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  1. On the digital nomad thing, I have this weird arse idea. Find a country where you could cede land and start your own sovereign nation. Purchase real estate in various countries for embassies the size of a downtown/CBD in a city. Ideally big enough to have an airport too. Develop the embassy into a mini city state within host countries. For example, embassies (cities) in Paris, Tokyo, London, Moscow, Washington, etc. Provide (a secondary) citizenship for digital nomads. These nomads rent out housing and can move country to country on a regular basis, no fixed residence in these outposts. Nomads pay no income tax, no business tax. They only pay rent and services they utilise. If they don't want to pay rent they can live in the host countries. I think it'd be cool. It's essentially a city state like Singapore except distributed globally. And if you end up with miscreants (criminals) you convict them and take away their passports (as they have a primary passport). And I'd be like a king or something, so it would be guaranteed to be super cool.
  2. I rarely read legacy media sites, but it's sometimes helpful to get a look at what the normies are being indoctrinated with. Oh, and I figure if I end up stuck in a country then Russia's not a bad option. Biggest country in the world, opportunities to live off the land, internet is cheap, lots of culture to enjoy, and there are plenty of hot women. It's unlikely to be directly attacked (holding nukes) so while it has cons it's an attractive option. You just have to be a bit street smart and have good connections.
  3. Section 51 makes medical conscription (mandatory vaccinations) unlawful. It's true they may try to compel you, but if they remove rights such as travel then there is strong legal argument that they are acting unlawfully. I am f*cking kicking myself as I have known about the five flag theory for about 15 years, but due to marriage was never in a position to pursue it. I would love to have a second passport right about now. The Russian Federation have floated the idea of permanent residency for real estate purchases, but no indication if this will proceed and the minimum amount of investment.
  4. If it is proven, as I expect it should, it leaves states open to civil proceedings (being sued).
  5. Don't be a fool! It's insane here, seriously! Almost impossible to get out of the country, harder to get in the country (flight caps). State borders closed unconstitutionally. Almost all business shut down in Victoria because a few old and sick people are dying to a virus that influenza probably would have knocked them out with.
  6. Propaganda is now all about "cases" rather than hospitalisation rates or number of deaths. Sweden got it right. Full retard in Australia. Saw a story about a farmer in Victoria who wanted to take feed to his sheep the other side of the Murray River. He was told to take the hay to Melbourne, have it flown to Sydney, and then freighted to western NSW... estimated cost was $50k if I recall correctly. It's madness.
  7. I honestly pay almost no attention to politics, but don't get the level of hate against Trump. Sure he's dirty, but all the politicians are dirty, so what's the deal?
  8. What I do know is Victoria (and Australia) is screwed right now by shutdowns, and will be screwed into the foreseeable future. Speaking to a mate in Russia it seems pretty much everywhere is screwed right now, just in its own ways. RUB is dropping against AUD and other currencies. I'd buy a cheap place there and bug out except for the fact I've got kids (and can't move with them). I saw Thai protests against the monarchy in the news. Seems like everything is tearing at the seams right now. Not sure where I'll be at in six weeks as my contract is up and no word about extensions.Job market is beyond dead. Cash flow is king right now. Everywhere you look it is a horror story. FFS, even a curfew now, never been done before as far as I understand.The time for a hard lockdown was six months ago, the horse has bolted. The virus is such a minimal concern to me in comparison (and I have elderly family members).
  9. Hey Tor - check this out, you may recognise somebody.
  10. Vitamin D deficiency is a problem but there are many factors. Smokers get hit really hard. Those with diabetes or obesity are also hit harder. I did read stuff about binding to ACE2 receptors impacting Asians more but effed if I know if it was legit or not. The sun is your friend! I take Vitamin D tablets by routine, as well as zinc and other stuff, before any of this broke out. Sleep is also your friend. It's no wonder China was hit hard early (air pollution,high rates of male smokers, multi-generational homes, ageing population), similar demographic issues with northern Italy. New York is on average the oldest city in the USA so was bound to be hit hard, and sending people into nursing homes after being infected, lol yeah good thinking idiots. I trust people at the coal face more than others. HCQ is a known drug, zinc is known, not sure about the other one. Dirt cheap with little risks for most people. If I get a travel exemption I will be hitting up doctors for a prescription as proactive treatment. Apparently it was used in Russia which may explain high case rate but relatively low CFR. I'd be staying away from vaccines! I did read a report that if you took the flu shoot you were worse off when it comes to COVID-19. Whatever this virus is, it is nasty nasty sh*t and I'm 99.9999% convinced it originated in a lab. Possibly a bioweapon but unwilling to stake money on it,but certainly is man-made. Vaccines are not 100% safe or 100% reliable, and can take decades before adverse side effects are discovered.
  11. It seems there are existing an inexpensive measures to manage infections before things get really bad - "Zelenko Protocol" I understand with that doctors are using this approach as a prophylactic to protect themselves, so if true means it is safe and they have concerns. I take zinc routinely but obviously not the other meds. Budesonide It seems to have good results for early treatment, again this is cheap and known. I bought a stack of regular asthma puffers earlier in the year as I figured it would be prudent (my son and I are mildly asthmatic). The key seems to be early treatment and management. Things can go pear-shaped even for relatively healthy people if left untreated. I will put my tinfoil hat on, but I think big pharma connections are hushing up these measures to push out vaccines that aren't properly tested or effective.
  12. I think most Americans are pissed off. The election campaign will all be about blaming the other side... which is touched on in this video.
  13. None of the above. Joe Rogan should run as an independent, he'd go close to winning and would be better than either candidate.
  14. I don't follow politics much so will have to trust your judgement. But Biden will simply be propped up as the facade to the military-industry complex doing what they want.