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  1. I think he has a better chance by doing so. He would take his 54 votes from the LNP and 22 votes from the opposition to get legislation passed. It would neuter the 44 supporters of Abbott.
  2. I came home on Friday afternoon and in my totally unimpressive cross street in my totally unimpressive suburb I have a Chinese guy keeping barely steady on a bicycle circling through the footpaths as he is trying to focus on holding his smartphone level. He got a continuous shot of the street from both sides. My thoughts were that he was getting footage for an overseas buyer.
  3. To remove the logger-headedness of the left and right factions among parties and within parties Turnbull should have come out and said: "Every vote under my leadership will be a conscience vote." It would have thrown off everybody and changed the balance.
  4. It is highly improbable. We know that 44 out of 98 Liberals dislike Turnbull. If those 44 win their seats at the next election then they will limit Turnbull to being a puppet for the same vision the people have come to hate and he will get rolled or lose the follow-up election. If those 44 lose their seats at the next election then Turnbull loses the majority to govern and he will not be PM.
  5. In the same way which the people thought replacing Kevin with Julia will change direction people think changing Tony with somebody else will change direction. It is not the leader but the party (or even the population) that steers this ship.
  6. The Bali Nine conundrum comes to mind.
  7. Sir, you are a smart man.
  8. She plans on making up on it once retired. Let's hope there will be some divine intervention before then.
  9. Part of the problem is that politicians got to be seen doing something so that the people feel they are working in their interest. Politicians can get their job done staying in their office in the same way workers get their job done staying in their cubicle.
  10. It is just scaremongering to get the banks to reverse their actions. People, who buy off-the-plan, pay in cash and are therefore not affected by the tightening of investor credit.
  11. These are times where everything that doesn't make logical sense occurs.
  12. The cost of living is so high in Sydney that all you have left to travel is $2.50. The irony is that if you actually intended to spend the last cent on a ticket you'd have trouble recouping any utility from it as the services are always full. It's more sensible to buy a scratchy instead and use the winnings to hire a helicopter.
  13. I see Gold going to USD 400.00.
  14. I am not the brightest but after six years of waiting for the debt implosion even I realised that there won't be a rout. The system dies without perpetual growth.
  15. I lived for 12 years in Sydney and this suburb must have passed me by in all that time. I had to look at the map to find it. It's as far as you can go from the CBD without leaving Sydney. Once they build the new airport it will be the new "Inner City" and be worth $19M.
  16. The GFC is World War III. You couldn't possibly succeed to rile up millions of people to create an army to invade another country in which the troops usually holiday. In a world as multi-national as ours the alternative is psychological warfare against the underclass wherever they live. People are being driven to the point of insanity and suicide using a complex system of propaganda, laws, regulations, monetary theory, "economical" reasoning and financial, judiciary, policial and military enforcement agencies. If you are waiting for a solution or resolution to the "monetary problem". then you can stop waiting. There is no monetary problem. It has been invented as a cause to kill people.
  17. A frugal life doesn't suck.
  18. My girlfriend, who was severely underpaid, landed a new job. I assisted with the resume and answering the selection criteria. She must have nailed the interview which only lasted 35 minutes. Her commute is reduced from an hour to 15 minutes. Pay increased by 23%. I have sort of fallen in love with my current employer. I figured out the culture of the place and it has been pretty easy.
  19. It is now a fact that the monetary system is a trickle up system. By increasing the dole you insert the money at the bottom of the pyramid and from there it trickles up through every person within the pyramid. By giving it to small business you insert the money at the half-way point of the pyramid and from there it trickles up through every fifth person within the pyramid.
  20. You could invest into a battery system or a shade cloth when production exceeds consumption.
  21. It isn't. It another attempt to insert cash into the economy but refusing to pass it to the general public by raising the Newstart allowance.
  22. I am from a small town east of Berlin. I think that commuting by plane is a ridiculous proposition at a time where society continues to argue for a life with greater conscience. Just because it is financially possible doesn't mean it should be the chosen path. Using Tegel airport will be no pleasure. Tegel is very old and has reached capacity. Bus shuttles between gate and plane are common because of the lack of gates. Tegel has no rail connection. The buses serving it tend to be full and are not airport-traffic-dedicated bus lines. Therefore you would have to look toward living in the northwest of Berlin en route of one of the bus lines. Once the new Schoenefeld airport opens you would need to move to the southeast of Berlin. Before deciding on a location you need to decide on your purpose. Work? Play? Retire? Die? Once you made your choice you need to decide how you wish to act it out. Then you need to look for places where that wish can possibly happen.
  23. Don't the state governments maintain the titles of cars and if a car is stolen and traded they still remain with the original owner?
  24. The thing I don't understand is that if somebody trades in stolen goods the stolen goods belong to the original owner. If somebody trades in stolen houses the goods do not belong to the original owner.
  25. The mistake most of us made is that we believed there is a way to fix this system. There is no fix because it requires none. The system behaves according to its parameters and limitations. The site is not important. People convene in one way or another if they feel a need to. I have almost no need for expression at this point. The system is as it is. You have the choice to make decisions within the system and find out of you advance or decline.