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  1. I have a friend on welfare. Says he gets $2500/fortnight plus public housing (has three kids, the oldest is 18 I think, one is autistic). Children are expensive but as a parent you don't rationalise them in terms of dollars. My estimate is putting one child through child care for five years (3 days a week) is roughly 100k. That's essentially a post-graduate degree. The government provides a rebate but it's a little under half of that cost, and they can always revoke it. Toys and clothes actually aren't too expensive, though I haven't got to school clothes yet. I suspect food will get a lot more expensive. Well over half of our living expenses goes towards rent and child care. And we live in a two bedroom apartment. So it's house prices again - jacking up the cost of living. Solomon - I don't think your children will really appreciate what you do for them until they have children themselves. Brings a whole new perspective.
  2. I'm on James Altucher's mailing list. He recommends not having more than 2% of your savings in any one investment. That includes mortgages. Yes, that' s two percent. He's apparently made and lost millions on several occasions.
  3. Your honour, I'm not guilty because I didn't know I couldn't murder that man...
  4. I haven't checked since Sunday. Both his blog or war.
  12. (one for Swaize)
  16. (something I agree with) (WTF?!)
  17. Man that is weird sh*t. Watched the first 40 minutes before going to bed. It's so terrible it's hypnotically watchable... sort of like watching a car crash. The Japanese certainly know how to do weird sh*t well.
  19. First time I have come across tentacle erotica. Not sure I'll watch with the kids though.
  21. I've been aware of Sue v. Hill for a number of years, so have always assumed that if you hold a second citizenship you can't sit in Parliament. (What is interesting is the Commonwealth Constitution is still an act of British Parliament, yet UK citizen is a foreigner.) I'm not sure how the High Court will spin the latest cases but anticipate it will be pressured into spinning up legitimacy of the current members of Parliament. Cobran - I'd be happy taking non-inflated adjusted compensation.
  23. Mrs Medved is a native Russian speaker so the kids understand Russian, don't speak it much though. Mandarin is an added bonus but we don't use it much at home. We listen to a Japanese language CD in the car so they pick up phrases, and we watch Ghibli Studio films with the Japanese soundtrack. Cartoons are a great way to teach another language to kids but it is hard to find ones that are appropriate for learning the language and keeping them entertained.
  25. I'm not sure how two year-olds could write code. It requires the ability to read and spell (not to mention syntax) - unless a programming language is specifically designed so that you don't need to be able to perform basic literacy skills. That's without considering logic and constructs like variables, functions, objects, etc. Speaking with people at the local primary school, last year only two prep students could read coming into primary school - around 3% of the student population. So while I agree it's a good idea to start early I don't think two years of age will work without a new language developed that they can use... and even then it may not be feasible. My son and daughter could both recognise letters at the age of two, but programming is a massive leap above that. My son started reading music at four, but he's nowhere near the ability to read sheet music, only really basic stuff. My bias is towards teaching music and multiple language for pre-school children, not coding. I just haven't figured out the best way to introduce written East Asian characters... maybe Mrs Medved can introduce Mandarin and I'll try and pick up some katakana.