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  1. I have a friend on welfare. Says he gets $2500/fortnight plus public housing (has three kids, the oldest is 18 I think, one is autistic). Children are expensive but as a parent you don't rationalise them in terms of dollars. My estimate is putting one child through child care for five years (3 days a week) is roughly 100k. That's essentially a post-graduate degree. The government provides a rebate but it's a little under half of that cost, and they can always revoke it. Toys and clothes actually aren't too expensive, though I haven't got to school clothes yet. I suspect food will get a lot more expensive. Well over half of our living expenses goes towards rent and child care. And we live in a two bedroom apartment. So it's house prices again - jacking up the cost of living. Solomon - I don't think your children will really appreciate what you do for them until they have children themselves. Brings a whole new perspective.
  2. I'm on James Altucher's mailing list. He recommends not having more than 2% of your savings in any one investment. That includes mortgages. Yes, that' s two percent. He's apparently made and lost millions on several occasions.
  3. Your honour, I'm not guilty because I didn't know I couldn't murder that man...
  4. I haven't checked since Sunday. Both his blog or war.
  12. (one for Swaize)