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  1. The froggies have quite different platforms though (pro / anti globalisation). I'd have thought he would have made a prediction simply because that is a pretty important topic for him.
  2. Socrates doesn't know? Seems the perfect article to make a prediction.
  3. Which, if there is still a problem, don't work I guess. Maybe if you slow the immigrants down a few extra minutes with a beautiful wall that will solve it... yeah that must be the thinking.
  4. I was thinking about that actually. Any wall that is built is going to need motion sensors otherwise people will just scale it / go under or through it. Which means you may as well not have the wall. Motion / heat sensors will still only work if you have rapid response people. Presumably that can't be done (or it would have already been done).
  5. As far as I can tell Armstrong hates the free education for being socialism and wasteful. The wall he hasn't come out against despite it being the same thing on a bigger scale.
  6. I wonder how Armstrong brings the view of free education being bad economically in line with building the wall. I assume he does for now as I haven't seen him say anything anti wall but it must be causing a bit of tension for him I'd have thought.
  7. Oh I agree, borders are a ridiculous idea simply there to use the working class as capital for the people in control. If the people in control didn't benefit from the rules stopping free movement why would they work so damn hard to stop it? I mean if you think the government cares about your well being then sure you can go for that but I thought you were an anti government involvement in the free market kind of person. Why should the government not be allowed to force restaurant cleanliness checks (which I seem to recall you thinking were an encumberment to free enterprise) but be allowed to prevent people moving to other countries easily? Crusades have typically been for the benefit of people like me, mid level importance, we want out from under and it would be nice if the king wasted our competition in an area he has incomplete control over. Crusades don't do much for the proletariat as far as I recall, certainly the average working man is more likely to die in a crusade than to benefit from it. I will almost certainly make money from your hypothesised crusades, you can only hope that australia is remote enough that your standard of living only decreases rather than evaporates completely. I just don't see you acting to benefit from a crusade or from the exclusionary politics you seem fond of so I don't understand where you are coming from I guess. It's like you've given up and just wish there was some kind of "it will stay the same forever" stance. And you ever even lived in an era when "it'll stay the same" was a reality. The boer war kind of ruined that idea and the first made it pretty damn obvious didn't it?
  8. " The press is all over Trump in saying he is abandoning his promises and all his positions are equally malleable. Obama reversed every position he took from closing Guantanamo to the NSA. Obama accused McCain would tax health benefits. He did what McCain said he wanted to do. The press never attacked Obama. " Armstrong has given up on Trump I think. Saying "Trump isn't bad because he is doing the same as the guy I detest" is the first step to hating Trump. I think before the 4 years are up it will be a hatred that rivals his hatred of Hillary personally. Blaming the media for showing Trump is the same as Obama will burn out once the meaning sinks in.
  9. Given the percentages? yeah pretty much. The people are in country, push them into a ghetto and you tend to have results which keep "honest tax payers" scared and police employed (the takeover of the australian bikie gangs would be a classic example of this and I think has been studied to death). Get them jobs and paying taxes and why shouldn't they vote. One actual criminal/terrorist isolated is screwed without language skills and without a "take any chance" personnel resource. Remove contact from the local criminals and ensure the identifying non residents don't get into a situation where they will form a gang because there is no obvious path out and you starve the ringleaders of resources and they tend to die quietly in the background. Or do you think the police outreach programs are all politically motivated to look good? Maybe you ought to hang out with some of the police that do try to fight the crime rings. I have and I don't think those guys were lying, they seemed pretty serious and dedicated guys who are in the cream of the Australian police system. Those guys also cost a sh*tload compared to a bloody apartment. I suspect you are falling into the "debtors prison" idea. It might seem "fair or just" or whatever to punish people but if it is no good for society sometimes you just have to accept that society gives you personally more than is lost by someone else getting something you don't think they deserve. Obviously if you disagree with how your taxes are spent you should leave the country and not pay taxes supporting that regime. It isn't particularly hard. Any reason not too is basically that your society gives you more than you are losing and so you are just bitching that you don't want your special status reduced _compared_ to some other people.
  10. I guess if the non residents are already in your country you only have a couple of choices. If you choose to try and integrate them then permanent housing seems a good idea to me.
  11. From memory 60 is average in Poland and I think 80 was average for Australia for apartments. We currently have a 95 and it is huge even by Australian standards. I think 88 would do a family with 2 kids comfortably. 3 kids if you make 2 of them share a room.
  12. Armstrong's German might not be so good. Each apartment is actually 60 to 88 square meters: "Auch hier sind die Wohnungen zwischen 60 und 88 Quadratmeter groß" The apartment complex is 470 square meters.
  13. I use armstrong as my bellwether for the hardcore trump supporters. I think his current equivocation and hedging is a good sign that the hardcore right are now fragmenting the way the leftists have always been but without the coping mechanisms. This makes me happy.
  14. "no different from Watergate and the Nixon scandal except this one goes all the way to the top" uhhhh Watergate didn't go to the top? I agree with his basic thesis that the government was spying on trump. They were spying on everyone. Pretty hard to exclude Americans when you are spying on everyone.
  15. Isn't it hilarious. I guess the only question is "if he actually has anything fun to say how far does it go". Seems unlikely he'd want immunity if he is the only guy involved. (and I can't wait to see Armstrong's reaction if there is something to it all). “When you are given immunity, that means you have probably committed a crime.” — Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, in an interview with NBC News on September 25, 2016.