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  1. Sloppy Joe is moving' on up! What. A. Dickhead.
  2. I've changed my mind. Chinese investors should be encouraged to purchase high-rise 2-bedroom apartments in Australia through a series of tax rebates and incentives. I mean, really...why not?
  3. Vancouver Province: Fail RE Idiots. Same as here...Pollies think sales to foreign money launderers are a good thing. OK, for who? Oh, riiiiight. Pass the pitchfork.
  4. Imagine...being able to see what was actually happening instead of what the vested interests told you was happening. Confirmed. Gold! Gold for Australia...
  5. I'm always confused by LLs who think they set the market, on rents. Crazy days.
  6. Well well it does see interesting. The CDN Gov'ts (Feds & Provincial) were trying to moderate RE with small things here and there: bump the qualify test a little, no more 30 year mortgages, min 20% down on Jumbos...and mortgage rates crept up a touch, from what I can tell about the same as here. And suddenly BAM! prices dropping, deals stuck with lawyers...90 days. Insane, but if you can't really afford it anyway why is everyone so surprised idiots at the margin were overpaying by 30%? The last time Toronto had a correction similar in size it took more than a couple of years to get back to even... so what's the hurry? Fortunately Australia has Victoria Bitter which prevents the locals from putting all this together. Canadian RE growth ...caution, sourced from rea, I think I guess with Canada stuffed Australia claims Gold Gold for Australia!? We're the only ones left, right? So we won? Gold Gold for Australia!? Why is everyone rushing for the exit?
  7. Correct....on roads and interchanges never designed for daily commuter runs. And people at work refer to you as a Central Coaster because you regularly arrive to work late and try to leave a little early.
  8. Meanwhile... Just when people quit thinking affordability would ever return the speed of the Canadian Real Estate correction is freakin' the people out. Could it happen just as quickly here? The Landing
  9. Shanghai and Moscow are not on the list because nobody wants to live there. Oh, wait...
  10. I think the Choyneese should be given incentives to invest in empty skydogboxes. We need to keep the economy ticking!
  11. The amount of NG fraud must be adding up. There are houses in my area advertised for rent for 6+ months. No reduction in ask price, but why would you care in a 20% pa increase festival of toilet appreciation? But my point here is I'll bet they take these windfall profits and still expect to be able to reduce their taxes. It is an incredible time.
  12. 1. Recession. Time tested ol' fashioned cure for those who don't understand debt. 2. Fed increases interest rates. Wait. What does that have to do with the RBA? What?... Wait... 3,4,5 ...don't need 'em.
  13. I cannot imagine empty boxes in the sky will appreciate forever. Jack and the beanstock, anyone?
  14. Not sure if this is yellow peril or just buy. I guess one in the same?