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  1. Meanwhile my boss is STILL off the internet so I have no idea what is up with him. And I'm on interview #3 with a job in Brisbane of all places. Seriously, do they have no internet in Florida?
  2. We're not moving for the money. We're moving for the people. If it isn't Sydney, we'd be going to Melbourne. We just happen to work in Sydney. Financially it is a huge lose not a win and it makes zero economic sense. But there are no people out here. No clubs. No events. No tech people. Have hit the limit of time spent in a regional area and need to get OUT. Right now we are spending about $200 every time we take an overnight trip to Adelaide to a club or event, and sometimes that is weekly. Marrickville has come up as the suburb of choice so far. Apparently we really should be looking near Newtown, which is where all the events are.
  3. If that's maroubra, 4 bedroom houses are either auction only or start at well over a million, so yay. I have another suburb to put on my too-expensive list. Would be more use if anyone has a spare bedroom ... boss doesn't mind us coming up in week-long chunks alone (as opposed to with whole family) to work on site.
  4. I can't search on that though because I don't know what suburb that is. I know two co-workers live in Newtown and Randwick though.
  5. Leaning on the boss to make us fulltime so we can relocate to Sydney. Did think about Melbourne a while ago,but we do enjoy where we work so Sydney wins. Where do you recommend? Does anyone have a spare room available if just one of us was insane enough to go there, so we had a base to work from for a little bit while househunting? I *think* we're based in the CBD but having been working telecommute for so long I've never actually checked.
  6. Gina does really nice stuff and her rates are quite reasonable. Would highly recommend her, actually.
  7. Hey, finally following up on one of my side projects and just trying to raise a bit of funding to offset the cost. If anyone can tip in a bit, that's great, if not - could you spread the link on social media? The project is essentially an adult roleplay chat site, with a fairly high outlay for art. I am enjoying having minions working for me WAY too much, I just wish they were cheaper lol
  8. We're not 'in need' though. We're waiting for a first pay from a new job. As far as they're concerned, we're earning. Don't get a single penny from those friendly little government people in the meantime. Even if we had no savings at all we wouldn't get anything in these two months.
  9. I was thinking of the OH&S issues involved with taking a lawnmower up on the roof to mow the gutters ...
  10. When people realise, shares in places like Bunnings will probably start to go down ... Now is not the best time to be owning a hardware store, I think.
  11. We don't earn anything at the moment, really. So we're quietly bleeding savings. It looks interesting on the 'ol bank account. There's no budget that could help us right now - our mortgage payments are $100 a month less than we earn. That remaining $100 isn't enough to live off, obviously. We've got a LOT of redraw in there though, we could do this for ages. Don't you just love jobs that pay monthly, in arrears, a month after you work? Two months of this before we get our first pay Makes me want to go down the pub and, you know, spend more savings. On beer.
  12. You can make as many extra payments as you want, add extra each week ... the website has options for all that.
  13. We've had the loan 1 year, pay bare minimum and have 10 years remaining. If we refinanced those minimum payments would drop dramatically. Its a strange loan. I see people on Somersoft with loans 3x bigger who have lower repayments than we do.
  14. I had a cold that went to my lungs and turned into pneumonia with free collapsed lung for good measure, wasn't much fun. Then caught two other colds while in recovery mode. I've hardly been outside lately. Thankfully the local pub is warm so I don't die if I go there, not bad for an antisocial indoor geek ... found a guy (who happens to be an alcoholic so doesn't drink at all - yay designated driver!) who's incredibly social to go out with, a bunch of people I know at the pub who are funny when they get drunk, and the publican likes me and offered me a job, so life is good (and I'm a girl so I never have to pay for beer, woo!)
  15. Its through Homestart. The initial repayments were set at a fraction of our income, and the payments index each year. You can have the loan go backwards the first few years. Its for lower income earners and we had to show a truly massive amount of paperwork to get it.