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  1. Not sure what the sentiment is in Australia but here we are thinking of starting to train again; no contact, no yelling, all in masks, a small group (none of whom are really targets) etc. Even so only 20% of the club are even considering it. The rest certainly aren't going out in public, restaurants etc. You can throw all the money in the world at a problem but if the customers actually believe things are serious they ain't spending. Montreal has kind of f*cked up so far (mostly for the old) and I think the risks are actually in most peoples minds. Restaurants etc are probably screwed. Australia I doubt any of you guys even consciously know a person that has had the virus and the media seems fairly self congratulatory so I guess so long as it stays away you might be fine as there is no consumer fear yet.
  2. I'd like a wok but a lot of places we go have electric or induction cook tops. I hate flat bottom woks and electric is not even worth bothering with for a wok in any sense outside of being a funny shaped fry pan. I think I am going to add a grater to my list I bought a cheap one here and do use it at least twice a week and there is no other replacement I can think of for it.
  3. Not yet. Today's update in strategy was to say that it doesn't even kill as many people being fat does. Assuming they mean heart related death (US ~650K p.a.) that means they bloody well skipped cancer (600K) and accidents (170K) as they worked up the list. I think that might be because even the dimmest of them has a sense that 100K deaths in 3 months (currently under counted by about 50% I'd guess based on excess death stats for the leading US states) is actually starting to get close to threatening that number. One of my US'ian friends did point out it was amusing that of all the people to start breaking quarantine it was the preppers. The exact scenario they have been planning for and spending their time and money on and they can't stay inside for a couple of weeks. heh.
  4. Yeah pretty much. Then ran home to sh*ttweet about how "Biden looked weak wearing a mask. And isn't it weird that Biden wears a mask in public but not in his basement".
  5. Trump did a memorial day speech. He stayed on script throughout. Was weird. 12 mentions of the flag in 12 minutes which feels fairly standard for 'merkin speeches. Focussed largely on dying for the flag. "For as long as our flag flies in the sky above, the names of these fallen warriors will be woven into its threads. For as long as we have citizens willing to follow their example, to carry on their burden, to continue their legacy, then America’s cause will never fail and American freedom will never ever die." Just wish someone had told him he doesn't need to kill off more Americans to make more flags.
  6. No one tell them how the flu numbers they were using as a comparison a few months back are calculated From what I have read some epidemiologists consider the "1 in 1000" death rate over the entire populace to be a psychological threshold where it becomes personal. Like most people sort of know enough people that one of them will die in that level of death rate. That is what NY and NJ got to. I'd argue those two states have had a downward trend in daily deaths for about about a month: Connecticut, Massachusetts and Louisiana are the next 3 by deaths / million. 9/8/500 respectively. I'd argue those three states have had a fairly constant death rate for the past month. I suspect the reopening in MY/NJ will be fairly minor as people just don't go out. The other states it won't have become personal and people will go out and the spread stands a chance of spiking again with about a 2 week cases spike and a 3 or 4 week death spike. Canada has requested that the border remains closed. Trump wanted to send troops to the border a few weeks back so I am sure we will be allowed to
  7. My google map says I have not left the house in over a month! As a result of getting close to caught out by this event (we are in an airbnb and they usually have assorted cooking items and I bought a few things before the lockdown started) I have decided to make a travelling cooking kit. So far I have: One santoku style cheap knife with a self sharpening sheath A vege cutter thing, sort of like a manual blender A bamboo chopping board A teaspoon Salt and Pepper grinder (and a reminder in my calendar to fill them before flying anywhere) A thermometer Anyone have ideas which would be useful, lightweight and almost certainly not available or not good enough when travelling? I did get some collapsible measuring spoons but I haven't used them so I figure they are pointless to carry.
  8. You wait til the US numbers in 3 or 4 weeks come in. They have consistently had news articles on Mondays saying "Yesterday was the lowest numbers in a week! it's over!" Every week for the past month. Oddly every Monday or Tuesday following the article is then a top 5 day for deaths and there are few articles about that. (Weekends are low reporting days for most countries). The interpretation of "the second wave could be awful" warnings is generally "oh so the first wave is over". Yesterday for example was 2500 deaths in the US (fifth highest so far). The NY/NJ percentage of deaths is dropping so all the other states are picking up their game to fill the void. During lockdown. Last week the daily average for the US was about 1900. I think that is about 10 times a bad flu season. During lockdown. So 39 states are starting their open this week. If sentiment is bad now I think it might get worse. Without a vaccine that sentiment might spread to other countries leadership as well. Who wants to be the one that says reopen after it has been catastrophic for other countries. On the bright side the politicians might get so nervous that they start letting the specialists make the decision. (Or of course the re opening turns out to be awesome proving American Rights overrule everything).
  9. If you can fry potatoes and pour gravy on them you could buy this place: (you might want to wait a few weeks before making plans to come here - our covid numbers are kind of crap)
  10. ahahahahaha
  11. That's weird that he is still warbling on about his AI. I assume it can learn. I assume it had to learn at an exponential rate to get to where it was useful a few years back. Odd that it stopped learning exponentially. 10 years or so from start to human level smartness then just stalls there. Strange. Wonder what the failure was.
  12. I am guessing that is a bullsh*t theory and there are likely several reasons for the example countries possibly scoring lower on IQ tests. Lack of education, lack of cultural identification and poverty would be my starting points. Given mostly no one seems to even agree what an IQ test measures and what it means is a good place to laugh at any theories based on IQ scores.
  13. We can watch him for hours every day if we want! To the point even fox news is saying maybe he needs to get back to work. He has moved on to OAN now though I guess. My current theory is that during the day, before he has taken enough drugs that cause incessant sniffing and memory loss, he knows he has to win the presidency again for the statute of limitations so the Justice department don't come knocking and send him to white man prison. Then at night he is smacked up and just wants it all to burn so he doesn't have to make a decision anymore. I base this on the fact that when people say "I am X" (strong, powerful etc) they invariably are not. But if you -play- X on tele then you get the brain drugs of X without actually having to do X. Does anyone think Trump made the decision about who would be fired on his tv show? That would require work. Easier to have someone else do the work then you get to say "You're Fired". Look at his inability to make a decision or immediately contradict his decision if he did. Look at his inability to make a deal unless the people he is working with all support his deal. Can't negotiate, Can't make a decision, Can't basically life. Now if this was an ex girlfriend I'd be kind of "okay whatever, she is an -ex- girlfriend" but very few of my flaky ex girlfriends have had intentions to try and be the US president. Many of my ex girlfriends are actors and models (they need tech guys too) and it is pretty much how they would have behaved. Ego oriented and easily destroyed by people they don't even care about.
  14. I don't even remember how to say bro properly anymore. I have been practicing saying "Goeinferrrrarip" and other things. When this shutdown finishes (looks like montreal is sort of thinking of starting to plan for something in maybe a fortnight - in the meantime the government suggests a glass of wine) I am going to have that phrase on lock I tells ya! I Will Go For All The Rips!
  15. Not sure how much of Trumps briefings you guys get to see. Currently the plan appears to be stay on tele saying I am the mostest powerfulest ever. Promote reopening soon and make threats towards governors that won't open soon Get off camera, realise this is insane after repeated repeated repeated briefings Go on camera "In my infinite mercy I will allow governors to decide to reopen according to my plan" Either way he gets to claim genius if it works and "not my fault" if it doesn't. The Michigan protests will be interesting to watch for how this strategy plays out. UK & Sweden (on the surface) seem to indicate not an awesome idea. Areas that didn't quarantine are starting to flare up. Watch Nebraska for the next few days I think. And for some unknown reason Trump has started saying "it's all over, the numbers are coming down". It was f*cking easter! Every weekend almost every country has a down number. This was a 4 day weekend! If wednesday this week was higher than thursday last week we are not going down. We're not even plateauing in any provable way! Inexplicably the media is repeating "plateau" but arguing maybe we ought to wait. There is no plateau. There is the same weekend thing that has happened every damn weekend. NZ/AUS are the only countries out of the 20 odd I am following with any real interest that have displayed a reduction. Small, physically isolated nations that acted fast. On top of which, if we stabilise at 2K deaths a day for a week in the US whilst doing the current quarantine that does not mean it is a great time to re open. At least wait and see if 2K deaths a day is just the new normal if quarantine is maintained.