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  1. I think you mean this one:,_The_Way_to_Grow_Rich_--_Currier_%26_Ives_1875.jpg
  3. Hello everyone, haven't been around here for several years, but I thought I'd share this little article:
  4. This article seemed to appear only for a short time on Tuesday.
  5. Under Skinner's definiton, negative reinforcement is the removal of an adverse stimulus, so actually the opposite of punishment.
  6. Nice little article, um, articulating... housing as ponzi.
  7. I notice that the icon for this article bears a close resemblence to the bubblepedia graphic:
  8. Yes, of course this kind of approach is used. Every technique is used by every group to try to push their agenda.
  9. I have a lot of info on this project from all three sides of the table; NIMBYS, Council and the developers. As it stands it's unlike the permit will be granted for 500. Probably only a little over half that if at all.
  10. Gerard Minack sticks the boot in...