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  1. I saw a bullion dealer last week for the first time in ages. Sadly my favourite one died last year. He said margins were competitive up until about 12 months ago, but since then dealers had increased their margins from spot. Unsure the reasons for this. Apparently if you're more than 2.5-3.0% off spot you're not competitively pricing, but there are dealers that can get away with 8% through size and reputation. I think gold is a good insurance policy but not necessarily a place to look for big returns. I think commodities will be a good place to be, but (some) may actually decline if trade wars escalate between USA and China. BTC seems to be following the classic bull market curve. I doubt there will be anything like the highs last year, at least not any time soon.
  2. Issue is not so much money, but social cohesion. Bringing in labour means those people are not unemployed and starving in China.
  3. BRI is the Chinese version of western "economic hitman" approach of loading up countries with unpayable debt. There will always be a shadow around these types of deals.
  4. Given the RBA isn't going to raise interest rates, I'm guessing the AUD may be about to head down the toilet. I may need to pick up some more USD quick smart!
  5. Hey if you sell your place to a foreigner you should sell your story to some news outlet as an expose on dodgy property dealing (after settlement of course!).
  6. Not always a correct translation. The Russian word for bargain is "Torg" (not Tor). It's used a lot in real estate advertising, but rather than imply the place is a bargain it means the owner is willing to haggle (negotiate to a lower than advertised price). The don't seem to do auctions.
  7. Need to cram in more immigants to buy overpriced sh*t boxes. How do you say "bargain' in Mandarin?
  8. Good luck with the sale. Not something I envy even with a capital gain, seems like a pain in the butt.
  9. I haven't worked out the best wording, but there's a great meme in waiting - Barnaby gets a staffer pregnant, Trump bangs porn stars. Just a different league... the difference between a second-rate accountant and a billionaire.
  10. You should actually consider or do research on the Nikkei. It's been in a bear market for so long it will have to come good (or better) at some stage.
  11. Congrats! 10% interest rates was in reference to Europe. My understanding is that an increase in interest rates is bad for bonds not good. Armstrong also believes US stocks will perform well.
  12. Travel for work is mostly a major pain in the backside. It's only useful if I can time it with other activities like conferences or leisure.
  13. Holy sh*t! IIRC the base rate for a councillor in my area was getting $10k a year. The City of Melbourne may pay a lot more than that.
  14. Years ago I considered putting myself up as a candidate for council election. The council was based on different areas, so you had to live in one of them. One guy was elected uncontested. It staggered me that only one person actually nominated for election. So he went straight in. I didn't bother because the stipend was pretty low (hence so much corruption) and I hate politics.
  15. Yeah but some animals are more equal than others.