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  2. Mrs Medved is a native Russian speaker so the kids understand Russian, don't speak it much though. Mandarin is an added bonus but we don't use it much at home. We listen to a Japanese language CD in the car so they pick up phrases, and we watch Ghibli Studio films with the Japanese soundtrack. Cartoons are a great way to teach another language to kids but it is hard to find ones that are appropriate for learning the language and keeping them entertained.
  4. I'm not sure how two year-olds could write code. It requires the ability to read and spell (not to mention syntax) - unless a programming language is specifically designed so that you don't need to be able to perform basic literacy skills. That's without considering logic and constructs like variables, functions, objects, etc. Speaking with people at the local primary school, last year only two prep students could read coming into primary school - around 3% of the student population. So while I agree it's a good idea to start early I don't think two years of age will work without a new language developed that they can use... and even then it may not be feasible. My son and daughter could both recognise letters at the age of two, but programming is a massive leap above that. My son started reading music at four, but he's nowhere near the ability to read sheet music, only really basic stuff. My bias is towards teaching music and multiple language for pre-school children, not coding. I just haven't figured out the best way to introduce written East Asian characters... maybe Mrs Medved can introduce Mandarin and I'll try and pick up some katakana.
  6. Nice bit of kabuki going on there. Will help sell tabloids and irate people dialling talk back radio.
  9. I don't believe any state would "win" if a war was to break out, only lose less. The concentration camps in North Korea are sickening. The regime should be held to account but unless the Chinese government pulls the strings then nothing really changes. What is interesting is the border conflict between China and India. Not sure if it is the Chinese government wanting to flex their muscle or the Indian government being opportunistic while focus is on the Korean peninsula. The potential loss of life is obvious, but a lot of people forget about the impact to industrial production. South Korea produces a large percentage of screen technology (LCD/LED, etc.), biggest ship builder in the world, etc. and Japan is an even bigger supplier of high-tech equipment. Unless it's the Chinese government pushing for regime change then it ain't gonna be pretty (and even that is at risk of getting very ugly).
  11. Interesting. Seems like May produced a low. I was thinking about buying RUB earlier this year but held off, the AUD/RUB has appreciated by over 10%.
  13. Here's an interview that is quite topical at the moment (I haven't watched it yet):
  14. Longer version of the interview here: