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  1. Hi all, This site has certainly changed since I was last here. Back from a self imposed isolation of all things property related. For those who don't know me, I'm a property bear, used to post GHPC etc..., this site was just starting when I left. What happened to Bubblepedia!? Seems to be taken over by specufestors?
  2. Back to the original post, I reckon Rudd's cracked it, this last 18 months I thought he was some loser who mouthed off about what he could do but in reality he was such a clusterf**k of epic proportions that he was a mega fail. However recently, I've begin to see what Rudd is doing wrt housing. He withdrew FHB grants to try and stop newbies getting in the market. He's making policy that forces the RBA to increase interest rates, he doesn't appear to be wholeheartedly trying to dispel the myth of shortages, why? you ask.... Well he is sucking in the Chinese, he wants over leveradged Australians to sell property and sell it now, he is giving you the chance to get out of it because they all know in government that we are about to go through the mother of all property crashes. F**king Genius!!! Hell, I remember Shadow at GHPC mentioning for years that the crash will be in 2011. He might well be right. Then again, we are talking about Rudd and that goose Swan. Maybe they are just so inept this has all happened by accident. My two cents worth.
  3. Hey, apologies for re-posting, I did do a search but was unable to locate the previous article. I'm not on here much anymore and so only view the odd article, The multitude of different categories makes it time consuming to find articles and time is something that is very valuable to me. Anyway, I think Jack hits the nail on the head and Boz, no Jack is not related to Karl Marx, it is satirical.
  4. Agreed, but it is cyclicable. I imagine just before the land crashes of the 1890's we were seeing exactly what we have seen in the run up to current times, every person with a pulse taking whatever the bank will give them just to get their foot in the door.
  5. From Jack Marx, a funny guy. Link: http://blogs.news.co...houses_youre_a/
  6. I too, have always viewed Keynesian economic principles as quackery. Still, when the government is run overwhelmingly by amatuer property investors then what would we expect. Libs are probably no better. Link: http://www.smh.com.au/business/the-deathbed-of-keynesian-economics-20100223-p00z.html
  7. Well, its been a long time coming but finally the world has woken upto find Climate change is complete garbage. I wonder how long it will be before Wong, Garrett and Rudd get off their respective bandwagons and stop vilifying anyone who doesnt agree with them. Hopefully Australian media will wake up and see what the rest of the world is doing before they look too stupid. Link: http://www.nypost.co...TAq4Xm76qB0Mr7N
  8. Sol, It is up to them to prove you had a contract. What are you frightened of? I would stop paying it and wait for their next move. I'm suprised that a person of your 'wisdom' would be so accepting of the advice given by the other side. At the end of the day contracts are only legal if they are fair, assuming of course you actually have a contract.
  9. It is sad to think that qualified medical professionals could also be so completely financially illiterate.
  10. Ya know S/S, I think if Rudd hadn't of corruptly thrown every cent the Australian govt had at bailing out banks and his masters then maybe Ed Karan may have seen close to his 40% or at least have been well on the way by 1st qtr 2010. Just remember he didn't say 40% in a year.
  11. You have it wrong, in NSW anyway. The federal Labor Government is as corrupt as the NSW State Govt. Sadly the average Aussie seems impressed by movie stars hence the reason they fell for Kevin Rudd and his grandstanding on Channel Kevin (7) sunrise. There is only one reason why FHOG was increased for a short period of time and that was to help property developers and large scale investors unload properties at any cost to FHB's. It had nothing to do with old people, they are merely a pawn. Think about it, housing did start to go backwards in 2008 and this caught an incredible amount of developers and banks out. They had huge numbers of properties they could not move with massive debts due to be repaid. If these developers collapsed then it would do enormous damage to banks as a result of banks lending to anybody with a pulse. A lot of backroom dealing and bribery got FHOG increased and then a massive advertising campaign ensued. This had the desired effect, developers got rid of a lot of stock, banks were happy because risk transferred from major developers deep in debt where collapse of just one entity would mean the loss of tens of millions, risk transferred and widely spread to FHB's and their parents. Genius stroke but quite obviously corrupt as all hell and the Mainstream media were either asleep at the wheel or just as corrupt from being paid not to notice. House prices will now crash but what does Kevin Rudd care, his developer mates have been saved, they own the Labor party and decide who is PM, I'm quite sure when entire blocks of houses are foreclosed on, those very same developers will swan in and pick them all up for a song to turn into medium density housing.
  12. Don't forget who the largest voting block is. Babyboomers. If you don't think for a moment that they will vote themselves the public purse at every other generations expense then you haven't been watching there behaviour for the last few decades.
  13. I don't accept that stimulus was required in Australia and Kevin Rudd has just taken an opportunity to spend up big, how is that different to any other time a Labor party has got into power. Now Rudd is trying to find a way to pay for all his reckless spending and excesses. The CPRS proposal was more about a tax disguised to pay for future liabilities rather than any attempt to advance the environmentalist cause. Rudd is being lauded far and wide as a fiscal hero by the main stream media. My fear is he has dug a massive financial hole that the rest of us will spend decades trying to escape from. All for what, a railway line here or there that Labor quite frankly is incapable anyway of building.
  14. Driving back from a meeting in Canberra this afternoon I stopped in a little town Just north of Lake George and was astounded to discover the insane house pricing there. Apparently the avg house price in Collector in 2000 was $60,000 In 2007 the avg house price was 750,000 and increase in 7 years of >12 times . It has fell hugely in 2007 and is now back to $550,000. It seems to correlate to when property investors were hitting the market en masse. I wonder how much of this sort of disgusting gain has been going on in other rural towns over the last decade. http://www.allhomes.com.au/ah/ah0095?divid=20484
  15. Buenos noches Amigo, ¿Como se llama bonita, mi casa, su casa? I learnt quite a bit of Spanish in the US. Its actually quite an easy language to learn TP.