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  1. I think he is. Every time I post something not rebutting his arguments but instead commenting on his frame of mind he does a series of posts. Therefore I think this is a deep seated belief that most of the time he doesn't even remember to post about (it is so obvious to him that reading an article doesn't make him want to post until he is reminded we don't actually agree with him). Interesting mindset to play with.
  2. It would set an interesting precedent
  3. What is the cost to the general public of Climate change policy? Do you think anything good came out of it? I sort of figure that there have been a bunch of technical advances which are going to be super useful. Perhaps you have a similar opinion to mine regarding warfare. I hate it and think we should knock it off as insanely wasteful of resources, lives and planetary stability but I can't deny some pretty useful advances are pretty much a direct result of it.
  4. You two are funny. I am deliberately being mean here so neither party can claim I am biased. Cobran wants to use global warming to show that politicians / scientists / anyone claiming to know better than him are corrupt arseholes beneath him. Clown wants to use global warming to show that people with beliefs that can't be swayed by his better argument are idiots beneath him. The actual argument, to me, seems to be about how we progress society. If they were sci fi readers Cobran I am guessing would be an Asimov/Heinlein fan and Clown would be a charles stross fan (but secretly prefer Rajaniemi). Arguing about the thing abstractly related to your world views seems kind of pointless when you could just argue about how individuality should be encouraged or expressed.
  5. What's with the weird circle of overexposure in the photos?
  6. This is basically our issue. So many places are great in spring and autumn. Not so many for the whole summer or winter. We are trying out more tropical places or going to go for a hemisphere switch halfway through; a month of summer beaches and a month of skiing. Cost of travel is actually close enough to zero with points from the rest of the years travel but accommodation is high whereas a tropical place like cambodia is cheap to stay and _might_ be acceptable for the hot / cold months.
  7. That could have been "We're bringing in a K9 dog" indicating the dog is from the K9 unit... stills sounds like a silly show but at least that interpretation is sort of close to having meaning.
  8. From the article it looks like the former Malaysian government were incompetent and/or corrupt (i.e. not the chinese). Shame about the high speed rail Malaysia / Singapore. We are likely to be making that trip a fair bit in future and while Singapore airport is far and away the best in the world I do like a fast train picnic.
  9. Given the cost of labour in Cambodia I am not sure bringing their own in (for unskilled stuff) would be worth it. Minimum wage is about $120 a month, average is about $350 a month I believe.
  10. Just got back from a week in Cambodia. Interesting place. Going back for three months next year to look into the opportunities a bit better. Apparently insanely corrupt (which might put a crimp in my current ideas) but also insanely growth. Also insanely being bought up by the chinese, they are definitely getting in while the getting in is cheap.
  11. Japan has functionally no immigration, even the new fast track they brought in last year is close enough to impossible for anyone to pass and is so restrictive those that might pass don't want to. Next year they are closing about a quarter of universities because there are no kiddies to go to university. If you can't see the writing on the wall there... So maybe be careful what you wish for. Probably better to live in a country where you have options to fix the problems than one where there are few choices due to lack of tax base.
  12. Bonds annoy me just when I think I remember how they work I realise I have forgotten and don't want to face reading up on them again... oh well they are considered an investment for old people anyway so I guess I'll just stick with the S&P index.
  13. Yesterday my mortgage finally hit zero so that makes sense in my world view Thinking now of buying some index funds domiciled in Ireland (don't want to pay US estate taxes for no reason) through the company in Singapore (no tax on investments if that is not what the company is doing as a primary purpose). I have no intention in trying to be a smart investor or anything but I assume interest rate increases would usually be good for bonds bought now and bad for S&P500 bought now. No idea how a stronger dollar would impact things, both down?
  14. Still here in sunny Nagoya still not seeing much except for the inside of dojo's... This year we are ramping our training down a bit to recover from injuries (and I achieved my goal of 3 x 5th dan gradings) so we may actually travel around a bit and see some of the cool stuff. Summer has started and Nagoya is awful in summer so we are off to Cambodia in a week or two with a stop for training in Taiwan. Cambodia should be an actual real holiday though!