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  1. Departing for the states you get grilled fiercely in the departing country in a lot of places now but generally speaking when leaving not much gets done. Quick scans and occasionally bomb swabs although easy enough to avoid them or force them just with timing in conjunction with other passengers. Most places I have entered recently I only really get a good going over if I fly economy class even then usually that is only for the UK, apparently my travel background makes me look dodgy to the Brits. I got pulled over by the flu camera recently but I figure that was just coz I am so damn hot
  2. That is what I expected. When you compare tax on alcohol to drink per day self reported in any medical study there is a wild variation. Apparently non of the people in the studies are representative of society as it is mathematically proven to be by the tax numbers. And I sure as hell trust the tax numbers in that scenario. Who is watching determines the numbers. Bigotry, homophobia and general arsehole behaviour in the generic form is what the hard core depend on but that is turned over in a simple life experience, My Dad hated fags until he had one as a child. All of his RSL buddies hated fags until my Dad said "what did you say about my daughter". Turning a liberal into an arsehole generally requires a Nigger, Faggot or other bad person to rape them or kill them or something equally extreme. Extreme events happen infrequently. Tolerance building events happen often. Trump is an extreme event on a global scale. Trump and the batsh*ts are exposing this fact. When the US military blatantly say "we're not nuking no one on this cock suckers watch" you know things are safe and we can enjoy the next few years as Trump makes the world nicer by trying to make it worse.
  3. "If I need super then, man, I really f*cked up. And let me tell you I have f*cked up before so I know what _really_ means" Favourite quote by my favourite person.
  4. " enhancing the insulation " I don't believe it Japanese build quality is f*cking atrocious. Last year we had about a fortnight of pretty decent snow. I have yet to see double glazing and single glazed sliding doorsto the outside generally aren't airtight. They have a "traditional" thing here of tables with a small heater built in and in winter you attach rugs to the table to create a tiny space in the house for everyone to stay warm... Our apartment is designed for Koreans. they are smart, they insist on heated floors. We're in the middle of starting a process which might end up with building an adventure tourism type dojo/hotel business. Interestingly there are tax breaks for building something that will last more than 20 odd years (personally I'd rather go post apocalyptic wasteland factory style but I have been told people spend more money on Japanesey stuff )
  5. Surely the government department that deals with foreigners would know the procedure for checking / renouncing citizenship better than pretty much anyone else. So just use them to fill in the paperwork renouncing citizenship from every country in the world automatically when someone gets elected.
  6. I understand the idea of the law. Given the complexity of that concept in a modern world surely the easiest thing is to just have a basic statement "I renounce all other citizenships" form on being elected which then gets sent to every other country in whatever standardised manner the other countries require would be the best solution. I seriously doubt many of these people are going to be double agents and, if so, I doubt renouncing their citizenship would stop them. Seems like a waste of money to me to do an audit. Just carpet bomb the statement everywhere.
  7. Google is now or almost purely renewable powered (DC & Ops). They use about as much as San Francisco. Probably just incompetence in Minnesota I guess.
  8. Not with that attitude! As a vasectomied man in his mid forties I can make that claim but I am pretty sure you are just letting your short term desires get in the way of your goals.
  9. My point was that as soon as you say vested interests can't donate (which seems fairly sensible if not realistic[1]) then with your vision you just remove the current crop of donaters and the next in the ladder move in. Currently I don't donate to any political party because I see no return on the investment. Unless your plan removes everyone with a vested interest then you have no one that wants to donate and so you may as well just ban all donations. [1] the reason I think it is not realistic is the same as the reason spying is good amongst allies (and enemies). Information flow leads to better outcomes. If meraton want to build a sh*t ton of cheap apartments then people get housing and meriton get rich. So long as there is some sensible limitations acted on by the people that can limit the rapaciousness then everyone wins. With no information flowing then weird sh*t happens and no one has a house.
  10. That smells like change for the sake of change. Zaph seems to have pointed out it would make no functional difference. It seems to me that the focus on bankers and developers is simply because they are the ones doing it at the moment. Open the door to other professions being able to sway policy in exactly the same way and I am sure they will try it.
  11. Are there any countries which do this? On the surface it seems a good idea (I am sure someone will have found a way to game it though).
  12. Ah didn't see that. Did you post details in the other thread (if so link?). After the grand cigar investment worked out I have decided that any investment which makes money based on obvious things like excise going up by X% every year I figure taking advantage of the electricity companies game play for the house in hornsby might be worth considering.
  13. I thought you hadn't decided to buy solar yet. Who's house have you snuck into?
  14. This would be awareness of the law in another country though which seems a little different. Seems odd to me that they didn't check though.
  15. The increase in power costs in the above article was for largely the poles and wires wasn't it? They are boring toys.