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  1. Do you mean 485 visa?
  2. Sounds like a bizarre experience. Do you live on the wrong side of the tracks?
  3. The rail line is pork for mates. There's a lot of waste in the CSIRO (based on feedback from someone who worked there) but there are plenty of other things I'd cut first.
  4. Happy for it to pump along for a few more years... I'd like to bank a bit more savings before the next depression hits...
  5. In Victoria (not sure for the rest of Oz) lawyers are officers of the Supreme Court and swear an oath. You can only serve one master, so ultimately they don't serve you. I was also told of either a letter or judgement from a High Court judge that said they need to "uphold the system". You only get justice if you're not up against the system. I met a guy who lived under Tito. He said justice existed if you had disputes with other people (i.e., someone stole my chickens), but if you challenged the system it would come crushing down on you. It's the same in Oz, it's just not many people pay attention to it or acknowledge it.
  6. Yeah I didn't realise how crappy the scheme was. Seems like a lot of effort for 6k. I'd rather work more or get a high-paying gig.
  7. Looks like my meeting room is actually on a different network. We had an ISP-related outage but there were some ethernet points that were not impacted.
  8. IIRC the FIRE sector constitutes 60% of lending. Banks are stuffed when property prices go south.
  9. All I can say is, good luck with that! What are they going to do, revoke a passport?
  10. Private debt is a far bigger concern than public debt IMO. Young people don't have to worry, just get a HECS-funded education and move overseas. I'm tempted to do a masters degree and then a runner, but I'm not sure what I'd want to study.
  11. I hope the FHB grant is valid for overseas properties. Then I may be interested. Even in remote suburbs an average house costs $600-700k which is obscene for what you get. I'd get a luxury flat in the centre of town in Russia for half the price.
  12. Heh... I think I've discovered a meeting room that doesn't through the company firewall...
  13. Media is under upheaval, but the spectrum still has a value so they should be charged for it (like telco companies). I had no idea about this as I don't own a television. It also plays a mass conditioning role so should have some level of regulation. My little ones have never grown up with a television in the house. They are used to basically on-demand anything. Nothing like my childhood experience of waiting for a show at a particular time. As far as I know you can get live sport on the internet... Telstra has live AFL, NRL doesn't it? There will be a mass-adopted technology like torrents to stream it in the future. I remember Max Keiser saying years ago that digital content will diverge to its 'intrinsic' value - zero. So don't expect to make money from it but from other sources. A band I've listened to for years called Integrity give away their music now for free and make money from merch (and live shows). I know that's all a bit 'blrr' but I just woke up from a long afternoon nap. Hope it makes sense.
  14. My experience in Eastern Europe and Central Asia is to always negotiate the fare before stepping into the car. Never rely on the meter as you get ripped off (happened to me once in Moscow and I learned my lesson). Not sure if the likes of Uber, Yandex etc. have changed things as I haven't been there in a few years. I'm surprised they're going after tourists because it may lead to less and less deciding to travel there.
  15. Title track from Dead Dawn album.