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  1. Maybe there should be no baby bonus and parent should lobotomise themselves and maybe have some concern for their kids, and the rest of society. Of course, lobotomy and concern for society might be mutually exclusive.
  2. Here's one, punk, dub, reggae, what is it? it's awesome is what it is, and they're Matisyahu's backing band too. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=JpMHnsdsCiY Edit: Board software why you no show the window proper?
  3. That chart makes as much sense as this picture (seriously):
  4. NO offence to you Cobran, but this may be the stupidest bit of "technical analysis" I have ever seen.
  5. Whoops! Even faux-democracy can put the markets into a tizzy. Now we simply wait to see who gets bought cheapest by Goldman and co. http://www.smh.com.au/business/voter-backlash-revives-europe-debt-fears-20120507-1y7sa.html
  6. In April I wasn't, which is why Mrs Pursuivant and I are having a dry May.
  7. Yes, clearly this youtube clip requires years of analysis. It could even be the foundation of a new society in my view. Hippies, and hard rock types, coming together with folkies and hillbillies.
  8. Yeah but what if Pinball Wizard was the music to which people were dancing?
  9. It's called a hoe-down you philistine!
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PzIcInDPYdI <br>
  11. Well here we go, new pictures. Blue was spiked last night, and should have tons of tasty veins by the time it's done. And here's the brie. Note the furry white mould. It's now been wrapped, which I understand retards the fur, leaving us with a nice white coating in about three weeks.
  12. I think youre right about the sterilisation, i think it might also be to keep in moisture, as its a longer maturation process.
  13. Well, you know when you get a brie or camembert, they have white stuff on the outside? That's the mould. And that's the culture that was added in the milk-heating stage. There are some other moulds, like b. linens, which is the orange mould you get on some rind washed cheeses, that you want to control. Basically, it's a case of ensuring that the mould you want in the cheese is the dominant organism, it'll just take over others in most cases. IN the case of our cheddar, it's still blessedly free of foreign growths- we can see through the wax. The blue is going great guns, covered in blue mould (well not entirely, but to a pleasing extent). It's getting poked with holes this weekend too, so the blue mould grows throughout the cheese.
  14. Updates (although I don't have a pic of it: Our brie has bloomed beautifully, has a lovely white furry mould growing all round it! Shall take one over the weekend.
  15. Agreed BLM. They can spit in the wind all they want, they just end with a face covered in spit.