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  1. Pretty sh*t conspiracy if it they left the originals lying around easily accessible. If they are controlling your world you must suck arse to be powerless against such incompetence. If they aren't controlling your world why do you bitch about them... Either way you come out of this looking pretty f*cking stupid, do you conspiracy nuts ever think this through at all?
  2. Link for those interested: Looks like bourke had a habit of recording 2 days data after every sunday. No idea what that means but it makes the conspiracy aspect likely attributable to something they did every week. Guess the climate people got lucky that the hottest day was on a sunday!!! Or maybe they rewrote the calendar! That's probably it!
  3. It was 400km range you wanted right? What's next on your complaint list?
  4. " When we look at the Array, we see turning points lining up for 2020/2021 and 2024 followed by 2026 and then 2028. The commodity cycle appears to be pointing to 2024. That is when we should see farmland values peak in real terms but keep in mind that it will all depend upon the particular region. The weather is going to kick in and that will reduce crop yields... " not a question. Are you asking if weather affects crop yields? Yes it does! Are you asking if Kicking is weather? No it is not! August was hot in THE WHOLE WORLD! POLAR SEALS ARE LOW AND DEPRESSED! UK IS PART OF WORLD! Investigation Called For! Washington. Links To How Weather Works Suspected!!! Perth Wet. Full of English people. Suspicions Raised! Aussie Bloke Injured! Cowardly Swedes, Jealous of Norway Winter Olympic Records sets Summer Records!!!
  5. I did. It can't be measured. Pretty simple answer. Not sure why you find it so hard. But don't worry i will flood you with media at the intellectual level you enjoy and the argument style you love and you will be happy I guess. You might also realise how tedious it is to refute bullsh*t constantly. I just need a google alert and you have to try and refute each piece of nonsense which takes time and I will respond with more from my google alert... I think you may have already given up as I suspect you may not know how to spam people with bullsh*t that efficiently given how well we saw you search skills the other day. Some IT cynics I know would say "typical project manager, knows nothing and blames everyone else". I wouldn't say that because I am not that mean (see I learned another rhetorical trick from one of your guys!). sh*t forgot to give you some more: Yay!!! finding old stuff because so hot. Oh Noes!!! All N Hemisphere recording record heat for July (including America which you quote... who is right? probably my link) We Have Graphic Design Team!!! But they will die too... Man July Sucked!!! Except it was my birthday so I had fun
  6. I have figured it out! cobrans decisions on global warming are based on media and selective perception. As I am too busy currently to even remotely consider debunking his crap, trying to explain science or any of that stuff I am just going to flood this with links of equivalent value. Except where his google alert is probably "jeez it's cold" I'll go for "Extreme" or "Record" heat. Records!!! but today is better than monday so I guess climate change stopped. People dead!!! but they are not white and in another country so probably doesn't matter. More deaths coming!!! but Western Sydney is full of "almost whites", "not whites" and "poor whites" so no biggie. Records!!! But Townsville? I mean really, we only care about actual people. Crocs probably got most of them anyways.
  7. The important thing is that Armstrong says it wasn't people doing it therefore there is nothing we can do and we just have to deal with it. The hilarious thing is that for all the "I'm not sheeple" c20 is 100% in the firing line of the people that will suffer. "I have power bills going up because of stuff, I tell myself lies about why they went up, then I pay the bills anyway" heh, tool. Armstrong probably is too currently but if he can sell enough "safe in florida - not in europe" tickets he might drag his way out of the immediate victims. I suspect it is probably around about now c20 starts asking where I pay tax again and why I don't in some countries I don't live in. That seems to console him for a bit. Then I'll needle him again and we will get another grand round of "look at what happened today in this part of the world". It's been good for me as a release for the past couple years which have been a little intense but I may be ducking out for a few months as the new plan starts tomorrow. btw we're in Melbourne for a week starting thursday if anyone wants beers or to come wear a dress and do bayonet charges.
  8. No the forecast is easy to confirm deny, your assumptions of what the means is hugely unrelated. What are you a first year debater trying to win the debate through dishonest technique or an idiot? Have the things predicted ever occurred before? yes. Do they mean either of the new things is happening? obviously not, it could be either or just normal arse stuff. If you honestly believe that a tertiary system can be adjudicated with any kind of agreement by people that disagree fundamentally at the beginning of the process I really wonder how much attention you pay to the world. More and more you seem to be the kind of guy that wanders through the world thinking you are f*cking awesome and everything that goes wrong is everyone else's fault.
  9. I did, I pointed out it is a three level idea and so agreement on measuring it would be impossible.
  10. (I didn't touch that - I figured I was too drunk to understand what he was saying)
  11. Do you ever worry about the people who agree with the ideas you espouse? As you say you have put your skin in the game by agreeing with people who history may not be so fond of. I genuinely want to know. For me it would be hard to be an iconoclast that happened to sit in the camp of people find morally reprehensible. When it happens I tend to make it clear I totally hate those other dicks. (in this case of course I disagree with you and agree with the scientists but I am speaking generally)
  13. You realise Europe had one of it's hottest winters while the US was having one of it's coldest right? That is only a pattern if you are looking for deviation from the norm.
  14. You realise that most of us agree that climate change will cause weird arse weather right? We just don't see it as useful evidence of climate change due to the wild variations normal weather has. So you ranting on about weird arse weather as proof climate change isn't happening seems odd. (especially as you only want to focus on the "cold weird arse weather" which I think is because you are fixated on the word "warming" - conveniently never noticing the summer Japan just had or the winter Europe just had). And clinging to the maunder minimum being the sole cause of the weird arse weather is kind of odd as it has science backing up changes in the top bit of the sky which might be linked to weather. Extrapolating that out to the root cause seems like all you care about is whether this is man made or not. Simply because if it is not man made you think the correct response is to sit there and let it happen?
  15. None of the people with the other rabid mindset are talking about how the corrected study supports the IPCC one despite that being clearly stated in their own articles. Weird.