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  1. Google is now or almost purely renewable powered (DC & Ops). They use about as much as San Francisco. Probably just incompetence in Minnesota I guess.
  2. Not with that attitude! As a vasectomied man in his mid forties I can make that claim but I am pretty sure you are just letting your short term desires get in the way of your goals.
  3. My point was that as soon as you say vested interests can't donate (which seems fairly sensible if not realistic[1]) then with your vision you just remove the current crop of donaters and the next in the ladder move in. Currently I don't donate to any political party because I see no return on the investment. Unless your plan removes everyone with a vested interest then you have no one that wants to donate and so you may as well just ban all donations. [1] the reason I think it is not realistic is the same as the reason spying is good amongst allies (and enemies). Information flow leads to better outcomes. If meraton want to build a sh*t ton of cheap apartments then people get housing and meriton get rich. So long as there is some sensible limitations acted on by the people that can limit the rapaciousness then everyone wins. With no information flowing then weird sh*t happens and no one has a house.
  4. That smells like change for the sake of change. Zaph seems to have pointed out it would make no functional difference. It seems to me that the focus on bankers and developers is simply because they are the ones doing it at the moment. Open the door to other professions being able to sway policy in exactly the same way and I am sure they will try it.
  5. Are there any countries which do this? On the surface it seems a good idea (I am sure someone will have found a way to game it though).
  6. Ah didn't see that. Did you post details in the other thread (if so link?). After the grand cigar investment worked out I have decided that any investment which makes money based on obvious things like excise going up by X% every year I figure taking advantage of the electricity companies game play for the house in hornsby might be worth considering.
  7. I thought you hadn't decided to buy solar yet. Who's house have you snuck into?
  8. This would be awareness of the law in another country though which seems a little different. Seems odd to me that they didn't check though.
  9. The increase in power costs in the above article was for largely the poles and wires wasn't it? They are boring toys.
  10. No updates on the Cycle of War predicted big days a week back and a month back?
  11. To me the important bit is “The reality is the death toll from Chernobyl in 1986, after 20 years, is less than 200 people.” You may find this of interest: I thought that was fairly well known information.
  12. Nice dream I guess.
  13. The base load isn't solved yet but can be I'd guess. Probably need subsidies as with farming, coal and everything else important.
  14. I just can't fathom having such strong opinions and not acting on them is all. Mostly it sounds like excuses. I train people every day, I hear a lot of excuses. Excuses are for the people that don't know why they are doing what they are doing. Generally people with excuses are not happy and therefore should change either their desires or their actions so they can be happy is my feeling. For the rest: I still probably now pay more effective tax in Australia as I have investments there and receive no benefits whatsoever from Australia. We are divesting from Australia though. Better places to put money I think. And I will keep enjoying my cool sh*t, especially because it comes with the bonus of staying alive. Two things I am going to trust the scientists on and my risk analysis skills on.
  15. So you disagree with a governments choices and then you stay there paying for their bad choices. That seems stupid to me. Oh except you have kids and work for a uni so I guess you pay f*ck all tax to begin with. Fair enough reason to stay, you get to complain about your $20 badly spent and it isn't enough to make it worth leaving. I left over the gay marriage / immigrant thing really seemed to me a sign of things going to hell. Seems so far I was right. f*ck I am not even Australian, I have Australian citizenship because your country f*cked up some stuff dealing with the darker skinned types over the two decades I lived there and also the locals predilection for f*cking kiddies oh yeah and your insurance system was corrupt as f*ck plus your train drivers were fat and had unions which said killing people was sort of okay. Apparently the government you hate needed me to help try to even start sorting that out (not that your country is the only one with those issues, just that is the only reason I got citizenship). But it is okay I wandered off so you could read that as me agreeing with you I guess. Heh I worked with one of the power companies too but I am sure that your opinions are more valid than anyone working in the problem solving field. You really do epitomise, to me, the australian mind set . Take that as you will, the votes seem to support my point of view in some ways.