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  1. Tracker update attached; hey sorry its been a while but I have moved house since the last one...
  2. hey clown you missed one (but thanks to APF...)
  3. The Chinese might be up for that, if they can burn it after purchase...
  4. Thanks for posting. 1) makes gold seem cheap 2) given the local context it would seem cheap credit for RMBS for the big 4 is on tap at the RBA... if so the consequence for RE prices would be no crash any time soon I guess? 3) this sh!t just beggars belief doesn't it? I am constantly amazed by just how disengaged most people are to any of it.
  5. Your clock is the old model, and has been superseded by the new paradigm real estate investment clock....
  6. 'could be' 'may become' lol Though no sign of faltering (yet) from where I observe...if anything it looks to be on again and I am closer to capitulating than ever...
  7. Something's super annoying about that link and pop ups... But I read enough of his comments on Macrobusiness to know he'll be getting a senate vote from me Tell you what though this house price insanity is taking f o r e v e r
  8. From the article linked: Not sure its all about raising taxes, just the seeming inability of our governments to forward plan properly for just about anything. Pretty sure people have been banging on about the dangers of an ageing population long before the nation sailed through a once-in-a-generation mining infrastructure investment boom. Not spending all of the consequent tax revenues (and then some more) might have been an idea? Both political parties (because we have to choose between them, there is no other option) won't address the problem because as a nation we have proven unable to be collectively told the truth, and then vote for an adult course of action. We vote only for whoever's got more lollies for me.
  9. keep it up please clown... As can be seen volumes are definitely improved on the last two years, though modestly so, since I last updated. I wonder whether there's been a bit drawn forward due to September being wiped out by election and finals... we'll have to wait and see...[this time with attachment... d'oh]
  10. Thermal mass is only really beneficial inside the building, where it helps maintain a temperature range already under control, as opposed to being exposed to the more extremes experienced outside.Concrete is a pretty poor insulator, for example precast buildings that didn't used to are now required to be insulated on the inside to achieve compliance with the BCA for internally conditioned spaces i.e. residential, retail, offices...
  11. Nice graph! Thanks! Puts our local bubble in international context. Dunno why Aussie and canuck wages forecast to go parabolic though... (edit: pasted image of graph didn't work so deleted... )
  12. well that's this year's awesome RE recovery (thus far) visualised...:yawn:/>/>/> WTF is with the random characters after emoticons BTW?
  13. please keep posting these up every week - in the face of apparent apathy - because its the most complete record on the web. Thanks!! :thumbsup:/>
  14. Agree with this ^^^ They have to be seen to do something, as RE stamp duty is Victoria state govt second biggest revenue stream, and it's tanking on lowered volumes, has been for some time: They'll make no money from the FHB but if they can get investas excited then they might salvage the budget.
  15. Detached housing to the mooooooooooon?!?!?