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  1. Nope, but I used to BE one, and it's a crap job. I'd rather be a domestic slave. Oh hang on...
  2. Nope, but I used to BE one, and it's a crap job. I'd rather be a domestic slave. Oh hang on...
  3. I had a Kevin 07 tshirt too, and I find it a little ironic that it was poor quality - colours ran, stretched out of shape and ended up in the rag-bag before too long.
  4. See I'm too drunk to understane you tor - cept for the i love youse bit. i shouldn't even be herel, drunk-postng is bad news, i rarely drink for good reason but this week has been totally manic so cut loose tonighth
  5. really drunk right now. the effort required to log in was quiter masssive... should really log otu but trying to sober before bed to avoidh ahngover
  6. Putting my most intellectual hat on (cough) and bumping this for the hell of it, my contribution to this debate is... I think the bear and the bull are dry humping - no strap-ons or appendages of any sort required.
  7. Anders, your thesis topic sounds to me like the most boring thing in the world, but still, good for you! The sense of achievement will be worth the early mornings. Your timetable does sound incredibly challenging, but everyone is right that kids make everything more difficult. I did my PhD full time, working part time and raising some else's kids full time (now there's a thankless job) and managed it within 3.5 years but only by being a little bit insane the entire time, I think. I also had to make some compromises around my own standards of 'perfect' research, and basically do what needed to be done to pass with minimal fuss. Other people, like my Mum, did her degree part time, worked full time and studied for hours EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Graduated dux of her class and thanks to a supportive partner kept her sanity. So it's a case of whatever works for you, really. Time management strategies are good if you're the type of person who can work that way. After lots of panicking, I learned that my brain couldn't be just switched on and off, and that I had to wait until the creative urge struck to actually get any writing done, and most importantly TRUST my brain that it would kick in before a due date, and wouldn't fail me. Took awhile to learn how I operate, if that makes sense. For everything else non-creative, I like a good list. And I agree that you have to make time for time management.
  8. Crapsticks! I've done so well this year in avoiding the lures of internet shopping... damn you all...
  9. Typos in the above that I can't be arsed fixing - you get the drift...
  10. Reminds me of something Joan Kirner, first (and only) female Premier of Victoria, allegedly said in a Cabinet meeting one day. Sick of her male colleagues saying things like "this idea has balls!" she instituted a new saying - when something really good or 'ballsy' came along, she'd say "this idea has breasts!" I am woman hear me roar :-) Re; Julia, I'm very disappointed. I do feel she's between a rock and a hard place in many respects but, call me a romantic, I'd rather see a leader go down valiantly defending and unpopular decision made on 'moral' grounds, than continually run the gauntlet between capitulating to coalition partners, independence, and a largely ignorant public. If anyone's a fan of political satire, this guy - Ben Pobjie - is rather good. His take-home Christmas message "Everyone is Stupid" hit the nail on the head quite nicely I think. Does anyone think there was something legitimate in what Lindsay Tanner said in his book, the title of which I can't remember, about politicians basically all being screwed because the daily contact with the media means we're in too much daily contact and "informed" about every little going on, leaving the pollies with little time to make real policy?
  11. I would settle for punching her in the face. Repeatedly.
  12. Are the two things mutually exclusive? :-) In all seriousness, I don't think that TV has necessarily ruined aspiration, but it's arguing that constant bombardment of images from the media has contributed to consumerism, similar to it being partially responsible for violence in teens, body image crises, the sexualisation of children, etc. I aspire to much of what I see on Grand Designs, particularly the eco-friendly stuff, but will try not to become a slave to that aspiration. As someone implied above (sorry, forgot to quote you!), we're all a bit hypocritical in terms of criticising things we actively reinforce, which is partly why you won't find me attaching myself any more firmly to a cause than the occasional snarky forum post - because I know I'm a big fat hypocrite!
  13. Erm.... Aren't we all here because we're motivated by an altruistic desire to tread lightly on the planet and make the best use of our scare resources? :-) I took the message to be all about greed, want, desire, consumerism, take, take, take. I particularly liked the spray about Grand Designs and he's right! I like the show but some of those houses are just ridiculous and set an irresponsible 'standard' for us to measure our homes by.
  14. Phew, thanks champ!
  15. Oh noes!! I accidentally 'minused 1' my own reputation. Doh! Does anyone know how I can fix it??