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  1. LINK I like how it's renewables fault even though the rise associated with the cost of renewable energy is 11%. Speaking of which, 11% is pretty specific, what with us being on a base 10 number system I'd have thought that number would be rounded off to 10%. I mean, they did it for the rise up to 30%
  2. Thank you It's been a long time coming and I suspect we jagged it just right. And you're right, it was darn stressful. Everyone let us down. The RE Agent (failed to tell us that we were responsible for insuring the property by 5pm the next business day), our Bank (numerous times, failing to return calls, didn't know anything about the FHSA, failed to return calls, failed to return calls, failed to return emails, left it to 5 minutes to meet finance obligations of my contract.... that was mega stressful), the sellers bank (failed to show for the first settlement booking), Building and Pest (emailed me 11pm the night before the inspection making demands and saying if we didn't meet them they'd charge us and not do it) and the conveyancer (whose side are you on buddy?). The icing on the cake though was picking up the keys, getting to the property to be greeted with a card from Energex saying they've disconnected my power..... here's the kicker, it was dusk You have to laugh though
  3. I can only say what I've seen and heard for Brisbane / Pine Rivers Recently my wife and I bought a house. It was our experience that anything near $300k that was in good nick / rental grade was being snapped up. Quite a few we looked at on the real estate sites and met our criteria we didn't even get a look in. Specufestors who knew exactly what they were after, how much those properties were worth and knew, well they knew exactly what they were after. Well the specufestors were grabbing everything in our price range. It was very disheartening. RE agents weren't chasing business either. Not returning calls was a common annoyance. We missed out on one property because the agent didn't return 3 of our calls. I was tempted to visit the address (withheld but I knew where) and say "I hope you got X because that's where I was willing to start bidding" (Where X was $25k over asking... and no, I wasn't willing to offer that. Just being Nasty Tiger) The place we got we were lucky because there were three offers (including ours) on the day and two more offers forthcoming the following day (one poor lass had inspected the property 3 times and was keen just wanted Dad's approval, the other guy was keen but his missus was at work so booked in to show her the next day as well). My wife and I placed an offer $5k over what they wanted, the other FTB offered what they asked and the Specufestor offered $2.5k over and was fuming that we beat him saying he was willing to offer $15k but didn't think we were savvy enough (he inspected the property just after us so we did meet). But yeah, rental grade just over $300k is vanishing. A specufestor at work tells me that units/townhouses have very unrealistic body corp fees at the moment. It seems that some people are trying to cash in on real estate that way. Another specufestor at work is getting frustrated because as I said, anything rental grade just over $300k is going awfully fast. Faster than he can act considering that he and his missus work full time they can't get there fast enough. The property I bought would rent for a little less than my P&I mortgage so I'm guessing that's why specufestors are out in force. The RE Agent that I bought through said the same thing
  4. Yup - as I said, I really like your thinking and I'll be adopting it myself if mine works the same way
  5. There's the risk that you may not be able to yank it back off your mortgage. But I like your thinking
  6. Unless I'm reading it completely wrong this levy is just charging the Banks for the insurance they were previously getting for free. We've tried de-regulated banking and it sucks. Let's go back to regulating the living bejezus out of them again. If they don't like it they can become building societies or whatever but they lose access to the public purse when it next goes pear shaped.
  7. Someone on MacroBusiness said that the NT are doing so as well.
  8. My Grandfather told me this. He was very angry about it.
  9. Quoted for truth It's what happened to the Gold Lotto Money in Queensland (supposed to be spent on the Hospitals), and it's also what happened to the 3% of income tax that's supposed to fund our pension when we retire
  10. I suggest that the current system will be more generous / flexible than any changes they make in 5 years time and the changes will be incremental locking out future gens whilst allowing Boomers to adjust and maximise the pro's and minimise the con's of the current system. That might just be the cynic in me. Personally I think that Super is a great idea that's going to be stolen. Don't forget that 3% of your income tax was supposed to go towards paying you a pension but it was stolen by bureaucrats who put it into consolidated revenue for ease of management then it was promptly never mentioned again.
  11. Colour me cynical but does this see the bulk of the Boomers through to retirement?
  12. This is my biggest beef whenever I see dole bludgers pilloried in the public arena. The people with their hands deepest in the taxpayers pocket get a free pass, or are in a position to defend themselves.
  13. Well I should come clean and say that I've bought a house(pending Building and Pest, everything else is sorted). My wife and I had a decent(ish) deposit , realistic expectations and we knew what we wanted & could afford (with a large margin of safety) so that made it easier. And yes, we really did see properties disappear very quickly with the fastest being about 4 hours, another sold the day it listed. EDIT TO ADD Neither my wife nor myself are on high incomes. If I do shed loads of overtime I can reach the average wage, if I do none then I'm apt to appear on the lowest bands.
  14. I just bought this for my Kindle. I'm looking forward to reading it
  15. Here's an interesting thing I learned today. In Queensland if you sign a contract to buy a property, you as the buyer are responsible for insuring the property. That's right, you don't own the place, you don't have finance sorted, nor the Building & Pest arranged but you're 100% liable for the property ....... What the ???
  16. Well, where I'm looking and what I'm looking for the difference between rent and a P&I* over 30 years is a mere $70 a week. *at current emergency level interest rates and 10% deposit
  17. Inspected those two properties today. One had four offers on it placed today (two more were expected tomorrow) with the "winning" offer $5k over asking and the second highest bidder prepared to pay $10k but played it "smart" with a $2.5k over asking offer. Second highest bidder was an investor, winning bidder was a FTB. The other house the seller had an air of desperation about him.
  18. On Wednesday I had 6 inspections lined up On Friday evening I have 2 left, one that has the two other couples having their second / third look, the other is "meh, it'll make for a good comparison with the other 5".
  19. +2 Anything half decent is getting bought before I can even have a look at it. I'm looking at a place tomorrow and already the agent is putting the hard word on me that there are two other interested parties having their second / third look this weekend. Great, potential bidding war potentially against people willing to pay BS prices. I mean, the bank is willing to lend me a crazy amount that would see me paying my whole salary plus a part of my wife's. I'm sorry, anyone that says that the market is "dead" just isn't trying to buy.
  20. Call me stupid but I'm on the cusp of buying a house. I'm sick to death of being treated poorly by landlords. Is only Australia where you can treat your customers like rubbish? I digress So I'm on the cusp of buying, I just need July 01 to tick over and my deposit becomes available. It's not a huge deposit but nor is it a tiny one (no phallic jokes please ). So my missus and I have been looking at houses, seeing what we like and what we don't. It's been an interesting experience to say the least. Back onto the FHSA. If it weren't locked away I'm pretty sure I'd have blown it on a stash of iPods. However, if it wasn't for the stupid effing 4 year rule I wouldn't be getting angry watching my wish list (affordable properties) dwindle. Just when I've done all the sums, worked out my commute, determined the best shops to buy my groceries from and decided where my furniture is going to go the listing is sold. Yes it's the affordable bracket that's being sold leaving overpriced properties languishing
  21. I'm turning this thread into "Easy Tiger & missus searches for a house" Yesterday I identified another potential, beyond our line in the sand but only just. Uploaded at 4pm, missus gets home 5.30 and I show her the listing complete with more pictures. We talk about it, do a "this works for us" vs "this doesn't". Well, let's check it out this weekend. Later we hit the hay but we're excited so I we check out the listings on my phone but can't find our latest on our wish list. Missus gets the irrits and leaps out of bed to call it up on the desk top. It's under contract...... about 4 hours it was up Here's my initial impression of the Brisbane northside market. Pie in the Sky priced houses are sitting there, "Renovator specials" at stupid prices sit there, Renovated "I want to realise the Block Dream" sit there, Rental grade "in the current insane decade" priced places disappear as soon as they're listed. One of my "yeah, it'd do" houses is listed at an insane price. I'd talk prices but it's a small world.......
  22. Another fricken "affordable" house in good nick sold within 2 days. I can not compete with this sort of madness Oh yeah, since when was 75% of a years salary a "small" deposit
  23. For sure I'll be doing that. I just got seriously cranky because a place that the missus and I had looked at (snuck around during the night.... it was unoccupied... LOL) and discussed the pro's and con's and worked out how we'd get to work and what-a-not only to find out that rediculousness. Seriously though, commit to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in a couple of hours? They'd wanna know what they're doing (no doubt they do). I can see many not-so-Easy Tiger tantrums in the near future
  24. FFS - "affordable" homes are snapped up. One place was on the market for a whole day. Really? I have to move and commit hundreds of thousands of dollars that quickly? That's insanity, I put more consideration into buying my camera!!!! Expensive as hell houses abound aplenty though. I'm extremely frustrated and I really resent the living hell at those I hold responsible. Australia has one of the lowest population densities on the planet. Yet the cost of housing here is amongst the highest. Madness is one word, corrupt is the other