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  1. At the Architecture firm I work for we have never been busier!!! All of our Australian based clientele are Asian - what the f*ck is going on? Are they oblivious to what is going on and want to go ahead and build units / apartments in a falling market anyway......Its crazy! I can only think that its one of the following: a ) They are all dimwits and believe whatever the spruikers say. b ) They are happy to get their money out of China and want it invested here (even at a loss). c ) They have more money than sense. d ) They believe China will keep Australia pumping for years to come (see also 'a'). As I said, I just dont get it - despite all the negatives for property going forward - this rush to have invesment properties designed / built has me stumped! Just adding to the oversupply...
  2. Same article in THE AGE -
  3. Haha, classic... Its clear that the REA's direct debits on house and car are due so they are asking sellers to be realistic - no money coming in as no-one wants to sell for a cut down price... Suck on it and die, spruiker scum!!! There should be a public stoning for Enzo and his merry gang of useless twats...!!!
  4. I wouldnt put it past someone on their side watching this forum. They are running scared, and I am loving it... These scum have had it easy - making millions for doing sweet f*ck all for too long...!!! Time for them to get real jobs instead of spruiking bullsh*t and lies, :clap: :clap:
  5. I still look for a laugh, nothing more..... as I know what scheming desperate bastards these guys are. I see alot for sale and not moving....people are far from realising they will have to budge on their asking prices! This will take time. I gather that when the the rush for the exit door becomes a stampede they will have wished they got out with a fairly small discount now rather than 50% off later! Never underestimate the stupidity of some people, I know of some people buying up supposed bargain properties in preparation for the next up-swing. These people believe all the guff that the agents spruik and even when they are using the family braincell they arent too bright... Its almost as if they know something that others dont and so think they will make a killing, rather than be financially wiped out in a crash.
  6. I take it you are talking about their blatant twisting of the stats? Or are you genuinely believing the rates are pretty consistent at 60%+ ?
  7. Looks like 47% to me if you add in the no results... Solid my arse!!!
  8. I know of quite a few that have had their parents / grandparents go as guarantors, if anything it proves that there is an abundant supply of idiots around.
  9. What shortage, there is none.
  10. Not to mention FREE SHIPPING until May from Thanks for the heads-up on the book.
  11. I worked it out as 47% with the no results + withdrawn included (846 total). I wouldnt p!ss on Enzo if he was on fire. Only a matter of time before these guys will be getting familiar with the insides of their local Centrelink.
  12. Plumbers trying to be property tycoons, gimme a break!
  13. I dont know about Western Australians buying up in Melbourne, all the local clients my firm are doing work for here are Chinese. Which begs the question, is the foreign ownership law being enforced or conveniently relaxed again to allow the last few rats to escape the sinking ship?