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  1. So have any of these guys made a home on the roof since? I thought of one advantage of having the vines on the roof. At least you will not have to install roof anchors. Just tie off on the thickest branch up there.
  2. This happened over here in Sydney as well. The Government wouldn't let people have water tanks attached to their house gutters, probably because they couldn't tax it. But since we had a really bad drought a few years ago, the whole city was on massive water restrictions for a few years, and now local counsils allow water tanks. I would say most of them don't have filters though, and are just used for watering their gardens and lawns. We just have to watch out for possums making their home in our gutters. Photo from Sydney Gutters
  3. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organisation that acts as a mediator between different bodies involved in the worlds forest resources, and promotes the environmentally appropriate use of these forests. Much of the timber furniture imported into Australia is manufactured from timber harvested in the forests of Indonesia. The increase of furniture production in this region has resulted in the increased need for timber. As of July 2013 the FSC certified area of Indonesia forest includes 1,679,117 hectares. This area has increased in the past few years, and recent trends indicate that there will continue to be increase in furniture production on this area of the world. The increase in are if FSC certified forest is a positive for environmentalists, as this forest is then harvested using the recognised standards of the FSC, as opposed to the other manufacturing standards in the local region. But not all environmentalists are happy with the progress of the FSC with Greenpeace publicly condemning the growth of the FSC, and highlighting areas where the organisation is lacking. Greenpeace's Judy Rodriques states “as the system has grown, the FSC's implementation and interpretation of its standards have been watered down.” To highlight the perceived flaws in the system Greenpeace has released a report identifying case studies where the FSC implemented policies are lacking in conserving the worlds forests. As a member of the FSC, Greenpeace is not actively campaigning against the FSC, but instead calling for consistency among the organisation. The FSC was established following the Rio Earth Summit in 1993, with the Australian branch joining in 2001. As the organisation has expanded to have a presence in some 79 countries over the world, the organisation has expanded it oversight of forests to over 180,000,00 hectares. The FSC is just one of many forest certification organisations across the world, but it is identified mainly as the most environmentally friendly organisation. The organisation has the backing from many environmental programs and organisations, and currently includes the support from over 800 environmental groups. The FSC logo has become identifiable in the public in Australia, and is now considered a useful marketing tool. Many Australian furniture retailers are increasingly selling FSC certified furniture as the demand for furniture increases in the Australian market. Australian consumers are not only demanding furniture that looks great and is durable, but that does not detrimentally affect the environment. FliP Home is a retailer of industrial furniture and FSC certified outdoor furniture on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. As the Australian public become more aware of the logging methods that are used to harvest the majority of timber used in furniture production, they are becoming increasingly demanding for timber harvested in sustainable methods. FliP Home is satisfying this demand, as well as many other furniture retailer, by advertising their recycled teak furniture with the FSC certified logo. FliP Home is now making FSC certified industrial furniture even more accessible to the Australian public with their online store. All of the ranges of homewares, industrial furniture and outdoor furniture are now able to be purchased using the FliP Home online store, with discounted postage available. As the worlds declining forests become even more valuable, organisations like FSC that care for these most precious habitats need to increase their scope and implement consistent standards that balance the essential production of timber, with the sustainable care of the forests.
  4. Is there any bird watchers on here that have been on bird watching tours before? If so where did you go and who would you recommend? I am looking at this bird watching tours company based in Darwin, as I would love to go up through Kakadu, but I am interested in anywhere that experienced bird watchers would recommend. As I am only new to the game, I would still rather go to new areas and have a local show me, rather than venture out on my own, which is why I want to go on bird watching tours, and learn while I am doing it.
  5. Anyhow here in Sydney we are trying to be as simple as we can. I posted the other week about how I have a roof ventilator, I also have some skylights in the centre of our house. My wife wanted to install some down-lights in the hallway, a friend suggested some skylights, and they have been a great investment, as I am sure they will pay for themselves over time. We couldn't get light into our centre hallway any other way, so it has been a good electricity saver. I guess they would go good in Texas as well.
  6. I predict- unpredictability. I know that is was predictable that I say this, but that is the kind of guy I am.
  7. We installed a roof ventilator expecting to save electricity this summer. The idea was good, the problem is that summer still has not come here in Sydney. We have our roof insulated, but was just looking for ways to further cut down the heating and cooling in the house. We are generally pedantic about not using heating and cooling, but we are reasonable on the extreme days. Hopefully we will get Summer soon, and I can see if the investment in the roof ventilator was worth it. In regards to eating people in our street. Not that desperate yet, I only eat their dogs
  8. At least the email complaint form saves paper, as they are not going to read the written ones anyway.
  9. That's funny. I am involved in light globe replacement, and by installing energy saving globes in your home, you could save $37,554,543 per quarter.
  10. Cheap food. When you buy a pumpkin, take the seeds out. Clean them up, then let them dry. Coat them in olive oil, garlic and salt. Roast them in the oven until they are slightly golden brown. Enjoy with a brew.
  11. Has anyone ever done the seachange thing to a houseboat? It has always been a dream of mine to live on the water, but I have always considered it a distant dream. I am wondering how much maintenance there would need to be and what paperwork and legalities are involved. Currently I am in Sydney but am looking to the future at various options, after considering the posts i this topic, I am still keen, if not keener than ever to get out of the big smoke. If anyone has any advice or experience, it would be appreciated.
  12. As long as you have a basic understanding of how the internet works it seems like a good line of business to get in. There is a plethora of information out there so you would have to sieve through it to sort out the useful from the junk. You would have to study how google works and how search engine optimisation works as sites like these are entirely reliant on the amount of traffic that they are receiving. If you could be guaranteed that you will keep getting traffic then it might be a worthwhile side project.