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  1. Gold has been a nice hedge against a declining AUD. I don't see the AUD recovering until the next commodity bull market... which may coincide with a major war cycle, so nothing to celebrate. I'm still bullish on the USD. The trade wars and what's going on in Hong Kong is not good for global trade or for China. I spoke with people in a company that deals internationally, particularly in Latin America, and said business was down quite a bit in the last year - Australia was actually the strongest for them. Swaize - want to be my hedge fund manager? I don't have time to keep up with what's happening in the markets. I was actually thinking of contacting Marty to see if he'd like me to organise a WEC in Australia for him... I'm just a bit disorganised at the minute.
  2. I stumbled across videos of Count Dankula recently. He made the news for training a pug to make a Nazi salute to piss off his girlfriend. He's been making a series of videos called Absolute Mad Lads which is based on true crimes. I highly recommend it, the one on Shoko Asahara is mind-blowing. One that I liked was on Simon Mann who was a mercenary in Africa in the 1990s. The first video is on Mann, the second is an interview with Mann! Very interesting if you like this kind of thing. Absolute Mad Lads - Simon Mann Interview with Steven Mann
  3. Just quietly I think Australia is in a recession and global recession is not far away. I spoke to a recruiter about a role and there were 686 applicants! Looks like the RBA wants a Japanese-style zombie economy while the government continues to import hundreds of thousands of migrants and over ten thousand millionaires every year! ( I read an article that said Australia imported 12,000 millionaires in a year, second was USA at 10,000 - but can't find the article) Which leads to: Ponzi nation. Not going to be pleasant when things start falling apart.
  4. I haven't spoken to him in years. Lost track of him when he stopped posting. I started buying USD when it was 0.80, now it's around 0.70. I think it's going lower, which means gold will go higher in AUD (most likely).
  5. Maniaxe was a local support band I saw last night. Liked them!