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  1. I am off on a 6 week holiday and came down with my first sickness in a couple of years the night before last
  2. I warned you all when my mortgage went to zero that interest rates will rise I warn you now that I am selling Australian real estate and buying Japanese with half the proceeds early next year. I suggest you don't emulate me as this is another stupid idea but if you are a follower of the "person that hasn't f*cked up yet" that is the move hehehehe
  3. From what I have put together from studies I have read and observing the older sensei (say 80+ years old) in various martial arts which I do ranging from insanely physical to quite sedate I think the two things are very different. General activity for a few 30 minute sessions a week is super great for your mental well being which seems to translate into pretty decent physical ability in the "as expected" range. Like some shodou (japanese calligraphy) sensei I know are old but way more "alive" (for want of a better word) than many of the other old people I know of the same age range. Mostly I attribute this to just being involved in life. Good shodou requires you to use core muscles but it is hardly what most would consider a work out. I get more inky than sweaty. Similar for things like tai chi (although I don't do that and can only comment based on watching). Endurance stuff keeps you skinny sick. Long distance cycling running etc. People are physically good looking but only as healthy as their lifestyle would suggest. Pretty much the same as shodou except skinnier. Amateur high impact stuff focussing on stamina is ridiculously bad for you at any level above casual, especially if you "single thing it". I am only 46 and I am experiencing a few problems from this (despite not really being a single thing guy). I had an eye opening about what I was doing to myself when I went to an event where certain groups 80+ guys were basically useless geriatrics at anything except that one thing they do (and not even really that good at that, they just had 60 yrs of knowledge). Amateur high impact stuff done in short bursts is good for you. If you are doing weights for example don't f*ck around with an hour in the gym lifting something you can lift for an hr. Get in and out with 10 minutes of actual lifting over an hr. Amateur high impact stuff done in an environment which has semi professional guidance is insanely good for you. I've been training a sh*tload of japanese bayonet fencing over the past two years (maybe 20hrs a week). It is a martial art almost exclusively practised by the military who, unsurprisingly, don't view days off with much happiness. Due to the pedagogy being handed down via instructors whose job it is to ensure you are ready to go fight a war or help disaster victims there are some very simple and notable differences. So I guess I would say chose something which is sprint oriented with a community aspect - "lift hard, lift heavy then go to the pub" (and has a low injury rate due to decent instructors) or "hang out with friends then go to the pub". Depending on what physical appearance you are after. Mountain biking I would not put in the range of sensible options if you even faintly want to try having fun. Injury rate is too high. Strength training with body weight looks like maybe okay but you want a good coach and realistically heavy weight lifting has more studies into damage and how to avoid it and coaches that have proven track records. If some one does a stretch session at the end of the class rather than the beginning it is always a good sign, everyone else is an idiot.
  4. Nope smaller actually now. Be interesting to graph my booze spending against my weight but I stopped tracking spending of cash by category a while back.
  5. heh, my passage from the left to the right of those groups the pale blue section just got bigger and bigger
  6. Holy sh*t live music got middle aged...
  7. I suspect that if the drain occurs for Ukrainians in Poland it will be taking the jobs that the Poles no longer flock over to the UK etc to get. As far as I can tell most of the Poles that were going to leave already did so and have established themselves or gone home. So now you just get the population turnover going to the UK (rather than a wave) and Poland has one of the lowest birth rates in the EU from memory.
  8. At the moment they are due to get travel rights without a visa real soon (maybe already? haven't been paying super close attention). The rights do not currently include the right to work but, as Poland showed, working illegally in western europe pays better than staying at home in Ukraine and visa free travel is likely to spur that on quite significantly I think. With the visa free being done I can only assume full working rights won't be far behind.
  9. Ahahaha I used to live in St Leonards and it sure must have changed. "The plan lacks the elements needed for social cohesion such as usable green spaces and precincts in which to congregate" Unless she means bars. Because we definitely congregated in bars. Personally I'd say don't knock high density living for the mediumly well off til you're tried it. It is very different to high density for the poor. But also, and I think this is the big difference between Japan and other high density places I have experienced, make sure that your high density buildng for the rich has some sh*t hole apartments for the local wait staff and conbini workers. Our building has a lady that works as a cleaner living in one of the sh*t hole apartments. It is about as good an apartment as she would get if she lived an hr away for about the same price. That means all the rich people have a cleaner, there is no way she would commute an hr to clean an apartment. Living here she just cleans almost everyones apartment.
  10. I was in a few cities teaching Polish people bayonet fighting but am now in germany doing the same... gradually moving west to Belgium then home to Japan. Polish Princesses are the best I do wonder what is going to happen this year (?) when the Ukrainians get travelling rights for the EU, Poland has about 1million of them at the moment and I can only assume they will bail for better countries as soon as they can. Leaving Poland screwed again with it's missing generation. Have you seen real estate prices in Warsaw? Bloody hell. I should have bought a few years back when I posted here about it looking ready for a boom.
  11. "You're the worst" was a funny first season that went really interesting in the second for a comedy. "The expanse" is great sci fi and, according to those that read the books, only going to get more interesting. "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" if you want an interesting "what did they do after the Late Show finished?" show.
  12. Oh sorry, M20 is 20 day moving average. M100 is 100 day. I train about 40 hrs a week. Never do weights anymore just stabby slicey stuff. I think it is the low wieght / high intensity / high volume thing that people being lazy always claim to be doing, although few of them every mention the high intensity bit... probably because that is what makes it hard. If I eat I only eat once a day (dinner) as well so by some measures I do a 23 hr fast every day.
  13. I have given up on all these diets and eating plans and stuff. they require discipline. I use so much discipline in other things I don't want to use it at home. So I have a new theory which is working well for me. Weigh myself every morning after a coffee, smoke and crap. If I am under the M20 average I do what I f*cking like for the rest of the day. If I am above M20 and below M100 I go to training. If after training I am still above the M20 I have sleep for dinner. Works well I have muscles like crazy from training and the odd night of no food isn't really an issue. A night of no food is way better than discipline in my opinion. Probably doesn't work so well for others.
  14. We are a package deal I figure any compliment to her is a compliment to me (and vice versa of course).
  15. Wasn't it because of the el nino / la nina effect and completely expected by absolutely every scientist on both sides of the issue? Like this is the hottest ever year without the warming effect? I thought last we came down on your definitive position it was that "climate change is happening but it wasn't related to humans and there is nothing we can do about it". Am I reading you wrong or are you now saying climate change isn't happening at all? or maybe you have gone all armstrong global cooling idea? I know you are just going to say "I already answered that" and tell me to search the archives but I don't want to read your old stuff, just want to know if you think your current feelings are still the same.
  16. In the sun it was super warm, maybe 15 degrees. In the shade and wind quite a bit cooler still above zero though. Everyone was wearing spring jackets and Poles don't remove their jackets once they put them on, they wander around in shopping malls heated to 20 degrees still with their jackets on. You will note the lack of snow underfoot as compared to previous years (check the S&S travel thread for previous years photos). The dude checking her out is just because we look so damn sexy he was probably wondering if he was in a fashion shoot But it is okay I already said that this years weather in Poland (and Australia's heatwave) don't prove anything wrt global warming, you don't have to get too defensive about it.
  17. Well I tend to be behind the camera so here is The Polish Princess enjoying warm Krakow a week ago. We've just left Wisla where the same thing happened a couple of days and only one of the ski runs is open as they can't make enough artificial snow for both runs..
  18. You walk around in +1 in a T shirt? I mean I am a tough f*cker (wrt to weather) but 1 degree is not T shirt weather for me.
  19. From memory the cold in the states at the moment is because changes in climate have destabilised the normal pattern which keeps the cold thingy wind at the top up there and lets it come down to normally warmer places. Meaning that the arctic gets warmer by transferring cold to the south. Someone was worried about this a few months back when it started happening in a bigger or more frequent way. I think one of the concerns was that with the arctic warming by cooling places which easily rewarm (closer to equator) there is a chance of a runaway change from the normal situation. Meanwhile I am wandering around Krakow winter market, there is no snow, in a Tshirt. That doesn't prove global warming or cooling. Just proves I can look good anywhere.
  20. Wasn't this the third warmest November or December or something for the 48 states?
  21. Departing for the states you get grilled fiercely in the departing country in a lot of places now but generally speaking when leaving not much gets done. Quick scans and occasionally bomb swabs although easy enough to avoid them or force them just with timing in conjunction with other passengers. Most places I have entered recently I only really get a good going over if I fly economy class even then usually that is only for the UK, apparently my travel background makes me look dodgy to the Brits. I got pulled over by the flu camera recently but I figure that was just coz I am so damn hot
  22. That is what I expected. When you compare tax on alcohol to drink per day self reported in any medical study there is a wild variation. Apparently non of the people in the studies are representative of society as it is mathematically proven to be by the tax numbers. And I sure as hell trust the tax numbers in that scenario. Who is watching determines the numbers. Bigotry, homophobia and general arsehole behaviour in the generic form is what the hard core depend on but that is turned over in a simple life experience, My Dad hated fags until he had one as a child. All of his RSL buddies hated fags until my Dad said "what did you say about my daughter". Turning a liberal into an arsehole generally requires a Nigger, Faggot or other bad person to rape them or kill them or something equally extreme. Extreme events happen infrequently. Tolerance building events happen often. Trump is an extreme event on a global scale. Trump and the batsh*ts are exposing this fact. When the US military blatantly say "we're not nuking no one on this cock suckers watch" you know things are safe and we can enjoy the next few years as Trump makes the world nicer by trying to make it worse.
  23. "If I need super then, man, I really f*cked up. And let me tell you I have f*cked up before so I know what _really_ means" Favourite quote by my favourite person.
  24. " enhancing the insulation " I don't believe it Japanese build quality is f*cking atrocious. Last year we had about a fortnight of pretty decent snow. I have yet to see double glazing and single glazed sliding doorsto the outside generally aren't airtight. They have a "traditional" thing here of tables with a small heater built in and in winter you attach rugs to the table to create a tiny space in the house for everyone to stay warm... Our apartment is designed for Koreans. they are smart, they insist on heated floors. We're in the middle of starting a process which might end up with building an adventure tourism type dojo/hotel business. Interestingly there are tax breaks for building something that will last more than 20 odd years (personally I'd rather go post apocalyptic wasteland factory style but I have been told people spend more money on Japanesey stuff )
  25. Surely the government department that deals with foreigners would know the procedure for checking / renouncing citizenship better than pretty much anyone else. So just use them to fill in the paperwork renouncing citizenship from every country in the world automatically when someone gets elected.