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  1. I do have to say that Australian racism seems to have changed in the 5 years we were away. Like casual racism seems way more common now, different for different groups but, my lord, it is weird when members of your family have turned into that american stereotype. And no one seems to understand words any more. I had someone say they support Singapore's forced integration at the same time they were saying they were conservative. Like wtf? What does conservative mean if you support government deciding where you live? This has truly been a weird arse couple of months. And we only did it to ensure Cobran knows we are better than his astrologist and numerologist and he won't believe us anyways. Sheesh. Next time I just do sh*t quietly In the meantime, 4 weeks left for any one that wants to come try korean barbeque cooked on the most bizarre barbecues ever invented (Volcano! by an australian solving every problem you never knew you had with a BBQ, sorry I already gave it away when we leave) and have ssam which totally tastes like what Nagoya would have made if they were aware of this crazy idea instead of just deep fried pork. Cobran tell your friends not to go killing kiwis again please. We want out of this country and you probably want us out so lets call it a draw. We can challenge your astrologist and numerologist (who weren't here and involved) for the next interesting thing if you like. Person there before it happens gets points? I think that is the best way to measure it. I do believe they are zero currently...
  2. Are you paying for Socrates? Is this your "skin in the game"? Or are you not even doing that yet?
  3. I am of course relatively sure you have seen her videos given the amount of doxing being attempted against us. Did you think it through when you saw her win through to the final 8 in the All Japan bayonet fighting tournament? Or did you just think "chicks are weak"? I am fairly sure you saw the videos and I think you are just stupid? Like _I_ wouldn't piss off someone like that especially when I am sure the same doxing folders have the links to her krav maga invitation for decemeber this year. Israeli special forces trainers? Yeah personally I am not pissing off those people. Mind you people on this forum a couple years back tried to dox me and fed police and security people so I guess, sure maybe you think it works. Maybe you are just hoping that internet anonymity will hide you from her. Good luck buddy! She has way more friends than I do in the circles we train in If you are behind any of the threats I am reasonably sure you will stop posting fairly soon. If you are not you may want to ensure there are no links between your edgelord cuck forums and your posts as they have pissed off some people that truly do love the Polish Princess almost as much as I do.
  4. With the new emperor be ready for Japan to do a bunch of weird sh*t over the first couple years. "Seducing harmony" to "Becoming normal" to "Commanded harmony" ahahaha The wa is strong. Never fight the wa!
  5. Just sold the house in Sydney, we don't need it. Back when I bought it I wrote a small function for what the return I wanted was back when I bought it and chucked that in my financial DB for annual true up of financial situation. We sold it for the value the function said and it was what the RE guy said was the guidance value. (sold it privately because the private person got in before the RE contract became valid)
  6. Cobran. Seriosusly grow a brain. You live in Australia. The cog diss required for you to join all of the nonsense of the 'merkins is putting you on a list. I mean sure I put your name on a list but I am plenty sure that the local politicians with their new privacy laws are going to have you there anyways fairly quick. Probably best you leave the country you hate and go somewhere you love. I mean if they will have you. Then everyone is happy. Don't you want everyone to be happy?
  7. You trust commies? sheesh you have gone downhill! Commies are mainstream media nowadays. You gotta get that sweet sweet underground news feed. Mostly only available on sites which check you haven't had sexual activity in the last 6 months.
  8. Wait did your astologist just have a bit of grown up time with your numerologist and they agreed? SunSpots!!!! "As far as X I'm Highlighting that my head is up my arse" yes yes? go man go.
  9. Thank you. This one should have been stopped When the alliance is that weak over a 2 decade ago ego thing and so many people die I wonder if the alliance is worth belonging to. f*ck you Australia and f*ck You America. Keep in mind at least two New Zealanders helped put that cardinal away and stop him raping your kiddies. Please love your kiddies more than you hate muslims in other countries.
  10. Meme'd up edgelord. Coward, Liar, Dissembler. Lives 5 km from where I am currently. Have you started defending the Australian invader of another country committing terrorist acts yet? Bet you have. I mean it is only time right? You probably have rehearsed them in your head a few hundred times already. Have you rehearsed how you react to the muslim terrorist that attacks you on the train? bet you have. bet you won. Thinking it would be a muslim and not just some drunk aussie wanker that wants to smash your f*cking face in.
  11. Meme'd up edgelord. Coward, Liar, Dissembler. Lives 5 km from where I am currently. Why do fossil fuels get a hundred years of subsidies continuing until this day and anything else gets nothing? Ahhh because you are a Meme'd up edgelord. Coward, Liar, Dissembler. Lives 5 km from where I am currently.
  12. Meme'd up edgelord. Coward, Liar, Dissembler. Lives 5 km from where I am currently. I have been busy obviously over the past few days, unlike your numerologist and astrologist because weird sh*t happened. Weird sh*t happened some time after I announced I was moving back to Australia. Why is it your predictors are never where interesting stuff is happening and I am? I guess they suck.
  13. I only post this because every time we spend a few weeks in Singapore the temperature is the bloody same. November? 30. March? 30. Every bloody month 30. I think the message is "only go to Singapore when your home country is hotter than singapore". We got destroyed this time even a super hot winter in japan was too cold for the transition to be that good. (Hey Cobran you should reply to this rather than the one asking you hard questions like what skin you have in the game and whether that skin makes you believable as you proclaim it does).
  14. What the f*ck do you think echelon is? What the f*ck do you think snowden showed us? Your incompetents are protecting us from the Government of China but not the Government of The Republic of China and Certainly not The Government of The US. Do you actually think this is even vaguely important? Cisco kit is backdoored by the US regularly. Amongst my friends in Taiwan saying they are the same race as mainland chinese is going to get you weird looks. Amongst my friends almost anywhere else in the white boy world they know you just said "I am a f*cking Racist of the highest order and know nothing of which I speak" Hey test question. Christchurch guy that killed the towelheads. Justified? Brave enough to say he is a cancer on the planet? Or are you going to support him a wee little tiny bit? I am guessing a wee tiny little bit at least. There is no way in the world you will say he is "An Australian murderer of New Zealanders". By the way I am a New Zealander, I would strongly recommend you say it was an Australian that murdered 50 of my Countrymen, if you support the murder of my countrymen I might just see you as an invader, your alt right friends went to my country and murdered my countrymen. Are you going to support this behaviour? See how scary that gets super quick?
  15. You're f*cking kidding right? Do you know anything about the great engineers of that period? Like this really is so far out of your depth that even Flashman would laugh at you. Railways were a hilariously amusing series of f*ckups based on stock market booms and burns, several of the engineers (including Robert) were obviously engineers with a speciality in another field (Robert was a canal guy, Go Manchester!! beats f*cking venice for miles of canal) and all the politicians burned serious quantities of public cash getting it sorted out. I can't even remember when the UK finally sort of sorted out the gauge issue. I forget which award Brunel got. You obviously know nothing about engineering history or the fact that current day coal is subsidised. Actually you do! We have discussed this before and you always run away from it. So what is your skin in the game again? Ego on an Alt Right board that praises muslim murders? Pretty sure that is where you are hanging out currently. Go Go Go you meme'd up f*cking edgelord hanging out with murders and the cowards for your bruised old guy ego. do they tell you that you are perceptive? Is that what makes you feel good? Pretty sure that is what it is gonna be. Except you can't use a search engine so I am guessing you maybe sit at the feet of the even more awesomely powerful that are carefully not encouraging murder. You're a c**t.