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  1. Savage, are you saying that if you transfer more than $100k (in one hit) from a US bank account to an Australian one, the US govt will hold 25% of it in case you owe them tax; so effectively $25k, and you'll get $75k in your account here? Is that really the case and if so can you get around this by transferring a bit less than $100k and making a few transfers? If what you say is true where is the money kept? Is it in escrow? Held by the bank, the govt?
  2. You guys know if any there are any problems associated with transferring a large amount of money into an Australian bank account from an overseas one? No doubt it sets off some alarms somewhere, but is it subject to tax?
  3. Interesting timing. Can the world's economy handle even more instability? Time will tell.
  4. This is all we freakin' need over here. Cashed up Aussie babyboomers coming to the US and buying holiday homes on the cheap. Like bloody locusts the whole lot of 'em.
  5. I've bought blenders with longer warranties. Somebody has been paid off big time here for this change to get through. Disgraceful.
  6. I think a lot of you are looking at things from an Australian perspective. Over here in the States the bad news has been around for quite some time now. Maybe things are starting to get rocky in Oz, so the dreadful Aussie media are starting to broadcast more of this. Maybe 'cause the Aussie dollar is starting to fall, or because China is perhaps starting to falter slightly, or maybe even 'cause people are starting to realize that Michael Pascoe brings new meaning to the term "pollyanna", but from my viewpoint, with government shutdowns, congress impasses, massive distrust of big business and government...well it's about time Australia woke up and joined the party.
  7. Everybody in the world knows the Aussie Dollar has been hugely overvalued....'cept Michael Pascoe. If it keeps falling Harry Dent's call of owning assets in US dollars might be right on the money.
  8. Even if I live to the age of 500 I will never understand the sense of bidding in an auction where the vendor can bid. You know those kinda things that future generations will look back on one day and say what? They did what? Huh? 3 million people watched complete strangers renovating a house? How bored were people back then?
  9. Good morning Australia. Dow just closed over here down by about 540 points. Volatility index up again, here's hoping that bloody annoying Aussie dollar takes a swan dive today. A guy can dream can't he?
  10. Good morning Australia. Prepare to get slammed today. Dow Jones down by over 600 points today. The RBA is stuck between a rock and the proverbial...when interest rates go down, the Aussie Dollar goes down, inflation goes up...people stretched by idiotic mortgage repayments and the massive rise in the price of just about everything that'll occur when the protection of a strong dollar vanishes. Housing market will die, rich baby boomers taking a hit on the stock market will need to liquidate by selling a couple of their investment properties...bye bye housing balloon.
  11. Good article this. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-next-worse-financial-crisis-2011-07-06?link=MW_home_latest_news
  12. Big bloody whoop! When you buy a house in the US you get a fridge (usually a big, relatively new one), a dishwasher, microwave, and often a washing machine, dryer, garbage compactor and sometimes a plasma tv. Jesus Christ, Australia has lost the plot.
  13. Anyone else remember the Queen Street Fair? Good times back in the 70s. Sydney has lost so much.
  14. Ditto.
  15. Well, seeing this thread is still alive and kicking (unlike Bin Laden) let's do a little recap on who here has been outed as a bit of a conspiracy theorist: Bernard L. Madoff Mr Medved Wulfgar Ruffian Charles Bukowski And for sheer chutzpah a special mention to - Chimerica, who was the first person on this thread to call this a conspiracy/ cover up and then a few days ago wrote this: Guys, you're not really filling me with confidence when it comes to other predictions/ analysis you're making.