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  1. They can be impeached obviously (that is kind of the default US law solution) but that is ridiculously hard to do. Only one has ever been done in like that. But there is a paper which I can't find. Wait found it: It is pretty old but seems to have reasonable support and the authors have decent reputation. The thrust of the argument is the "good behaviour" clause which lowers the bar for removal quite significantly. Not quite down to parking ticket level but close. Certainly it would allow removal for credible (but not convicted) sexual harassment charges. The precedents cited are fairly strong indicators of the intended meaning of the language and the correlations with state level wording add to the likelihood that it is a correct reading. Obviously the question is would the court allow one of their own to be removed. Instinctively I would say no. But roberts is, as you say, being quite pedantic about things and seems to be doing it maybe not out of spite but in a reactive manner to me anyway.
  2. ahaha I am minimising my musical roots! Punk to reggae back to punk in one song? Yah we gotcha fam! Man this is going to be one awesome curriculum! So many kids will be well fed and bruised from dancing while cooking. Personally I figure fat burns only count if you were trying to be sensible. If you were dancing while tossing the stuff in the frypan it's just what we do.
  3. I haven't had even decent pc speakers for 6 months let alone a stereo system which will kill the neighbours. In 5 days though!!!! I am thinking at the moment I am going to start nice. Some fade into you from mazzy star. Everyone loves that.but I am going to slowly educate the niece and nephew into proper music (sorry just had to move a chair while I type because I want to dance to this sh*t) starting with stiff little fingers. It looks like the virus might cause school shut downs so we'll start a small school for bubble kiddies in the neighbourhood. I'll teach them databases, cooking and how to dance like a maniac! Holy crap I am so disappointed in ear pieces for music. If I can't feel the bass in my chest it becomes some kind of artistic appreciation. Maybe I need to hire someone to just punch me in the chest (correctly) during the song. Man the next generation of Bialystok kiddies are going to be weird When I tell them my first Stiff little fingers album was a tape I found on the street on morning my paper round which was broken and strewn across a few hundred metres and I collected all that brown tape, rolled it up onto a cassette and played it and was in love. They are going to be so jealous. Sometimes I am surprised at the amazing chances I have had in life!
  4. For my money it is better for society to tolerate the anti vaxxers, flat earthers, anti 5g etc people. There are actual real problems in society and we need to have the f*ck knuckles feel free to speak out. Sometimes they are right. 50 yrs back a lot of people would have put gay rights in the same bucket as I put 5G nonsense now. 150 yrs ago debtors prison was considered smart. By allowing -all- the idiots to rant the ones that are actually correct slowly gain power and we get rid of slavery and we get, as a society, richer. Totalitarian societies (lord I hope none of Mr Medveds kids turn out to be gay if they move to Russia) don't allow the tools to talk which means they can also just flat out kill the ones identifying the real problems. This doesn't mean I don't think people espousing 5G theories, gay frogs, hydroxychloroquine etc are believable. I think they are all falling for propaganda. I just know that some of them will maybe be right so I judge them by their company. The ones that are right tend not to have that many flaky friends and don't tend to be selling anything. Usually the buzzwords give them away nice and quick nowadays if you spend a little time reading comments outside your curated feeds. Just keep up with the new pushed talking point and you have a quick "spot them in the wild" card. For example Mr Medved screwed up because they forget (or didn't spend the localisation money) that the propaganda he is receiving is american and "coal face" vs "front line" is a culturally different thing for Australians. Then when the propaganda which had prepped him for "I believe the frontline workers" was backed up with "America's Frontline Doctors" talking about hydroxychloroquine it probably didn't work as well because in his head was "coalface" rather than "FrontLine". It's pretty obvious in hindsight I guess but I find it quite hard to see coming as they do tend to be trying multiple talking points and I often am not sure which one they are going to use until it shows up outside my "dumb dumb people" feeds.
  5. "I don't trust people at the coal face of medicine, they are rarely correct" - Demon Sperm Dr "Maybe staying closed a few more weeks is a goodidea" - Melbourne shutdown I am pissing all over people with AI I f*cking tells ya I am fairly sure that he can't get a capitalist campaign manager because he doesn't pay and he can't get a communist campaign manager because he won't follow orders. Odds of him quitting the race in about a month seem higher to me. Still haven't found an easy way to put a couple of grand on that bet though (I admit I haven't tried that hard but I figure odds have to be currently 100-1 and dropping). Banning mail in voting is more likely to hurt some of the republicans in risk so if McConnell follows his friday (?) leak I'd say the republicans are going to support mail in. Then try and find a way of weaseling out of it in future when it will possibly kill the republican gerrymandering quite efficiently. Seems at the moment McConnell is just aiming for minimal losses right now rather than worrying too much about 4 years from now. I have a feeling Tucker has pissed McConnell off enough and McConnell is pissed about the supremes and is hoping to minimise entrenching those losses, if Roberts stays liberal leaning and RBG dies with a democrat in power that is a significant problem for the republican agenda. Especially with chances for reversal of Kavanaugh being sort of within the realm of possible. That basically ends the past decades of right wing tendency in the court. So McConnell needs to keep Roberts focussed on "it's just Trump, we'll lose this one and fix it later". My guesses anyway.
  6. Vitamin D has had a hard couple of years in the studies I have read. I have alerts for VitD studies due to an idea I had regarding the diabetes link, diagnosis growth and the Australian 80's slip slop slap campaign from when I used to do the database support for diabetes australia and was doing data growth analysis for performance reasons. It's a half arsed idea and I freely admit there are tons of alternatives but if the idea turns out to be true I can feel superior for having seen it back in 2005 I am still a hopeful fan of the vitamin and do supplement during winter but I suspect it is close enough to making expensive urine now. Cheaper than scotch flavoured urine so I'll probably stick with it til I see anything adverse. Hell I stick with making scotch flavoured urine -despite- adverse studies... I don't trust people at the coal face of medicine, they are rarely correct. Ask any doctor about, say, salt and blood pressure connections from the worlds largest medical study into anything ever and see what they say. People at the coal face are emotionally involved, have stupid ideas like my suncream one and have limited data. With that in place you don't even need corruption or big pharma conspiracy theories. The sheer number of failed statements by "people at the coal face" on either side indicates they are useless as a source of information unless you pick the 1% that guess right. If you genuinely plan to use HCQ I think you should read an awful lot more. By itself mostly it seems useless currently. Even the supporters are claiming various combos are needed and timing and a bunch of things. HCQ -does- have significant side effect risk which, in conjunction with the blood clotting in covid autopsies, would make me want to stay inside for at least 6 months reading up on it in a pretty serious way. And if you believe that Russia with it's relatively opaque reporting habits is telling you the truth and every other country is doing it wrong... meh, your choice. I'd say there are better countries to copy. The vaccines, fortunately for you, you won't get a chance to try the first ones. Rich countries will have bought them up before you get a shot at the moment the media is being super weak on the negatives of the vaccines pushed out so far, read the oxford/wuhan first wave tests and you'll see that staying inside for 6 months seems more fun. I get that stock prices are on the barrel here but I do think the journalists need to at least be able to read a study as well as me. Unreported in the media adjuncts to testing worry me a bit. (6hrly paracetamol injections for example, I can't even remember where I read that, it is -not- in the lancet study that I recall and I just did a quick search, might have used a different name). Rushing vaccines is probably a bad idea, Trump has been putting words in peoples mouths since day 1 (watch the pharma / fauci / trump coverage for Trump just "bad customering" the pharma guys into being vague and saying something technically true but knowing Trump is hearing what he wants to hear and that bit is not true. Trump wants a vaccine before the election. The company that delivers it will sell a lot of vaccine. When testing is being done in a different fashion and there is no reason for me to use the product I will take the other choice (staying inside for 6 months, bubbling and wearing a mask). I see no reason for it to be man-made and frankly think anyone that cares about that aspect is getting their priorities mismatched or trying to manipulate me. That is statistically how manipulation is done. I don't have time to debunk every idiot in the world so I just watch for key phrases and behaviour so I can dismiss the vast majority of people trying to take advantage of me. Now that Trump has decided masks work and cancelled his rallies (and wasn't that fun to see his attention span fail so miserably at the 7 minute mark that he couldn't read, forgot to call it the china virus) I am interested to see what your conspiracy friends make of him. I am guessing that it will be "The deep state got to him" then they will start using the ramp and the drinking to show how the deep state have drugged him to make him compliant. You heard it here first, I thought of this and have not read it anywhere.
  7. hmm maybe decent data from the US has gone away as an idea the white house has decided that the CDC doesn't do it right and they want all data sent to Health and Human services which, on the surface, seems a more political part of the government. Time will tell if they keep reporting accurately but I'd guess most counters will be off for a couple weeks while it gets sorted out. The US deaths are 2 weeks in a row the highest in a month with an obvious case load indication of higher deaths next week. Political or not I doubt I could write a new DB for tracking complex data accurately in a few weeks so whether this is some silly nonsense or sensible the data is probably going to be sh*t for a bit. I suspect the reality will be worse than the data. Montreal is -way- worse than say Portugal for deaths despite being richer and so on. US makes Canadians scared. The pressure to open the border is crazy. And this is "Construction week". Which I have decided is now my favourite holiday week. It used to be "Golden week" in Japan because everyone just goes and gets drunk at the beer festivals making "golden" quite a bit more literal than intended. But "Construction Week" is where all the construction workers said "f*ck you we aren't doing anything this week". And it is now a real thing, I think it is 40% of Montreals tourism. Montreal has a wee bit of a problem with bar induced corona from the past few weeks at the moment. It must win the prize for cynical holiday. Even places that make you work on Labour Day could take a lesson from this one. US deaths are now back as bad as when two cities had the virus just over a month back. One public holiday in the mix skewed numbers. Things go mental in the South next week. Fortunately we are off on Friday to our quarantine in Poland. N. East Poland. Near the mental f*ckers that like invading palces. I really need to start planning our lives better.
  8. I agree, mostly I just read the news feeds then follow up anything that looks interesting. is a good news feed for that as they usually have links to studies / more information which makes it easier. With regard to the Black Americans / vitamin D thing I did actually go down a rabbit hole after chatting with a Dr guy from McGill uni (up the road). He is fairly sure it could be a red herring. tldr; Black Americans have always measured low on the tests but don't exhibit the bone density / fracture incidents etc that white people with the same levels have. Possibly it is used differently. If so we're measuring the wrong thing, certainly in the case of bone strength indicators we are. His opinion (and my news feeds) seem to indicate a high correlation for American covid deaths with obesity, being poor and lack of insurance. Whites in the same situation seem to suck just as bad at staying alive. Diabetes also seemed to crop up a few times as linked with covid deaths and Black Americans have been leaders in that race long enough that higher death rates would be expected if diabetes did help kill you in the presence of covid. One of the more interesting things I have been reading recently is just the weird symptoms, clotting, cardiac issues etc which seem unusual for an upper respiratory virus. It has been showing up on eureka a bit more often recently (although observers bias heh). I guess with the Southern states starting their deaths we'll have some decent data from there eventually as well. They tend to be poorer than the Northern states. Although they tend Republican as well which might confound things a little.
  9. I meant in context of "which studies / experimental usages were any good" I figure epidemiologists are going to be much more experienced at looking at a set of results from guyA using a new treatment and saying whether it looks interesting or is probably just noise. For deciding which treatments might work then, yeah, a specialist in that type of disease is a good idea. At the moment my news feed is still getting all the weird secondary symptoms which make this particular virus look weird enough that there are new theories popping up fairly often which means specialists in whichever type of disease it is is still tricky. I'd prefer to go second on any new drug treatments
  10. Gotta love the hat Realistically pretty much anything and everything is being thrown at people to see what happens. Hydroxychloroquine is hardly a hushed up topic when the President of the US says he is using it and the US has stockpiled 63 million doses. The problem is that there is no time to actually do proper studies (and the ethics are troublesome as well). So pretty much all of these are anecdotal. What studies have been done all seem to have enough confounding factors and low enough results that they are debatable. Hell making patients sleep on their stomach has better results than many of the drug results in some Drs experience. Anyone wanting clicks will write pretty much anything mentioned by anyone, even more if they have Dr in their name. I'd be looking for what they are a Dr in and what their history is. If they were someone that, for example, jumped on the "media induced panic" bandwagon and they are not epidemiologists I might suspect their opinion is about as worthless as anyone else's. It hasn't even been decided if it is a blood virus or respiratory so I'd be wary of trying things except for avoiding contact with other humans. If you should decide to try things you probably want to check the known side effects (I assume with the hat on you won't speak to a doctor).
  11. Seems fairly likely. Maybe it'll backfire if the senate ditches Trump though. His commuting of Stones sentence seems to have got a few feathers riled up (granted mostly in the usual circles). I guess at least we found out yesterday that Trump has never been against masks and has started wearing one. Coincidently on the day the death rate ticked up. Disturbing for me is the death rate uptick actually happened 2 weeks ago and was ignored then 4th of July happened which muted last weeks numbers. This week is still working through the backlog of 4th of July as far as I can tell so I think we'll finish tomorrow with a smallish uptick and next week will be nasty. The Sweden / US correlation has gone away by 2 pts this week already (despite Sweden having a pretty crap week). I am not expecting that correlation to return as I haven't read any significant changes to Swedish policy. US death rate is still at around 3% of diagnosed cases. Total deaths is 100K. If everyone in the US caught the disease the extrapolation is 10M deaths. Herd immunity is said to be around 60% of the population; say 60M deaths. Current guidelines are projecting 200K deaths by November. I do not feel those guidelines are super accurate unless some special thing happens between now and then. Having spent last night chatting to an American across the room I have had my hopes of rational thought reduced but still..
  12. I believe the surveys usually say "self identified republicans". Another poll came out showing a loss in republican approval which matched the rest of the results better. I was just surprised at the jumping through hoops analysis of the previous one.
  13. Apparently labor day has been chosen by the rest of the GOP as the day that they are free to do what they want if Trump hasn't turned his numbers around. I don't know if this is deliberately ironic or if americans have just lost all awareness of what labor day is celebrating. I do know that if his numbers are still in the toilet and some of the GOP decide to cut the strings trump will lose his mind. Especially if enough of them do and survive what he considers to be his almighty wrath and fury. So I figure early October. That way he f*cks the parties preparation for the election in revenge as well which seems in keeping with his personality. If he wants his TV station he is going to have to avoid being labelled Loooooser and saying "I didn't lose" and "the republicans did when -I- left" would be one way of doing it. I saw a weird arse analysis of some recent polling today. Trump is down in all demographics (even uneducated white males and old white males). But his approval in republicans has risen. This was presented as a good thing for Trump. Mathematically I can only think of two ways this could happen. 1. In each and every demographic the independents or democrats changed their minds and -began- to dislike trump at a rate high enough to cancel out the republican approval increase by the republicans in that demographic. 2. Lots of republicans have changed their minds and are no longer claiming to be republicans. Those remaining have a higher percentage in support of trump. The first seems exceedingly unlikely to me, it's a lot of coincidences. The second seems more likely to me and I couldn't understand why the analyst didn't even consider this possibility. Then I remember talking to Americans and how -they- -do- -not- change party. I think this may be starting to happen and the pollsters are going to miss it for a while. If that happens then we are seriously looking at a 60/40 election which is not going to work for the only legal "stay in power" trick I have heard of.
  14. Doing my weekly numbers and it looks like it mightn't have been a crazy idea to have stayed closed for a few more weeks (assuming decent testing, tracing etc). We have tickets to get home to Poland on the 25th. The current closure of the US/Canada border is set to expire on the 21st. Really hoping they keep it closed a few more days. They are already turning away about 2500 Americans per month at the border. Poxy Southerners
  15. Given the choice of ongoing Trumpian ineffectiveness or a return to the "military-industry complex" nightmare of 5 years ago I think I know what many people would like