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  1. Hi medved, cant seem to answer on the topic, or maby im just too blind to find the button?
    Can you post this answer for me?

    Sure let them make the next Asian WEC in Australia :)

    Yeah i seem to have some talent as a hedge fund manager. Im doing pretty much just that since 8years now. Plan on retiring in 2023 and start a family :)

    Heres a nice snippet from the blog: "The next technical support lies at the 10400 level and the next Monthly Bearish lies down at the 10500 zone. Indeed, the Quarterly Bearish is also at the 10500 zone and when we look at yearly support, this is the primary area - 104-105. A closing below that at year-end and we will see the Euro retest the historic low of 8230."

    quarterly 1,05 and yearly 1,04 eurusd after that....look out below.