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  1. Macrobusiness had this bit of history worked out on Morrisson's second day in the job...
  2. "This sale and a similar one sale last week are in stark contrast to the previous 12 months where reports of first-home buyers missing out on dozens of properties came in thick and fast." Lollololololol! Two houses sold to occupiers in two weeks and that's some kind of record!
  3. Easy Dose - they will vote for the other mob. The mob that promises not to touch it.
  4. I read something about them innovating with building aged communities around condos etc... They're trying to be creative about taking costs out of the system....
  5. Hi guys, I'm still alive!Rember when 2% was thought to be ZIRP in Australia? Now everyone has pretty much accepted that we can go all the way to actual zero percent... NIRP isn't too far behind. They'll dress it up as some bullsh*t about protecting Austalian working families against tough conditions....
  6. And I! (...said the fly)
  7. It is funny that it was necessary to ban him. In a normal industry, someone with that kind of track record would never again find a job. In mortgage lending, however, such an awesome salesman would be in high demand!
  8. The difference is that business income is earned by *doing and making stuff/services* - stuff that you have control over (and can do differently/more efficiently/better). Collecting land rents while hoping for an increased general level of house prices is different - it is buying a spot at the game table and then waiting to be handed a particular outcome by the croupier. This would be true if you knew for sure that RE wasn't mispriced. Otherwise there is a fallacy in the thinking/gap in the logic that is broadly along the following lines: "yields are low, therefore risk is low. If land prices rise further, unmatched by rent rises, yields will fall further. Therefore every additional price rise DECREASES risk of capital loss". I would say that a better conclusion (when all things are considered in the Australian context) is that price rises in these circumstances would just be further evidence of mispricing.
  9. Yep. This is what they mean when they talk about "levelling the playing field" - making sure the retail and industry funds borrow at least as much for resi property as the SMSFs! Vile, vile stuff.
  10. You sure called it Cobran! Do you want to do the 2015 one as well?
  11. Has somebody hijacked Zaph's account?
  12. Ooh, that's a good point - hadn't thought about it that way. Hockey's bubble-denial comments are vile, though. He has now clearly nailed his colours to the mast.
  13. Would it be fair to say that this action is a result of the Sep-taper that wasn't? If so, and we ultimately get a Nov-taper or a Dec-taper, could the RBA be forced to hike? That sort of signal ("easing is over?!") would lead to a lot of brown pants...
  14. Geee, old BD has certainly come a long way since his GHPC days!
  15. Nah, that sort of volume of Chinese bureaucrats just isn't there. I would estimate that if a measly 5% of locals are denied access to credit, the foreign demand would not be able to fill the gap.