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  1. He believes the McCain caused the Forrestal? That is a level of website he is trusting which is even more off the beaten track than normal...
  2. He is still using that "NASA said" line when the article quite clearly says the opposite. I wonder if any of his readers actually click the links when he has them.
  3. heh.
  4. " The majority are generally fools. " " as if the people are just fools who are clueless and do not really know what they are demanding. " Certainly seems Armstrong can't decide what they are.
  5. "by exploiting security flaws to access text and voice messages EVEN before they’re encrypted. " Well with that emphasis he obviously has no idea what he is talking about. Which is a bit of a concern really as he at least is pretending to care. Therefore very few people even have the faintest clue as to what this means and so it won't be stopped.
  6. 1. Immigrants to Australia historically improve the GDP if I remember correctly. Cutting immigration, if that is correct, would therefore be a bad idea. You just want better immigrants (Japan has just done this and people are saying "what difference will an extra ten thousand a year make". I laugh at this thinking what would an extra 10K high income people mean). 2. Regional cities are hard but if you have 10K doctors and engineers coming in each year and you push them out to the regional cities I am sure you would be fine. Trying to create regional cities with the people that want to leave those cities seems unlikely to succeed.
  7. " Everyone knows I am very cautious not to get involved in conspiracy theories " ahahahahahahaha everything he writes is about bloody conspiracies.
  8. All irrelevant. To defend against the charge would cost more than the fine. Who would fight it? like an IP shakedown really if they wanted to.
  9. Unreasonably implies value based decision, 5K is a lawyer for a few hours. They could get away with enforcing it just for sh*ts and giggles, raise the coffers and all.
  10. Data Science looks like being the same as network admin in the late 90's Lot's of enthusiastic people with enough skills to really make a mess of it. The number of people that ask me about designs they have come up with that are just startlingly sh*t is incredible.
  11. First bit of contracting is the hardest. After that you have a network and things are easier. I doubt the market will make much of a difference to that really.
  12. That would be an errant assumption. I assume when he gets things right his fans will trumpet it.
  13. No idea. I would assume whichever is cheapest unless China is banning renmimbi use on SWIFT or something. But my bank in singapore does renmimbi in & out now so I am assuming the rules changed a few months back.
  14. While I agree completely with Armstrongs thoughts on Japan joining CIPS (and not abandoning SWIFT - which has to be retarded, does anyone actually think that or is it a strawman?) I have to point out that his statement about "credit cards wouldn't work in the west" misses a key point: many / most Japanese people just don't have/use credit cards. Amazon japan accepts payment at your local convenience store on delivery. Paying all your bills in cash at the local 7/11 (lawson, circle K whatever) is what almost everyone does. For the Olympics they are trying to force places into accepting credit cards. For a lot of places I am unsure as to whether that will work.
  15. Purfect for a dog. Pretty sure you're doing that wrong...