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  1. They won't stop the deficits. If they tried to it would induce an economic recession and the housing balloon will finally pop, which will cause major problems for the banks, which will land the government deeper in debt, etc. So I wouldn't expect any genuine intent to "balance the books". I'm surprised the government hasn't flogged off any more major assets... perhaps because there's nothing more to sell. I'm pretty confident they'll look to sell off NBN Co. once it is rolled out to most of the population.
  2. Holy sh*t! The debt/GDP ratio for Luxembourg is off the charts! Even taking into account the size of the banking sector there, that is still crazy (6,731% / $6.7m per capita).
  3. I thought Abbott was more of a case of "anyone but Rudd". And he only led the Liberal Party only because Hockey had no balls. But to be honest I don't know because I avoid MSM almost completely and when election cycle comes around again I'll use my VPN to avoid youtube ads.
  4. Hey Tor, have you become the half arsed blogger? It's always nice to read your trip reports, sounds like you've been on the road a bit lately.
  5. You should drop by this forum more often! Thanks
  6. Totally disagree. Lawyers and sheriffs were banned from British parliaments for almost 500 years because they have a conflict of interest. They create additional work for their peers by mounts of legislation. Lawyers are officers of the Supreme Court (re-present the Crown, not the people) whereas parliamentarians are supposed to re-present the will of the people. You can only serve one master, lawyers don't serve the people which is the role of parliamentarians. Since Menzies, with the exception of Rudd (career bureaucrat sociopath), every Australian Prime Minister has either been a lawyer or legally trained. In the corresponding time the amount of legislation has ballooned. You just need to visit a public library and see the volumes of statutes explode since the early 1950s. McClellan was one of the worst, he was appointing High Court justices as A.G. while running his private business. You don't need lawyers in parliament, just lawyers in the A.G.'s department to ensure bills are not in conflict with law. They don't even do that properly today. And most bills are drafted by committees anyway that are fed by vested interest groups (like multinationals). Parliaments definitely don't need lawyers. One of the best things to do is kick lawyers out of parliaments. They should only be in the judiciary/judicature. Not sure if it was coincidence, but the Statute Law Revision Acts (1873-5) were introduced to UK parliaments at the zenith of the British empire. They let lawyers into parliaments and it's been downhill ever since. And lawyers are pretty slimy creatures at the best of time. I've spent quite a few years studying how the courts actually work and it's a racket. Not all lawyers are scumbags but they are the exception to the rule.
  7. Do you mean 485 visa?
  8. Sounds like a bizarre experience. Do you live on the wrong side of the tracks?
  9. The rail line is pork for mates. There's a lot of waste in the CSIRO (based on feedback from someone who worked there) but there are plenty of other things I'd cut first.
  10. Happy for it to pump along for a few more years... I'd like to bank a bit more savings before the next depression hits...
  11. In Victoria (not sure for the rest of Oz) lawyers are officers of the Supreme Court and swear an oath. You can only serve one master, so ultimately they don't serve you. I was also told of either a letter or judgement from a High Court judge that said they need to "uphold the system". You only get justice if you're not up against the system. I met a guy who lived under Tito. He said justice existed if you had disputes with other people (i.e., someone stole my chickens), but if you challenged the system it would come crushing down on you. It's the same in Oz, it's just not many people pay attention to it or acknowledge it.
  12. Yeah I didn't realise how crappy the scheme was. Seems like a lot of effort for 6k. I'd rather work more or get a high-paying gig.
  13. Looks like my meeting room is actually on a different network. We had an ISP-related outage but there were some ethernet points that were not impacted.
  14. IIRC the FIRE sector constitutes 60% of lending. Banks are stuffed when property prices go south.
  15. All I can say is, good luck with that! What are they going to do, revoke a passport?