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  1. The thing that worries me about battery units is half-life/usable life. It's a big expense that will lose their efficiency/effectiveness over time. That and the environmental impacts.
  2. I completely ignore Australian politics but saw this in my linkedin feed: I take it is either a bit of kabuki or desperation to thwart off a recession later this year.
  3. Are you talking about the Mexico wall? He's said that's to keep people in (not out), though I can't remember if he explicitly said it was a bad thing, but I took he implied it was bad.
  4. I don't care about housing affordability anymore, they can keep pumping heroin into the debt machine for all I care. I'd prefer a strong AUD policy... pump it back up to parity. The free market will eventually sort things out - just it may be a more painful experience for many.
  5. Interesting to see 85,000+ views in less than a week.
  6. Has there ever been an 'orderly' decrease in house prices? I take it 'orderly' means some sort of economic zombification like Japan's lost decade(s), not a sharp collapse like in the USA about a decade ago.
  7. Steve Keen: “Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis?” The short answer is 'no'
  8. Couldn't be fecked starting a new thread but thought this may be of interest: With 2 kids I think you need to target around 80-90sqm for a comfortable size, add another 20sqm for 3 kids. The annoying thing with newer Russian apartments is that they are not well designed (i.e. 3 room 200sqm and not many windows). To get something the size I want I probably need to get two adjoining apartments in an older building and knock out a wall or floor. Anything over 150sqm is likely to be more than most people's needs.
  9. Yeah that figure sounded a bit weird. 60-88sqm is a reasonable size (but smaller than what I'd want to live in if I was buying a place).
  10. London Housing Market Suffers Worst Collapse Since Financial Crisis
  11. That's one of the reasons I never bought into the frenzy in Oz. I'd essentially be taking out a margin loan on an asset I'm not overly confident with. Councils from what I have seen are ruthless when it comes to rates, zoning, etc. so you have that to deal with too. Using Postage Stamps for Money IIRC postage stamps used to be gold-backed, I understand the UPU-issued stamps are still gold-backed. I'm surprised Armstrong wasn't aware of that (or at least mentioned it).
  12. The title of the previous post reminded me of this track:
  13. Mrs Medved would like to live in Shanghai. I am a "no" to that idea. Neither of us like the prospect of living in Moscow. We toyed with the idea a decade ago but it's kind of like a Russian version of New York during the 80s.
  14. It's going to be epic when the Chinese economy starts going backwards. The ripple effect across the globe will be significant.
  15. I wonder how much of international buyers are just looking for capital flight, not capital appreciation... I recall the comparison between the UK-USA in the 1930s and USA-China now. The depression hit the USA harder as it was the developing economy not the established one, so any major downturn may hurt China more than the West.