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  1. Back in the day (80s) when we had hope that society could live without racial, social, political, and mental enclaves. Break those walls!
  2. Maybe that's OK. I think it would have been better to just require financial assets if you are an older migrant instead of charging big money for a visa. That will make them less able to look after themselves in old age.
  3. Good you're still here, though!
  4. Life in the mid-50s is totally crap. Every one of my parents' generation are now dead. Parents, uncles and aunts and their friends. This has been a decade of death. All my old friends are ageing and growing tired. I have less and less in common with them and I think I have lost all of them now except two. Making new friends is virtually impossible. My wife and I are heading towards our 60s and she's still my soulmate - that's sweet but sad to watch the slow decay in us both. As I'm watching old music videos from the 70s on Youtube I remember what it was like to be in the early teens full of enthusiasm and passion for life. That was 40 years ago.
  5. Man - that sucks! Are those the rules? You can buy yourself a visa?
  6. Thanks zaph. So - bubbly boom time ahead again? What's your take on the future of the Aussie economy? The previous bubble was driven by a mining boom and an impulse response to record low interest rates. What could drive the next housing bubble?
  7. BTW, zaph - how is the Brisbane market now? I’m thinking about buying a place in the next few years. Just a cheapie inner city unit.
  8. It is not just tor, it seems everyone has been abducted.
  10. Ah yes - there are lunatics like Larry Summers (and some politicians) that think trickle-down-economics works best by stimulating the big end of town and the interests of the wealthy elites. For the rest of the 99.9%:
  11. There seems to be a race between the telecommunications industry and razor blade manufacturers; 5G? I'll show you a 5-blade razor! I wonder what the innovation geniuses will think about next...
  12. I predict raising the dole/new start. Politicians gain brownie points for caring for those most in need. And those people will spend every cent of what extra they would get, which would mean instant stimulus.
  13. Sinéad O'Connor is an interesting case study of how looks affect perception of a person. Perhaps she shaved her head because she wanted to be appreciated for her art and not her pretty face. It seems her career went down the gurgler after she went "weird" in the eyes of the public. Maybe it is naive to think that we can avoid being judged by our cover. It is a shame, really. But tribal instincts are deep seated animal instincts that we humans have inherited. I don't think it can be avoided, despite our best intentions. People even get offended if one does not live up to their expectations of what we should be for them.
  14. It seems we have lost 99% of forum members. Very nice and quiet now - maybe this forum can be turned into a personal blog for the two or three people remaining Here is an interesting thing: there is strong anti-cancer "side effects" of deworming tablets with Fenbendazole that is not well known by the general public. This effect was discovered more than a decade ago: Unexpected Antitumorigenic Effect of Fenbendazole when Combined with Supplementary Vitamins You can click on the PDF link to get the whole paper. There is this chart in the paper which shows how little the cancer grew with Fenbendazole in combination with some vitamins (list is in the paper): Strange that Fendbendazole by itself made the cancer worse, but with vitamins it was very effective in stopping cancer growth. Of course, I don't recommend any human to try this, but a cancer patient treated himself in 2014 with Fenbendazole and vitamin E that raised a lot of interest by quite a few medical researchers: After Edmond man says dog dewormer cured his cancer, researchers look into others using the treatment There are now recent (2018) serious scientific studies published in credible journals about this effect: Fenbendazole acts as a moderate microtubule destabilizing agent and causes cancer cell death by modulating multiple cellular pathways An interesting quote from the article: "Fenbendazole is known to have a high safety margin and most species tolerate it very well. It has very low degree of toxicity and high degree of safety in experimental animals. In this study, we show that fenbendazole (FZ) exhibits a moderate microtubule depolymerizing activity towards human cancer cells, but possesses a potent antitumor effect as evident from in vitro and in vivo experiments. Our results indicate that FZ exerts its antitumor effect through the disruption of microtubule dynamics, p53 activation and the modulation of genes involved in multiple cellular pathways. FZ treatment also resulted in reduced glucose uptake in cancer cells due to down regulation of GLUT transporters and key glycolytic enzymes." Basically, Fenbendazole kills cancer cells in several different ways including "starving" them, as they tend to use glucose energy differently than normal cells (the Warburg effect). The drug is off-patent so there will be no Pharma company spending a $billion to get through clinical trials. Most likely they will come up with another antithelmintic variant that they can patent for human use.
  15. The paper is not peer review published anywhere yet. It seems to be like a work in progress, so I will reserve my judgement for now. One of the authors, Jyrki Kauppinen, was an expert reviewer of the IPCC AR5 report: So I think the academics are fair dinkum. They previously published an interesting paper: Major Portions in Climate Change: Physical Approach (2011): In that paper they claimed that half of the temperature increase over the last century is due to humans (anthropogenic). But they also assessed that climate sensitivity R = dT/dQ to be 0.0863 or 0.0251 K/(Wm2) That would equate to a doubling of atmospheric CO2 would lead to a warming of 0.22 degrees or 0.14 degrees. For those numbers to be correct there would be no positive feedback loop on the greenhouse gas effect with the increase of CO2. From a pure physics point of view, a doubling of CO2 would have a logarithmic effect. That is, if quantity X extra CO2 causes 1 degree of warming - then you need 2X CO2 for another degree of warming. The logarithmic effect is not in dispute - it is the feedback loop that is the big issue: It is interesting that the authors have changed their view about the warming over the last century from "About one half of the temperature increase was anthropogenic" in 2011 to now claiming that CO2 is causing a fraction of observed global warming (0.1 degrees), of which the anthropogenic component is 0.01 degrees.