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  1. hmm didn't know about this declining bee problem, and how serious it was around the world
  2. yeah i think the reason for the divide was so that curious people wouldn't go ahead and try to read the thing! might end up causing curses and who knows what
  3. even with that $7b given to Europe, I wonder if it will even make a difference?
  4. i wouldn't be surprised if instead of going back to the US, they go elsewhere still - such as India
  5. thanks for that - very colorful map. was starting to branch out from nsw properties, so this should be useful
  6. i've been doing alot of seraches for properties over her ein nsw, but haven't seen these sort of incentives yet.... i wouldn't mind a car or some incentive to buy... certainly woudl sweeten the deal
  7. looks very similar to the conditions in QLD and WA here in Australia
  8. as kids become exposed to computers and technology at an early age, i think the issue of computer illiteracy will fade away over time. I think that perhaps now, it's just not viable, but i think that in the future, we should move towards it. Iit would be much more efficient
  9. I watched some of the episodes of the Block - first time i watched it Pretty interesting actually. I'm not so big on renovating, but I recently just made an offer on a property which needs some renovations. I'm not aiming to flip it, just go for the positive cash flows instead
  10. read the article. I guess the rental squeeze is just as bad on the western part of the country as it is over here in sydney
  11. it says that he has a personal property portfolio of 50 - how did he borrow for all that?!
  12. that's it.. im moving to the Hamptons
  13. even if she is an aussie icon, she must sure like losing money. If I were her, i'd hold on to the property, keep living in it and sell later on when the market picks up again
  14. looks like a good time to buy - lots of cheap properties
  15. hahah seems ridiculous to me. yield is unimportant when both value and rents are both falling - ouch