thought.
  24. Oh I agree, borders are a ridiculous idea simply there to use the working class as capital for the people in control. If the people in control didn't benefit from the rules stopping free movement why would they work so damn hard to stop it? I mean if you think the government cares about your well being then sure you can go for that but I thought you were an anti government involvement in the free market kind of person. Why should the government not be allowed to force restaurant cleanliness checks (which I seem to recall you thinking were an encumberment to free enterprise) but be allowed to prevent people moving to other countries easily? Crusades have typically been for the benefit of people like me, mid level importance, we want out from under and it would be nice if the king wasted our competition in an area he has incomplete control over. Crusades don't do much for the proletariat as far as I recall, certainly the average working man is more likely to die in a crusade than to benefit from it. I will almost certainly make money from your hypothesised crusades, you can only hope that australia is remote enough that your standard of living only decreases rather than evaporates completely. I just don't see you acting to benefit from a crusade or from the exclusionary politics you seem fond of so I don't understand where you are coming from I guess. It's like you've given up and just wish there was some kind of "it will stay the same forever" stance. And you ever even lived in an era when "it'll stay the same" was a reality. The boer war kind of ruined that idea and the first made it pretty damn obvious didn't it?
  25. " The press is all over Trump in saying he is abandoning his promises and all his positions are equally malleable. Obama reversed every position he took from closing Guantanamo to the NSA. Obama accused McCain would tax health benefits. He did what McCain said he wanted to do. The press never attacked Obama. " Armstrong has given up on Trump I think. Saying "Trump isn't bad because he is doing the same as the guy I detest" is the first step to hating Trump. I think before the 4 years are up it will be a hatred that rivals his hatred of Hillary personally. Blaming the media for showing Trump is the same as Obama will burn out once the meaning sinks in.