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  1. The Force is strong in this one! Would love to know what bank loaned the money knowing he can't afford it without overtime…as a personal trainer!
  2. Chinese property story must be getting old. Considering the SMH is running Saturday front page (online) featuring a 23 year old who does not fear a $500k mortgage and is just "getting on with it" I'd guess he was lucky to get that one bedder unit before they were all sold out!
  3. Surprise, the Vancouver real estate agents are saying blocking (wealthy Chinese) investors has had no effect on price in Vancouver. We'll probably never know as the price movements and related information are controlled by the real estate lobby over there as well.
  4. I'm nominating this as Steve Nicholls' best work. I'm breathless after reading this. And never using PWC for tax advice, if I have a choice.
  5. All those hemmed-in Australian cities… 5 to 7% for five years? No wonder savvy investors are all a flutter.
  7. Head-kicker?…certainly. Leader in the caucus room? …nope. I'm interested to see how far they'll let him go.
  8. Revisiting this on a Sunday morning; accommodation that takes every available dollar does mean that dollar cannot be spent on other things. I get that and would agree on how needlessly wasteful this lust for houses actually is. The idea that rents are now set by something other than wages is what I have an issue with. This poor fellow is competing against those who are in share accom and are working full-time casual until something better comes along. That, to me, seems the real issue which is glossed over for the "rents" headline. What are young grads not yet in work going to live in their early stages of employment? I think this situation will get worse before it gets better as social services continue to be pared back or fee-increased. In four years he'll have twice the student debt to pay off, as well. And, as S3k opines, he might need to double the degree expense and go for one more. Play that rising student debt / no ability to save scenario out a bit and I wonder if that isn't what will pop this bubble…
  9. The whole notion that people cannot afford rent is baseless. Rents can only be charged such that people can afford. You can't finance rent.
  10. SMH: Property Developer Sunland Just putting this here as a marker. I enjoy reviewing MSN predictions down the road but you have to sow the thread to go back and compare later! Maybe up, maybe down. We'll see! Share price today is $1.67
  11. 1 year later, $1.55 ...down from 1.67. Reinforces my sense to do the opposite of what a newspaper suggests. Did the dividend cover the difference?
  12. Indeed! If there was ever a Budget event enabling the opportunity to go after NG this looks to have been the one. Here forevermore?
  13. Rent seeker joe defends the home turf!
  14. That is a good point but let the record show my last vote was spoiled and prior three went to each of Libs, Lab and Vert. I am fighting cd as best i can! This collection is useless. Individually and collectively. It is now hopeless. Donkey vote of last resort.
  15. 3 years. Temporary, I suppose. Pass the cigars. The pundits are banging on about "structural change". Loss-making landlords laugh, sick folks pay more. To my simple self it is just that simple.
  16. …and 4.5 hrs SIN - MLE. …and Tiger can do the job if it's ice cold.
  17. This would be due to incompetence, or perhaps too much Grange. No evidence of this bring a problem. Really? Somebody from DOFT said that? To a reporter?? -I'm going with incompetance.
  18. It is odd that homes are celebrated as and officially referred to as investments yet Bid and Sell results are controlled by a cartel of Brokers. 'Cause, you know, who would benefit from that type of inefficiency? I would think some zillow-like service cannot be that far away. Its not like buying or selling a house is anything dangerous like hailing a taxi.
  19. 7 months later and the Canadian government continues to ramp up to efforts to cool the market. First they loosened lending rules in the GFC response. But in the last few years things started getting hot so they reversed that position and took away 40 year mortgages, increased deposit requirements and removed insurance over $1 mil. After that they closed the door on wealthy immigrants. Yet the market keeps going up and up and up up up on thinning volumes. Did they wait too long?
  20. Tony reacts to corruption suggestion from media: Touched a nerve? In other news... The more they dig, the more they find.
  21. What could possibly go wrong? Loading up on debt when interest rates are at emergency lows. S-M-R-T.
  22. I agree that it is good to have "stuff", especially when savings return nothing. I've gone as balanced as possible (in my feeble mind, anyways) with a chunk of cash waiting for some new stuff to happen past. What I find incredible, yet absolutely typical, is how people are confuse lower interest rates with safety...or even "savings" as our banker quoted above volunteered. Suddenly crisis rates makes million dollar homes (not affordable but) attainable. What happens to these people when mortgage rates go from today's 4.7% to the inevitable?
  23. You, sir, are a Madman. I love it!
  24. I suppose the developer would have nothing to gain from talking up the Choineese angle… Buy now, not quite prices-out-forever. Yet! FIRB does have a lot to answer too…apparently their findings are a secret, which is a bit weird. Or they just quit trying, which would also get some attention. Triguboff stands for quality. Everybody knows that!
  25. Australia just fell back to second place, by the looks of this. IS early April. Things are so fokked up it is hard to know what is serious and what isn't. Talking ram et al…amateur hour!