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  1. That's very, very funny. i missed that one. BTW. We are coming closer to the end of the year and will soon see if my prediction 6 mths ago of gold close to 2k AUD eventuates. The run up in gold in USD has been as per the charts trend, but the second part of the equation has not yet eventuated - weaker AUD. The R/E market is weakening nicely but not quickly enough to see the follow through in our dollar. My current outlook suggests i may have been a couple of months too keen. We'll see.
  2. Nice to see the folks on this forum have good taste in music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmlWixv8vSg seriously of topic now
  3. +100 and if you liked a bit of skate rad punk rock then you'd remember this one from the DK's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW8UlY8eXCk Jello Biafra was way ahead of his time. The lyrics are quite apt for this discussion. "California Uber Alles" I am Governor Jerry Brown My aura smiles And never frowns Soon I will be president... Carter Power will soon go away I will be Fuhrer one day I will command all of you Your kids will meditate in school Your kids will meditate in school! [Chorus:] California Uber Alles California Uber Alles Uber Alles California Uber Alles California Zen fascists will control you 100% natural You will jog for the master race And always wear the happy face Close your eyes, can't happen here Big Bro' on white horse is near The hippies won't come back you say Mellow out or you will pay Mellow out or you will pay! [Chorus] Now it is 1984 Knock-knock at your front door It's the suede/denim secret police They have come for your uncool niece Come quietly to the camp You'd look nice as a drawstring lamp Don't you worry, it's only a shower For your clothes here's a pretty flower. DIE on organic poison gas Serpent's egg's already hatched You will croak, you little clown When you mess with President Brown When you mess with President Brown [Chorus]
  4. And maybe while were having a that drink we could listen to a bit o the Pogues..........ahhh i can almost feel the hangover already. a fav:
  5. I spent the first 10 years of my life in Scotland so i burnt a few Guy Fawkes when i was a wee lad. Had firework is NSW for a couple more years (and celebrated Guy Fawkes night) when we moved but then they were banned. I agree with the - "One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist" But i'll add a bit to your other statements. I was taught this: The poem is a Protestant ode to resisting the repression of the Catholic church to which they ascribe blame for the "Dark ages". (Note i didnt say they did cause it!) It is also obviously a celebration of truimph against their theological adversary. My opinion on the use of the poem in recent times (comic first, then movie of V) is that is a continuation of this ethos and a call to arms to stop repression of all sorts.
  6. Are you talking about beer goggles? I know they make you feel invisible and invulnerable but i didnt realize they actually worked. But seriously, i think its a fair point about the cameras but where the difference lies (between private and public cameras) is that the govenment cameras can also be used for evil, controlling intents on a nation wide basis due to being all under the juristriction of one entity.
  7. Remember, remember, the 5th of November The Gunpowder Treason and plot ; I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot. Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, 'Twas his intent. To blow up the King and the Parliament. Three score barrels of powder below. Poor old England to overthrow. By God's providence he was catch'd, With a dark lantern and burning match Holloa boys, Holloa boys, let the bells ring Holloa boys, Holloa boys, God save the King! Hip hip Hoorah ! Hip hip Hoorah ! A penny loaf to feed ol'Pope, A farthing cheese to choke him. A pint of beer to rinse it down, A faggot of sticks to burn him. Burn him in a tub of tar,' Burn him like a blazing star. Burn his body from his head, Then we'll say: ol'Pope is dead. Kind of why they banned fireworks really. So we would forget. In political philosophy, the right of revolution (or right of rebellion) is the right or duty, variously stated throughout history, of the subjects of a nation to overthrow a government that acts against their common interests. Belief in this right extends back to ancient China, and it has been used throughout history to justify various rebellions, including the American Revolution and the French Revolution.
  8. There has never been a better time to become a libertarian(before its out of control). Welcome on board Tom. Internet censorship anyone?
  9. Posted a wee poll in Government policy on this subject
  10. I'm interested in what people think these days. Am i the only one who fears knock on the door?
  11. Tor, i actually agree with the premise of your argument. What decent law abiding citizen wouldnt. But in a representative democratic society its up to the people to decide how intrusive the government is into our everyday lives, not up to the government itself. I think some relavant points have been raised in this regard and there are more than a few "voters" who fell as if they haven't been consulted much in recent times (more akin to a totalitarian democracy). That and the fact, as you noted, that there is nothing more abhorent than weathly and priveliged individuals using money to avoid the concequences of the law. It is the root of this, i believe, that is causing the little guy (me) to get frustrated by invasive governance when the big/rich guys pretty much do as they please and get away with anything (banker scum, if your reading this, i mean you). That, and the excessively leanient sentancing in recent years. Very corrosive to the fabric of our society.
  12. It's called civil disobediance. And it's worked on more than a few occasions in history. But you knew that right?
  13. Did someone mention civil liberties? Those were banned in Australia in the 90's along with fire works, guns and a sense of humour. Quote "Those who trade civil liberties for security have neither" John Adams (not that any of the peanut brains inhabiting this island would understand that). Seems were are destined to repeat mistakes of the past.
  14. Ruffian, Good on you for giving this a go!! We have lived using stand alone solar for 7 years and it was fantastic. Now that we have cashed in and sold our property we are stuck using the demon coal powered stuff and paying huge bills again. Words cant describe how satisfying it is when you have a good set up and dont have to pay power bills. The bitter pill (set up costs) soon fades away and then it just all good lovin from there on. While we were (and are) on farms i see no reason not to be off the grid in the city as well. We had one power failure in seven years which i fixed in an hour as opposed to the numerous grids failures we get these days, especially on hot days. Two bits of advice. Source the components yourself (eg ebay, second hand etc) and contract someone to assist you with setting it up rather than getting someone to do the whole job for you. You will save literally thousands. For 15k i could set up a nice 4-5 kva stand alone system, solar and wind, so with the size of power bills these days it is well worth it. I am very envious of you as this is one of the main reasons i hate renting and waiting out the bubble (not being able to set up another system). Although i'm sure the landlord wouldn't mind if i plowed that sort of money into their property. Which ever way you go i'm sure you won't regret it. Just dont expect the power companies to play fair when it comes to grid interactive (such as buying your power for .04c a kwh, but selling you power at .23c a kwh when you need it (at night/ cloudyday)). There's rebates to look into, solar credits and other schemes so make sure you do your research first. Best of luck and let us know how it goes.
  15. Good Article. You know the crash isnt far off when the journo's articles read like many of the SS or CC posts.