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  1. Martin Armstrong writes...
  2. Cobran's favourite topic...
  3. Cash for residency. Has been for years.
  4. I think that image is actually a fair point on the amount of bullsh*t that is being peddled in the press.
  5. Doing business in Russia requires a local partner and legal advice. If it is a large company you also need a krisha. Not sure about investing though. I'm actually more interested in what Martin would say about the political situation in Russia. Nazarbayev resigning in Kazakhstan was a surprise and from what I understand many Russians are more openly unhappy about the government and also the president (Putin).
  6. So where are you setting up the new Chateau du Tor?
  7. I have been noticing that the RUB has been increasing lately. I don't think it is commodity-related (yet) though. Is there a differentiation between hard and soft commodities?
  8. After spending a day in Beijing renewables don't seem so bad even if more expensive. I'd hate to live there, but commentary is for the travel thread when I get around to it.
  9. I think I understand the sentiment against Huawai. It is ok for our guys (Cisco/Echelon/NSA,etc.) to spy on us, but not for their guys (Huawai,CCP,etc.) to spy on us. The thing is, it's only a matter of time the CCP becomes us. So it is delaying the inevitable while pushing up the price of connectivity. I don't think I've read any articles on the Christchurch shooting that described victims as New Zealanders. I think that says a lot on how the media has portrayed the events (or they weren't New Zealanders).
  11. Are Corrupt Chinese Officials Turning Off Crime-Fighting AI Because It Works Too Well?
  12. Nah he was dating a different one. Apparently the country is full of princesses, never been there myself to validate.
  13. Hey Swaize have you shacked up with a Polish princess yet? I'll be in Eastern Europe next month (pending visa approval).
  14. If this is a student-only accommodation then there may be restrictions on how the property is used. It is right next to Swinburne University. It's also a dog box.