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  2. I'm not sure how two year-olds could write code. It requires the ability to read and spell (not to mention syntax) - unless a programming language is specifically designed so that you don't need to be able to perform basic literacy skills. That's without considering logic and constructs like variables, functions, objects, etc. Speaking with people at the local primary school, last year only two prep students could read coming into primary school - around 3% of the student population. So while I agree it's a good idea to start early I don't think two years of age will work without a new language developed that they can use... and even then it may not be feasible. My son and daughter could both recognise letters at the age of two, but programming is a massive leap above that. My son started reading music at four, but he's nowhere near the ability to read sheet music, only really basic stuff. My bias is towards teaching music and multiple language for pre-school children, not coding. I just haven't figured out the best way to introduce written East Asian characters... maybe Mrs Medved can introduce Mandarin and I'll try and pick up some katakana.
  4. Nice bit of kabuki going on there. Will help sell tabloids and irate people dialling talk back radio.
  7. I don't believe any state would "win" if a war was to break out, only lose less. The concentration camps in North Korea are sickening. The regime should be held to account but unless the Chinese government pulls the strings then nothing really changes. What is interesting is the border conflict between China and India. Not sure if it is the Chinese government wanting to flex their muscle or the Indian government being opportunistic while focus is on the Korean peninsula. The potential loss of life is obvious, but a lot of people forget about the impact to industrial production. South Korea produces a large percentage of screen technology (LCD/LED, etc.), biggest ship builder in the world, etc. and Japan is an even bigger supplier of high-tech equipment. Unless it's the Chinese government pushing for regime change then it ain't gonna be pretty (and even that is at risk of getting very ugly).
  9. Interesting. Seems like May produced a low. I was thinking about buying RUB earlier this year but held off, the AUD/RUB has appreciated by over 10%.
  11. Here's an interview that is quite topical at the moment (I haven't watched it yet):
  12. Longer version of the interview here:
  14. So when is he going to do a runner like Skase?
  15. 1 August 2 August 3 August 4 August 5 August 6 August 7 August 8 August
  16. 12 July 13 July (one for Swaize) 14 July 15 July 16 July 17 July 18 July 19 July 20 July 21 July 22 July (I read this was debunked) 23 July 24 July 25 July 26 July 27 July 28 July 29 July 30 July 31 July Now for August...
  17. Reminds me of watching Grapes of Wrath when the grandfather died. He was basically dumped in a ditch with a note saying he died of old age.
  18. Funnily I came across Peterson about a fortnight ago while I was rummaging through youtube videos. Seems like a smart guy. He's also starting his own online university to take on traditional ones. When I'm not so tired I might add my two bobs worth... but alas not now with a splitting headache.
  19. With cheap airfares you're better off flying to New Zealand, etc. if you like skiing IMO.
  20. There's a saying I read years ago which may be good advice: work in the first world, retire in the third world. I'd rather never retire but physically there gets a point when you need assistance. If you get set up with decent health care (and they can exist in "cheap" countries) then quality of living in your old age will be much, much higher.
  21. I rent in a nice suburb. Very low crime rates, short-ish commute to the CBD (work), generally educated and polite neighbours, lots of options for extra curricular activities not too far away. Now I could take up a mortgage in the favelas where crime rates are higher, people are more stressed out servicing mortgages and having long commutes, and I lose a few hours a day which I currently spend with family. I just don't see the point. And with gross margins on rentals 3% or lower it's relatively affordable living for what you get (even though I believe it's still hideously expensive to rent). As annoying as dealing with real estate agencies, notices to vacate, wife wanting a "place of our own" conversations, etc. I still don't see a large mortgage on what is likely to be a poorly built home as an enticing value proposition.
  22. Oh no no no, we don't have corruption in Australia. To say so would be blasphemy. These councillors are just entrepreneurial.
  23. IMO technology has influenced behaviour and made people lazy. I have a private hypothesis that there will be a massive wave of dementia in the coming decades because people are not using their brains enough. Technology will make people cognitively lazier and lazier to the point that their brains will wither and die... well that may be a little melodramatic. I may have a habit of using my imagination to exaggerate things, but this may become the next epidemic. Dementia may be worse than cancer as well. My grandmother suffered from it and a friend's mother is suffering through it now. It's awful to witness people disintegrate in slow motion, and hard to deal with. I think Anders may be write as well regarding non-native speakers.
  24. I enjoyed these documentaries, the second one touches on cycle theory and climate change.
  25. Cobran is back and I finally have NBN connected. Happy days!