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  1. I think the only episode worth checking out is the last one when they try and auction off the properties. Should make for uncomfortable viewing for REAs if the results are anything like the last season.
  2. What an odd set of statements. Bubblepedia works and looks the same to me. Perhaps I've missed something?
  3. Recently caught up with a couple who'd been prowling the auctions in the last month - two sales out of 14-15 auctions attended, rest passed in on vendor bids and lots of unhappy looking real estate agents. I don't think there are too many of them believing a 60% clearance rate, and it probably makes it hard to get vendors to budge on price.
  4. Has anyone seen the new Bubblepedia forum? ( Although the front page with the news links is same, the forum has recently changed. Some of the content has a bit more punch too eg. this exposure of astroturfing and photo fakery will give the vested interests something to think about. http://bubblepedia.n...4&t=82&start=40
  5. Trying to learn guitar finger picking. Feels like I'm unlocking forgotten parts of my brain.
  6. Rock and Roll is alive and well
  7. The Finnish really have the metal genre nailed down.
  8. http://www.theaustra...8-1226175637282 Some insights into the thinking behind the RBA decisions to keep rate on hold this year. The last few sentences are particularly illuminating.
  9. The spin machine is going into overdrive. Here's the same article on Keen's prediction with totally different headlines. Compare: House Prices may fall 20%, Steve Keen Predicts with: Louis Christopher rejects Steve Keen's forecast of 20% house price drop
  10. Market in freefall. Looks like a dead Spring.
  11. I note with interest that one particular newslink on Bubblepedia has been getting posted and then quickly deleted and reposted again ad nauseum over the last hour. It seems that certain people are going all out in order to ensure that this information is not shared! The link is below, associating APF with Jonathan Chancellor - who is this fellow?
  12. Are you referring to these? Haven't had them for long time - if I recall they are made with glutinous rice flour and deep fried. Been eating a lot of kangaroo steaks with a simple marinade: olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. The initial attempts were a bit hit and miss, but a 2 minute/1 minute sear followed by letting in stand under foil for about 7-8 minutes has been a success.
  13. Took a long drive today, and thought for a change I'd tune into commercial radio and see what was playing. Apparently this is what the kids are listening to. If music reflects the mood of an age, what does today's popular music say about the state we're in? Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar For a comparison, I understand Bing Crosby's - "Brother Can You Spare A Dime?" was a hit during the Great Depression.
  14. Bubblepedia links are dead. What was the point of all this?
  15. Fred Nile says a lot of things... Don't think he's made the mashup scene yet, but I'm sure his time will come.