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  1. Can Steve-o please give us a bit of a clue when houses along Norton Street, Leichhardt will fall in price by half ? Will it be before Easter? Thx.
  2. Inner west Sydney is not experiencing deflation right at the moment, but I am certainly looking forward to it.
  3. A selection of people who have difficulty with IQ self-cognition: Martin Bryant, actual IQ, 75, Martin's estimate, 150. Kevin Rudd, actual IQ, 103, Kevin's estimate, 214. Plato, actual IQ, 168, Plato's estimate, same as his toga.
  4. An ARP warden in the making. What happened to that other one, who liked to detonate hospitals as a public amusement? What's she doing now?
  5. Pure chow-mein ...
  6. I took it the opposite way, he is saying the dollar will fall automatically so no need to cut ... but who knows what the bald eagle of sylvania means when he talks ... [should be trans-sylvania, shouldn't it ...]
  7. Quarterly headline inflation running at 1.2% or 4.8% annualised based on this quarter. There will be a lull while the commentariat don't get it, then the RBA will make a comment.
  8. Whole SS site disappeared into the time vortex for a week! During that time an extra 200 Canberra houses were listed for sale.
  9. Houses for sale are steady at 2,550, so any selling price drop is down to 'sentiment' at this stage.
  10. Heck, anyone could become a journalist in less than one day. You just take this pile of press releases from vested interest groups, rearrange the wording the tiniest amount, and presto, you have a 'news' article.
  11. Koukoulas has called it, tightening cycle to begin by March 2014; notes recent RBA comments that speculators should not expect 2003 style property price profits, i.e. RBA know something about 2014 that specufestors don't. By the way, Koukoulas appears to have put on a lot of weight. From: Business Spectator.
  12. Now the RBA have taken the incredible step of urging banks not to drop their lending standards. That's right, they have urged. Banks will find urging to be fantastically threatening, in my opinion. Chamberlain urged Hitler, if you recall. Recently, the President of Iran was urged.
  13. Another LVR convert makes the headlines! RBA, touch the hem of his garment!
  14. Luxury. I used to live in monocrete box in middle o't road. ** **This comment cannot be understood by other than Canberrans or former Canberrans. Nor can it be translated.
  15. Crashes tend to be unpredictable. If you wait for a crash, its like waiting for a pot to boil. In the 2008 GFC, Krudd put Australia in public hock by $250bn to avoid an economic collapse led by housing. Already some are saying that a second GFC, with China involvement, is inevitable soon. How Abbott will react is anyone's guess. But if you try to wait for it, its like that ol' annoying pot that won't quite come to the boil.