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  1. A Sydney anecdote... Talking with friends today about a house for sale in Matraville (eastern suburbs of Sydney) - re agent has told them a year ago they could have gotten $980,000 but now, more like $900,000 for this basic house. Around 10% in a year is a fairly hefty drop...
  2. Resurrecting this thread because I've just heard from friends their offer was accepted. Land in Blue Mountains, asking $130,000, on the market a few months. Their offer of $80,000 accepted within a couple of days.
  3. That was my first thought.
  4. Agents getting canny to the technology?
  5. Browsing homes for sale on the NSW North Coast, I was pretty stunned when the word "affordable" was used to describe properties $500,000+
  6. I've noticed this trend too on the Central Coast of NSW - and I also assumed it was because of sites like refind and old listings. There are places advertised which give farm names - from those it generally takes about 2 minutes to google and find the street address. It seems unlikely that security is the issue - strengthens my suspicions that it is to do with leaving less of a trail on the internet. I've also noticed a property for sale in the eastern suburbs in Sydney that has been on the market for several months - it appears on refind as only having been listed for a few weeks. Don't know if the address has been written slightly differently? I've actually just checked a property I'm interested in on (which refind has informed me has been on the market for about 18 months and so far had a 25% asking price reduction) and it looks like someone has removed the address today.
  8. Interesting to see more of these articles in the msm.
  10. Canada Bay All ~12 x (Average total inc compared to median and mean sales) Non-strata ~ 16x (median), 18x (mean) Strata ~ 10x Randwick All ~ 13x (median), 15x (mean) Non-strata ~ 18x (median), 24x (mean) Strata ~ 11x
  11. Didn't see this but had an interesting conversation this weekend with friends of my mother. A couple of years ago they were telling us to buy, buy, buy - and young people today can't afford a home because they buy plasmas, blah, blah, blah... But just recently, their own daughter was forced to sell her home and start renting. This couple were fairly distraught about it but admit that her family are far happier now. Still paying high rent but much lower than her mortgage was. Now, they are talking about how much harder life is now, how crazy prices are and how so many young families are struggling and will be unable to continue paying for their mortgage. A very interesting turnaround.
  12. More crappy policy to "help" people house themselves. My bolds...
  13. My suburb apparently has a 2.5% vacancy rate. I've just returned from the shops - 5 minutes away on foot - and saw 5 residential for lease signs on the way.
  14. I had a pest control guy come round to spray our house a couple of years ago. He was complaining that he had to go back to a Pyrmont flat that afternoon to finish off a job in a similar small flat, crammed with people. The owner of the flat was running it like a boarding house. The place was apparently crawling with lice, bed bugs, cockroaches and other nasties.