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  1. It is kind of humorous that after all these years the great housing crash may have finally arrived in Australia - and we'll just keep bickering about climate change OK, so Scafetta may not have the best climate science pedigree. Still, as a PhD he should be able to do a half descent literature review, which is what the chart shows. So are all those papers he quotes of dubious quality as well? Knutti (2002) estimates 5 degrees of warming for a doubling of CO2, but Knutti and Torressini (2008) suggests around 1.7 degrees.
  2. Hey SC, what are your views on Scafetta et al's (2017) paper on recent studies indicating lower temperature sensitivity? Gregory (2002) and Knutti (2002) used to be widely quoted with estimation of 6 and 5 degrees warming for a doubling of atmospheric CO2. But new research points towards less than 2 degrees: See paper here:
  3. Can't have too many large widows on hand if you want to do major renovations or training for your next pro wrestling tournament. Would be very handy for that. Perhaps tor could find use for the widows in his martial art training crap that he fools around with. What is more disturbing is if the major selling feature is two large windows. Wow! Two windows!!!
  4. Yes, I'm in West End. Let's connect by PM. The porridge recipe is something I found on the internetthingamajingy that I modified a bit. The teaspoon of honey is more like a big dollop using a teaspoon. It probably ends up more like a tablespoon of honey. I also like the sprinkled cinnamon and sugar melting to a shiny coating on top of the porridge.
  5. Sure! Scandinavians celebrate Christmas Eve so we will have nothing going on during Christmas Day. Come on over. Anyone else in Brisbane that day is also welcome. Let's party on breakfast porridge!
  6. I'm in Brisbane until end of February. Then off to Sweden for 8 months. Plan to keep spending 4+ winter months (northern hemisphere) every year in Australia. Hey - if you want a good meal, come around to my place in Brisbane! I'll serve you the best Honey Infused Oatmeal Porridge. Here is the recipe for 2 people: 1) Add 1 cup of oats with 2 cups of almond milk in a pot together with a teaspoon of honey. 2) Bring to a low boil for 3 minutes 3) Serve up in a deep bowl and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over the porridge. I like to add cold milk to it too.
  7. Melt in your mouth umami pork bellies with Anders' Three Step Cooking RecipeTM 1) Very gently simmer pork belly for 3 hours in a broth of your choice. I just made one with garlic slices, soy sauce, chicken stock, chopped onion and carrots. A splash of white wine (in the broth) worked well too. Have just enough broth to almost cover the pork belly. 2) Cut to slices 3) Fry in a frying pan with a bit of butter for that Maillard flavour. Serve with steamed or butter glazed veggies. A bit of BBQ sauce works too. Or you could use the pork bellies like pulled pork in a bun with a sauce of your choice.
  8. I think you are right. A correction will be allowed to happen but not a crash. As the correction unfolds then jaw-boning will start with threats (promises?) of potential measures that will stop the price falls. After that they will roll out countermeasures step by step. A housing crash a la Ireland will not be allowed to happen. But can global markets force the hand of those with the monetary and fiscal levers? Australia has low federal debt and plenty of reserve ammunition to protect the housing market. It is therefore likely that the AU$ will pay the price. Ironically, that will make Australia a far less attractive destination for overseas talent and reduce immigration levels. Why work for half pay of what you can get in the US? This will further reduce demand for new housing, but will in the end reduce pressures on local infrastructure and improve quality of life over here.
  9. Everyone seems to be bearish on housing these days. That makes me nervous. We know how much the whole Australian economy is dependent on ever growing housing bubble and buying frenzy. A housing bust with minimal market activity would cause: States to go broke as they don't get stamp duty revenue Banks go bust because they won't write new mortgages and they face more loan defaults (that will hit retirees dependent on dividends in their super portfolio) RE related industry go bust due to lack of market activity. Domainfax will go bust as a "news" organisation. We can't have only Murdoch papers in Oz, can we? Politicians lose elections since they don't do enough to prop up house prices So will "they" ever let a housing crash happen? Perhaps not, there are too many powerful vested interests with snouts in troughs. What can they do then? Well, for example: The RBA can make a "surprise" big rate cut or two. Yay - finally, negative interests in Oz! The RBA can announce that they will buy unlimited quantities of mortgage bonds (an Aussie QE only for real estate) Foreigners can be given automatic citizenship if they buy houses over $1m (if they are that rich they must be good quality people ) Superannuation can be allowed to be used as deposit for first home buyers, etc, etc. All those decisions would be crazy of course, but hey - it will get pollies re-elected and the majority of the population turkeys will not vote for Christmas. I mean, we're talking the great Australian holy religious trinity here: Property, property, property! The only disadvantage with those crazy decisions is that it will slaughter the AU$ currency. But that will just make bogan holidays in Bali more expensive and stimulate exports, so what's not to like?
  10. The Daily Mash is hilarious! Just the titles of the articles are funny as hell: Woman concerned after noticing ‘real ale forums’ in husband’s search history Man finds human-sized shoe at TK Maxx What to think about on the bog when you forget to take your phone with you
  11. We can argue about anything! Sometimes I even argue with myself. Actually, no I don't.
  12. I think we can now add Labor negative gearing tax policies in to the mix of real estate price head winds.
  13. Here is an article about Australian temperature records: Physical Science International Journal 6(4): 245-252, 2015, Article no.PSIJ.2015.051 ISSN: 2348-0130
  14. They keep changing the way temperatures are "measured". There are adjustments for changes in the microclimate around measuring stations that have been around for a long time while urbanisation has encroached around them. There are also adjustments for stations that have been moved, or when new measuring points are added. This makes it very, very difficult to work out what the "accurate" historical trends are. This may not necessarily be due to any bad intentions by those that produce the "harmonised" temperature data sets, but coming up with a consistent temperature index is a difficult problem. Here is a very recent article about these challenges:
  15. That gives a boost to the US dollar.