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  1. Black Soldier Fly FarmingThe black soldier fly (BSF) is a super efficient waste converter. Waste converter?!?Well, before they become adult fly's they eat all organic waste at an incredible rate (about 15kgs a day per meter square). When the larvae are ready to pupate (become adults) they crawl away from the waste looking for a dry, sheltered area. We have these things literally crawling into buckets.So they convert waste into fly's? No, after they leave the food source they stay dormant for up to 6-7 months until the right conditions are present. The larvae (BSFL) are 42% protein which is much more than current chicken feeds on the market. Chickens love them, so do lizards, fish, swine.Black soldier fly larvae convert waste to food.Why send your food scraps to the tip? When food scraps break down at the tip they create greenhouse gases which are bad for the environment. Rather than polluting the planet, why not send our waste somewhere that it can be turned into food?