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  1. We used to shop once a week, the amount of vegetables and food we would throw out unused would be terrible. we now shop 2-3 times a week, planning all meals for the next 2 days, By planning we are eating alot healthier, great breakfasts lunches and dinners. We throw out hardly anything, save alot of money as we don't waste tonnes of food and are not tempted to buy rubbish food out side of the plan, something we used to do alot impulse buying and shopping once a week.
  2. It would be nice if staff could work flexible work hours and from home where applicable. If possible employment should be performance driven. Some workers can do more in 1 hour than others can in 10. However many bosses like to walk around and survey their domain, the more people they have on the floor the better. I once worked at a place where we had to have staggered lunch breaks and meetings as the boss did not like to walk around and see a half empty room. He also would employ bottom of the barrel as cheap as possible to fill empty spaces when needed.
  3. Interesting Tom, thanks.
  4. "I'll need three ships and fifty stout men. We'll sail 'round the Horn and return with spices and silk, the likes of which ye have never seen." Burns: "We're building a casino!" "Arr... can you give me five minutes?"
  5. In Qld you are pretty stuck until they find someone to take over you lease and they can charge a few weeks rent on top as a break lease fee.
  6. The expanding gas is the energy source just like most other forms of power creation we use nuclear, goal, gas all work on expansion of gas. Energy putting it down is only expended once.
  7. Wow everywhere I look I find more evidence that the UK is in a lot of trouble.
  8. Enjoyable essay http://www.westland.net/Venice/art/cronk/consumer.htm
  9. The weight of the extra gas at depth is tiny compared to the weight of the water...
  10. Its just fun to trying to solve problems.
  11. 10 atmospheres was just an example it really only needs to be enough to facilitate the gas transfer and volume can be created by increasing the area of the membrane the carbon fiber degasses I have looked at are extremely strong. If the idea was feasible at low pressures research could be used to create even stronger membranes, I don't see the extra carbon dioxide as a problem, I see it as a potential benefit. Thinking permaculture e.g you don't have a too many snail problem you have not enough ducks problem Apply this to the global warming carbon dioxide scernario. Its not a too much carbon dioxide, its not enough nitrates. Plants will grow optimally under much higher carbon dioxide concentrations, all they need is water sunlight and nutrients. If we get the balance out in one there is a problem. Some places it is too much carbon dioxide, others its too much nitrates. e.g fertilizer run-off in the gulf of mexico due to all the agriculture. The excess nutrients cause algae blooms that soak up all ocean carbon dioxide till there is none left then they die and decompose starving the ocean of oxygen. creating a massive ocean desert. We can fine tue the balance. turn the delta into a farming project, something like spirilina that can double its biomass every 8 hours and grows in brackish and salt water, one of the best forms of protein for animal feed or use it for human consumption. The spirulina soaks up the excess nitrates, you just need an extra source of carbon dioxide. Degass from depth dead zones, converted oil drilling platforms in gulf provides the infrastructure, fertilzer from run-off provides the nutrients, tonnes of water , tonnes of sun. just trying to turn negatives into positives like I said crazy ideas.
  12. I have hundred's of idea's on everything from conservation, alternative energy, medicine,agriculture, business, science, politics etc Seriously hundreds. Probably not unlike most of the posters on this forum. Some I think are good, most are probably bad the problem I am having is how to get feedback on them. I have spoken to engineering professors, scientists etc. I have Sent numerous emails and talked to many people but am at a loss. Unless it directly relates to what they are doing none are interested. I work on the onese I can myself. For the others I am at a stand still. As this area of the forum is about alternative energy I will post my energy ideas here. I have many and to my knowledge they are all orginal. All comments are welcome. Crazy Idea #1 Harvest gravity mechanically. Imagine a tube enclosed on the bottom and open on the top. As you push it down into the water the weight of the water will push on all sides of the tube increasing the external pressure, the open end being out of the water will ensure the internal pressure of the tube is still at one atmosphere. As you go deeper and deeper in the water the greater the pressure, 1 additional atmosphere every 33 feet or about 14psi. Now the ocean is full of gas and the gas gets compressed smaller and smaller the further you go down and the further down the more gas there is in sea water. Now take a membrane that would allow gas to pass through and not water and put that at the bottom (they have them to degass liguids). The pressure difference between the water and the 1 atmosphere inside will force the gas through. The gas was compressed in the water and will need to equalise in the tube. So if it was at 100 atmoshperes it would have to expand 100 times as it crossed the membrane only way it could go is out the top. This gas forced out the top could be used like in coal or gas power stations turning a turbine etc. Now imagine it running parrallel from land out to sea to keep costs down. Also increase the surface area of the membrane to increase the volume of gas flow. You could then get the right balance between depth(what ever pressure the membrane could withstand) and surface area of the membrane how much gas wold be pushed through. As the pressure is caused by the weight of the water you effectively are using gravity Harvesting gravity mechanically. There are probably many flaws. Friction of the gas across the membrane, cooling across the membrane etc. Heres hoping you can comment pointing out the flaws and impracticalities so I can increase my knowledge and come up with better ideas.
  13. here you go http://mtbest.net/freezer-to-fridge-thermostat.html
  14. Tor We had chickens and tonnes of bush turkeys, they seemed to co-exist fine.
  15. I have one of these fridges. About two years ago I bought one of the kits from mount best that will transform a Freezer into a chest fridge. Wasn't to expensive i think $70, arrived quickly and they where polite and friendly. I went with the pre-assembled kit as I dont trust myself with mains electricity just yet. I then picked up a cheap chest fridge from kmart that was on special from $500 down to $250. We run it as a fridge, and if we decide to do some bulk meat shopping or need extra freezer space we run it as a freezer. Works well for us.