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  1. Ouch ouch ouch ouch: From Marktwatch. Index Futures: S&P 500 -13.60 -1.14% DOW -105.00 -0.94% NASDAQ -20.75 -0.96% And miles to go before they sleep, too. I'm not sure with daylight saving(s?) but the US markets don't open for some time yet. Europe is down, on average, by about 1.3%. The local markets were terrible today- well, my little portfolio was! Telstra was up again today, clown- this time by 3.4%. It might go back to being one of the ultimate defensive stocks (as opposed to, as someone on HC called it, a "defenceless" stock. It's encouraging to see it making some ground. I was checking out this stock today- QBE: What a disaster. Apparently, Buffett likes insurance stocks. Some QBE shareholders are hoping he'll take it over... The death of equities , or merely a healthy pullback ?
  2. Yep, tom- Rabo Direct is under the govt guarantee- first section here: You might have seen this, but here's some stuff about Rabo and what the parent body invests in:
  3. tom. I remember when I was on GHPC reading on Rabo's website that they had a higher rating than any of the Big 4 Aussie banks. I read your post just then and went to look for same, but like you, I couldn't find it, although they used to have that fact plastered all over the site- obviously a big coup to be rated higher than local banks. So, it seems Aussie Rabo has had something of a downgrade:
  4. I have read some of those things, Bernie- only with trials. Thanks for the reference to that one. I might give the trial a burl, but I'm keeping costs low for the share thing. If I did spend anything, I imagine it would be for market depth, which I don't have. I figure if I did have it, though, I'd end up endlessly worrying about market manipulation and people placing and removing bids, and be like the other Hotcopper paranoids. I'm going pretty slow with stock-picking at the moment. The next ones i buy should, if I remain true to knowing what has worked for me and what hasn't, be takeover opps. They've generally been very safe so far. Cheers.
  5. A footnote to that: BCD ack in trading and their share price lost over 50% to 2.1c. MAK can now have their shares for 1c each, looking like a 100% profit when they decide to sell. Either that or administration for Beaconsfield.
  6. QR National's plunge protection team, formalised: the "green shoe" mechanism (as linked to by a Hotcopper person): At least QRN will probably hold its price initially, due to the above.
  7. hobo, we have a shares thread on here, too, if you ever feel like a shares rave. Cheers.
  8. Welcome, hobo. If there's anyone who knows about gold stocks, it's you. I look forward to you sharing your knowledge, if yo'll do that for us, hobo.
  9. Infochoice is my favorite site to show the comparisons, RE. Just make sure you untick the "show sponsored listings first" box, because the highest payers won't come up first if you leave the box ticked. It looks like Virgin still have the highest rate @ 6.75% for 4 months, compound and calculated daily. Bankwest has a rate @ 7%, but I *think* that one has poor conditions attached to it, like minimum monthly payments needing to be made.
  10. GDY's been good to you, clown. My geothermal is now my worst performer. It's had some kind of plunge protection team thing happening recently, when every time the share price fell, some white knight would lift it back up again, but they seem to have stopped. Hopefully, your big geothermal fish might take mine over! A bit of geothermal consolidation wouldn't hurt! Telstra's also had a bit of a lieft, clown, on Friday. Let's hope that one continues. With the guarantee of the dividend until June 2010, it might provide support. They are also chatting about a capital return when the NBN comes around. I'm hoping TLS has bottomed. On a QR note, it floats on Monday @ $2.55 and retail investors get it for $2.45. ASX code is QRN. That will be an interesting watch. Max, we might get some takeover nearology/speculation benefits with EZL, now that there's been some broker merging elsewhere: Either that or punishment because Euroz now looks smaller. Given that EZL has one of the highest dividends on the ASX, we'll still do alright, I reckon.
  11. You've probably all read about Thiess spying on workers in Victoria. It's not the government intruding, but an employer surveilling. I was amazed to read about that in 2010. Union is so strong in Victoria- maybe that's why union-busting is high on the agenda there.
  12. One of my all time favourite movies- the original, of course. The Nicole version was not much chop compared to the original. The Stepford wives meme was a cultural reference for a generation. You've probably also seen Rosemary's baby, clown, another tale by Ira Levin. Now there was a social critic. Your place looks beautiful- very peaceful. Do birds come and eat there? My brother has such a verandah, and he gets king parrots and possums coming up. I find Canberra to be quite leafy and lovely.
  13. Naaa, the govt won't guarantee it, tom. CBA is also issuing a corporate bond: AMP issued notes a while ago whic were well taken up. Heritage Buinding society issues 5-year notes also a year ago or so- at 10%- which was a big deal at the time because the IR seemed so high. I *think* but am not sure, that the Healthscope bonds will trade on the ASX. The AMP notes traded on the ASX at a premium to purchase costs, so they had relatively high interest and a sales premium if one wanted to get out- not too bad. I don't mind corporate bonds and notes. I think it was a Telstra bond I had many years ago that gave me 18% interest. There hasn't been a great number of corporate bonds in the Aussie market for years, and we're just starting to get a few now. No govt guarantee, higher interest, and an amount of faith that the business will continue. There's a bunch of analysts, such as the people at who do really in-depth analysis on corporate bonds. All free, too.
  14. You're not editing me again, are you Bernie? My reply about private equity just got removed.
  15. The AFR says the Healthscope bond is likely to be rated B. I don't care if anyone gores for it or not, I just mentioned it because I got sent it.