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  1. Thanks for the reply Mr Medved. You write sense. I can't believe I mostly held faith in Gold for 2.5 years and lost it when I did. Gold is rising so fast today with the AU sinking that all I can do is stand back and watch in awe.
  2. Hello everyone. I used to lurk a lot and post very infrequently... I am still a newby and don't really understand how the global financial markets work the way you guys do. But as time goes on I have more and more faith in what you are all saying. I did buy some gold over the past few years based on what I read here and at credit crunch. I sold all of it about 3 weeks ago I even said to the lady buying it "watch the price sky rocket now". I noticed as soon as I sold that I felt very "exposed". There was something about holding the yellow stuff that made bad economic news less scarier than when all my money was in the bank. After a few days I decided that I would buy back in. I was hopeful that as soon as the US approved the new debt ceiling that gold would drop and I could buy back in at about the same price I sold at (taking spread into consideration). I can't believe I held gold for 2.5 years and it goes ballistic a couple of weeks after I sell out. There were even times when I thought of putting ALL my cash into gold. I hate flat money and the way it's manipulated and the control banks have etc But I guess I worried that my faith in gold was more emotional than logical. I first bought when gold was $1120 and even then I thought I was too late. Am I actually too late this time? I know wulfie says gold to 3k in 2013 so...
  3. Thanks, that was helpful.
  4. Can someone please explain to a newby why gold has been taking a hit the past few days? I would have thought with markets falling and Irish debt fears gold would be up. What am I missing?
  5. Hello Everyone. Like I said elsewhere I've lurked here for a while and posted infrequently on credit crunch. - male/thirties/self employed in retail/artistic - I have never owned. I nearly bought five years ago for 250k, then two years ago for 350k. Now the same type of place would be 500k. I remember thinking that houses were cheap in Melbourne five years ago. - Now I am thinking about buying in rural victoria in a town or maybe even acreage? - I'm a bit bipolar. Some days I want to put all my savings into gold,(especially after I watch the film The Road or see what the CEOs of banks get paid) other days I want to buy a house and get a big mortgage... Another day move to Berlin... - I'm a doer. I want to do a big reno on a run down heritage listed house or build a new one. - I hate banks. I hate greed. I hate the FHBG. I hate right wingers. - I think that without a black swan event houses might only be down in real terms about 15% in ten years. - I think there are many bull arguments that make sense and many that don't - I think there are many bear arguments that make sense and many that don't. - I'm getting more and more interested in the idea of having 10 acres and "growing my own". - I go out the country and I just think "why buy 500sqm when you can have 40000! But I have a lot to learn about that kind of lifestyle change so that's partly why I'm here...
  6. What if gold IS your religion? BTW Hello to everyone at S & S. I'm a lurker/infrequent poster from Credit Crunch. I've been watching the gold thread here a while and have picked up lots of handy advice. Thanks to everyone!