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  1. A nuclear ICBM capable navy plus militia-trained population like Switzerland would probably avoid threat of invasion and significantly reduce military spending in Australia. But not going to happen.
  2. It really depends on the size and build of the apartment. My current apartment does not face the main street and I never hear the neighbours. I can't play music loud but otherwise noise really isn't an issue. Only three levels of apartments too (above shops). No issue with parking. If you buy from Highrise Harry it may be a different story.
  3. The last line is interesting. I wonder if that is them walking away, worsening financial conditions in China, or the CCP closing the doors.
  4. Swaize - you forgot minus the interest you pay to the bank?
  5. Melbourne. 15 years ago is a different world. Sardine City now and you'd be luckly to squeeze on a train so may need to wait. Then there are scheduled maintenance windows, even during peak hour.
  6. Smells like an election stunt. It will suck. Metros with multiple lines in Eastern Europe/Russia work because there's a train every 1-2 minutes during peak hour and 5-6 minutes otherwise. My line has peak hour services every 20 minutes. So connections will suck. And it will cost a gazillion more than $50B. So I'd rather they get the current system upgraded and reliable before committing to such a project.
  7. It's one of the fancy settings on my camera. Was in Siberia, now in Kazakhstan. May post photos when I get back to Oz. Siberia was fun.
  8. Spent a few days in Moscow. I seem to enjoy it more each time I go there. I know a lot of people don't like it because it is a big, busy city but it is at least nice for a short period of time.
  9. It seems like rates in Australia will fall relative to the USA, so the currency will get hammered. I just can't earn quickly enough to buy more USD!
  10. You deserve a cigar! Brilliant find!
  11. Trying to find a high resolution version of this image. I originally saw it on as old-time bubble cartoon. On the left are people chasing bubbles, on the right are people working and creating wealth. If you have a copy or know where to find it I would appreciate a copy!
  12. Haha, just need to figure out how to do that in court if the need arises.
  13. Spent the weekend in Minsk. been almost 15 years since I've been there. The apartment via Airbnb was perfect except for one thing - no a/c. It's quite a clean and green city, at least in the centre. Lots of nice parks along the river and another not far from the centre that is more like a forest with amusement rides. Didn't get to as many places as I'd hoped but still had a good time. Belarus is now 30 days visa free if you enter/exit via the airport (and not via Russia). They still make you pay obligatory health insurance at the airport though, a little money earner for the government. The centre has a relatively new bar district which is quite nice if you want a drinking tour in Eastern Europe.
  14. Had a funny experience in Kyiv. Had one night before flying to Minsk, organised an apartment hotel via Rock up to the building, the place is on the sixth floor of the building... and of course the lift wasn't working sohad to lug 30kg of luggage up stairs. Not fun. Get to the top floor, no lights, no reception, nothing. Didn't have a sim card so went down a few floors where some guys were doing repairs in the stair well. In my broken Russian asked them if I was in the right building, apparently I was. They called the place for me and confirmed I was in the right place and should go back up to the sixth floor. So I lug my bags back up, still no lights but a door was open. The place had no power but for some reason the television worked. The lady there tried to convince me to stay, but as wifi wouldn't work I asked for a refund. Made my way back down to the street, no idea what to do. Approached a guy leaving the same building and asked if he knew any cheap hotels nearby. By the grace of God I got lucky. He worked for a mid-size rental agency for short-term rentals. How lucky can you get, lol. We walked to his office to collect the keys then went to the apartment. Ended up cheaper and slightly better location. Used the company again this week, will probably use them again when I'm back here in September. It's damn hot here so good thing there is air conditioning. Unfortunately have a cold so didn't get out much today.
  15. I'm pretty much like a hermit lifestyle at home so weather is not a major factor. After living in Canada and Central Asia in winter I realised that as long as you have decent housing/heating/insulation you just need to rug up in winter. Biggest things for me are good schools and a good (private) hospital system.
  16. Sell up and move overseas somewhere cheaper. Or as the pollies may say "get a better job" so you don't have to work as much. I'm tinkering with the idea of moving abroad, have done so in the past, but need to balance needs of my kids, etc.
  17. Young people are worried about being seen as weird as they want to be cool (and fit in). As you get older you realise that the cool people are the weird ones (that are also cultured, intelligent, etc., not just whacked out junkies). I think if you're not seen as weird by the majority of the population then you're doing something wrong.
  18. I saw a bullion dealer last week for the first time in ages. Sadly my favourite one died last year. He said margins were competitive up until about 12 months ago, but since then dealers had increased their margins from spot. Unsure the reasons for this. Apparently if you're more than 2.5-3.0% off spot you're not competitively pricing, but there are dealers that can get away with 8% through size and reputation. I think gold is a good insurance policy but not necessarily a place to look for big returns. I think commodities will be a good place to be, but (some) may actually decline if trade wars escalate between USA and China. BTC seems to be following the classic bull market curve. I doubt there will be anything like the highs last year, at least not any time soon.
  19. Issue is not so much money, but social cohesion. Bringing in labour means those people are not unemployed and starving in China.
  20. BRI is the Chinese version of western "economic hitman" approach of loading up countries with unpayable debt. There will always be a shadow around these types of deals.
  21. Given the RBA isn't going to raise interest rates, I'm guessing the AUD may be about to head down the toilet. I may need to pick up some more USD quick smart!
  22. Hey if you sell your place to a foreigner you should sell your story to some news outlet as an expose on dodgy property dealing (after settlement of course!).
  23. Not always a correct translation. The Russian word for bargain is "Torg" (not Tor). It's used a lot in real estate advertising, but rather than imply the place is a bargain it means the owner is willing to haggle (negotiate to a lower than advertised price). The don't seem to do auctions.
  24. Need to cram in more immigants to buy overpriced sh*t boxes. How do you say "bargain' in Mandarin?
  25. Good luck with the sale. Not something I envy even with a capital gain, seems like a pain in the butt.