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  1. Dio - Stand up and shout... maybe the anthem in France at the moment.
  2. Sir Lord Baltimore - proto metal from the beginning of the 1970s.
  3. This is how you kick off an LP:
  4. It can be if it is offset with other taxes. However, governments want to add new taxes to existing taxes because they are effectively broke!
  5. No need for PM, I can stalk you on LinkedIn. I'm not in the UK but will look you up if I'm in town. Have no plans to travel to Queensland any time soon.
  6. Riots on the streets can be persuasive.
  7. Breakfast porridge - is that a recipe you picked up in the UK?
  8. See if you can cash in...
  9. Hence, I try to stay liquid but have assets outside of the AUD. Any attempt to save house prices will destroy the AUD.
  10. Are we in an El NiƱo cycle now? The weather (for farming) is always crap when so. Edit: seems like the case.
  11. Vic election needs to be seen in a broader context. 1982, 1985, 1998 - Labor 1992, 1996 - Liberal, off the back of a recession and State Bank collapsing 1999, 2002, 2006 - Labor 2010 - Liberal, by thinnest possible margin 2014, 2018 - Labor So that's 8 of the last 11 elections controlled/won by Labor. The Victorian Liberal Party had a blip with Baillieu getting up - which was a surprise result, and he wasn't Premier for the full election cycle. The Liberal Party is essentially dying because its membership base is really old, its parliamentarians are mostly careerist hacks, and there's no sign that change or reform is desirable. There is no fresh blood. The fact that Brighton was almost won by a 19 year old Labor candidate says exactly where the Libs are in Victoria.
  12. If I could tax deduct a trip I would, but it's not related to my current work.
  13. Yes well aware. I've been trying to diversify out of the AUD. Most of my assets are but not my income unfortunately. IMO Australian real estate will get even lower from a global perspective as I see both real estate prices and the value of the AUD declining.
  14. Just went on a mini-tour (4 shows) in east coast USA, headliner was Darkest Hour but I went for Damnation A.D. One of the support bands has grown on me - Cemetary Piss. Not bad if you like death metal/black metal.
  15. Do it now before the market sh*ts its pants. I know I know the boy has cried wolf but it seems real this time as banks have tightened lending and there's all the indications of a global recession coming.
  16. Luicidal was formed by the original bass player from Suicidal Tendencies. Their first album had guest appearances from other former members.
  17. I guess their water supplies did not dry up.
  18. Latest from Little Big. Has gone viral.
  19. Still my favourite song - I'm an adult!
  20. I've never bothered to check out 4chan but there is some seriously funny stuff that emanates from it.
  21. Haha this is funny... at least to me.
  22. I haven't checked p/e ratios but I heard DOW p/e ratio was pretty much average. Got a feeling NASDAQ is much higher ratio, especially due to FANG stocks.
  23. Global warming. Caused by humanoids.