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  1. I'm not that smart. I simply don't have the time to watch television. My father has the series on DVDs I think so I could always borrow them (if I had the time).
  2. I've said for years 50-70% drop in real terms (minimum) but that was years ago. Hard to say what nominal drop will be. Bullion Baron's house prices in silver and gold ounces gives a different perspective of how much they may fall.
  3. I think it's too early to tell. Auction clearance rates are a helpful indicator but I'm not familiar with current figures. The really, really expensive places are normally private sales, but expensive suburbs tend to be auctions (not a particular price) - hence clearance rates are handy.
  4. Actually I've heard of that but never seen it before.
  5. I must be boring as I know none of those shows. But I'm more into non-fiction stuff so youtube is easier to find what I want.
  6. I go youtube and occasionally torrents, but I don't watch much.
  7. I couldn't be bothered calculating a moving average. Seems like too much work. If you eat once a day and train 40 hours a week then I can see how you can down so many beers and still get out of the living room. Seems the key to exercise/weight is high intensity, not duration.
  8. What are M20 and M100? How often do you train? I assume you would expend quite a few calories each session as well as work on strength. I do the opposite with fasting. Always skip morning eating, yesterday did a 24 hour fast, will probably do the same today. With sufficient hydration and rest a 24 hour fast isn't too bad (on weekends).
  9. Ok so I decided to do a reboot on my health, started going to the gym in November and have stepped up things this month. Already was doing the following: Intermittent fasting No grains, processed sugars, or potatoes No exercise Introduced the following: Training - weight training and high intensity interval training (HIIT; started this month) Calorie controlled midday meal Reduction/removal of nuts (high in calories) Reduction/removal of yoghurt First two months I dropped 2kg and started to get some (little) definition in my arms. I went to the gym each day this week, lost another 2kg; clocked in under 80kg this morning, first time in over a decade. All up in the last two and a half months have removed 6-7cm from my waist line. Will be doing the following: Removing fruits (except for berries) Focus more on weights to failure Sufficient rest period Exercise is like a drug. If you have discipline and willing to work hard a combination of weight training, HIIT, intermittent fasting, keto diet, and calorie control seems to shred fat quite nicely. This site below is awesome, check it out. Recommends all of the above and more stuff that I was never aware of.
  10. Photos or it never happened.
  11. To be fair to cobran that's not backing your argument much with scientific research.
  13. I'd actually consider buying a flat in Russia. She was there twice this year, and even checked out some apartments for sale. A two room (1BR) place would be just over 100k (+reno and furnishing costs) and three room (2BR) closer to 200k. I'd favour buying a dump and renovating. Her best friend has moved there so could manage it for us. She's from Kazakhstan but bought an off-the-plan apartment when the ruble dropped through the floor about three years ago. However, they are highly illiquid and GST equivalent of around 20% is payable when selling, so it's a buy and hold proposition. A dacha in Australia is still ridiculously expensive. I think a half-way compromise is just to open some term deposit accounts to show progress towards buying, without actually taking up a mortgage.
  14. I'm not folding yet! I'm not called Medved without reason!