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  1. I am often amused by the slick insults dished out by people who have learned how to use words. Christopher Joye must spend a bit of time tinkering with his words: Make sure the veil is thin, and don't credit your audience with the intelligence to think for themselves. Who knows? He might have taken a course or two in how to write a certain way from offering proposals to government etc. How to write something that means another thing entirely. Writing can be learned. The truth of the matter is that words are just symbols representing feelings/experiences. We are very clever with our use of words, but a lot of the time, it's what someone doesn't say that says so much more. I find that rebuttal arguments against Joye lack clarity most of the time. And they don't go for the throat. The posters/writers/bloggers know what they want to say, but lack the ability to hone in on the topic and flesh out all the falsehoods. I've noticed Joye will focus on a particular argument and post details to back that up, without acknowledging other factors. He streamlines, and in so doing, gives the illusion that his argument is valid. Clarity makes a reader feel smart. You don't even see the words, but the message. The mark of a great writer is that you don't notice the words, but are swept away by the story. Now, others are analyzing the data, the words and see through the veil. Writing is a form of manipulation and art. A great writer can make a reader feel a certain way. Tense, happy, sad, panicked. The writer just has to figure out what they want to say, what the reader wants and then give it to him/her. It's very simple once you know how to do it. A writer can disguise themselves with clarity. This is because if something is clear, then it is easily understood...anyone can read it and agree because it makes sense to them. Politicians manipulate while they speak. Yet, these words are also backed up by body language, facial expressions, and our experience of them as leaders, so it's easier to see through them.
  2. When a bit of eggshell gets into the egg you just cracked into a bowl, use a larger, empty part of the eggshell to scoop it back out again.
  3. Cheap and Easy Icecream Ingredients: 1 bag of frozen fruit. (I've used strawberries, mangoes, bananas. Whatever you've got in your freezer that would make a nice icecream flavour.) 2/3 cup of thickened cream 1/2 cup sugar (Caster sugar works best, but you can use regular white.) 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract Method: Throw it all in the food processor and blitz until it all reaches ice cream consistency. That's it. Eat and enjoy. Serves about 5. You've probably got all the ingredients in your freezer and fridge. Try it out.
  4. There is the Progress Saver at Anz @ 5.75% as long as you deposit approx $10/month or something like that you get the extra amount. It was at 6% before the latest cut. It's not an exclusive online account.
  5. Unfortunately, I suck at rolling up the damn things. And that bamboo mat is so hard to keep clean. The rolls kind of fall apart on me...practice would make perfect no doubt, but I just can't be bothered and it takes a while. I do a better job on vegemite and cheese scroll dough with the rolling up action. Only one of my children eats fish and that's if I fry it in a coating of curried flour to disguise the taste. One child eats crab, the other eats prawns. Go figure. I also want to try maki without the nori, just roll the outside in sesame seeds and the Sushezi looks like it compresses the rice so it holds together. Nigiri -- I'm not that much of a fan of raw fish myself. Thanks for the link though.
  6. So I'm thinking of making my own sushi (maki). Has anyone used the Sushezi? I'm going to go the chicken's version and do prawns, crabs, avo -- not raw fish -- I have little kids and they would never eat it raw. I have visited sushi restaurants, but not been thrilled by how long the food sits on the little plates on the train. I'd prefer to make it fresh and have my own sushi night with flavours the kids will eat. Maybe even use some shredded pork. I have to say that last time when I asked for recommendations for a pizza maker, it was the best thing ever. I have my own fresh dough in the fridge, just pull it out, shape it, put on some sauce and topping and then in 5 minutes fresh pizza! Oh, and I'm not the best at making rice, but I've found if you boil the rice until it's cooked, put it in a sieve and run hot water through the grains to separate them, they don't stick as much.
  7. I've seen big falls in the last 2 - 3 months. 30k - 70k in that small amount of time. Some houses are selling cheaper than what the owner paid back in 2009. Others are just delusional and their asking prices need to be brought down to earth.
  8. Funny you should say that. I hardly ever need to go to the city, thank goodness. But I did recently take the kids to the Queensland Museum and caught the train. No more return tickets and it's $15 one way for one adult and two children (third one was too young to charge). $30 is nearly my petrol costs for a week. But, I probably go to the city about once or twice a year. It's not my favourite place.
  9. Brisbane bayside suburbs. Victoria Point, Cleveland, Thornlands, Alexandra Hills, Ormiston... Priced between 400k - 500k. Ending 2010 prices that were once near the 500k mark are now in the very low 400's.
  10. I've been keeping an eye on a few suburbs that we want to buy in. Asking prices and selling prices are dropping just about every fortnight, some more than 50k now. Some vendors are still delusional, and I'm in no hurry.
  11. Calling in to say hello...been busy with being a mum...and have some news. On the house buying front -- a relative of mine decided to buy a house simply because they wanted to. They took their plethora of kids and moved into their parents' house for five months, probably drove the oldies stark raving mad (their kids fight like you wouldn't believe and are never disciplined) they didn't save enough money, had to sponge off whoever they could (one has a gambling problem, the other is a shopaholic - and no they didn't get money from me), have continued to sponge and once they settled and moved in to their new house, promptly lost their job and now expect other people to pay their mortgage. They said they were glad they bought before the main breadwinner lost his job. It's crazy. Oh yeah, and they hate their house because they're used to the best and they couldn't get a big enough loan for that. Interest rate rises will kill them. Hell, having a budget will kill them. I have to wonder how many other people there are like this. We are still have the 20% but still can't find anything worth the money. We don't HAVE to move right now. Our rent is ridiculously cheap. Talked to a broker/bank manager who told me there are no buyers, they were all flushed out with the previous vendor's boost and I could take about 20k from a listed price of a house easily. Vendors are still delusional, although there have been big price falls. I've noticed there aren't many houses on the market in the areas I'm looking, probably because they are coming down in price and vendors want to wait it out. Relatives are encouraging us to buy all the time and can't understand why we're taking our time when others have just plunged in. Well, for one, we don't want to make pensioners in our family pay for our mistakes, and two, there are other factors to consider like job security, having enough of a buffer for emergencies etc. In the meantime, I'm taking it as a challenge to see how much money I can save. Carly
  12. The girls and I went out for dinner/live band and we decided to go to an air conditioned chinese restaurant (I don't know the name of the restaurant but it's down at Cleveland Harbourside). Had to wait over 1 & 1/2 hours for our food. Next time I won't order anything with onions. Honey king prawns were delish and so was the duck, hoisin sauce with pancakes. Great food, but bit of a wait. The waitress took our order, then half an hour later came back to take it again. 6/10 The taxi driver told me on the way back home which are the nightclubs to be at on a Sat night. Got felt up on the dance floor by some 6 foot blonde model -looking gal in a Victoria's Secret pink and black corset thing, little white shorts and stripper heels. lol. AND, another woman too grabbed my boobs, and pulled my top down. I had to escape from her. At least, I made friends
  13. There's a great book on giving up smoking by Allen Carr. "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" or something like that. He lets you smoke while you read it!
  14. Are you allowed to take frozen water/ cordial/ watered down fruit juce etc bottles to work? That would suck about the pipes. I've always figured that the 'refreshing and caffeinated' soft drinks didn't fill a void, they actually created one. It's by drinking them that you want more. You aren't born wanting caffeine. There was no sacrifice in not drinking them for me because there was nothing I was giving up. They offered me nothing. That's just me though. I know others who do drink diet soda and regular. Most of the time I think they just want something to drink other than water.
  15. Hubby and I went out without the kids for a casual dinner at Hog's Breath. I've never been there. I absolutely hated it. The place was so warm, I couldn't stand the thought of eating steak. I got the chicken caesar salad and the chicken was so dry I nearly choked on it. Like eating rope. By the time I'd half finished bits of cos lettuce and tiny pieces of bacon, I was sweating like crazy. It was like eating in an oven. They did have windows open, and a struggling air con, but the hot air from outside just made it so uncomfortable. We were nowhere near the aircon vents or windows and the waitresses practically ran past us all night because we were in line with the kitchens. Those curly fries aren't anything special. Just fries that curl. The calamari rings were alright, but that was it. We got out half way through our meal and went to Cold Rock to cool off.