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  1. I would not want to be in the hospitality industry right now. I went to the CBD on the weekend and it was dead. Not sure how fast things will pick up even if official restrictions are relaxed or lifted.
  2. Thanks for the support, only a six month gig but better than nothing. Working on something on the side but will be a long road before I see (decent) money in it... not sure which is worse to deal with - the corporate world or the music industry.
  3. I am so insulated from really stupid people most of the time, and even more so now, that I sometimes forget how dumb some people can be. And the world is full of them. But arseholes are worse. So hibernating at home most of the time is not so bad. And anyone who disagrees with me is clearly of low IQ.
  4. Any news on the rental markets? I was thinking of negotiating a rental reduction. Seems like quite a few people are on the move in my area and I assume the residential rental market is pretty soft at the minute. I'm on a month-to-month lease so they could turn around and give me a notice to vacate, but I understand evictions are forbidden now by the Federal government? There's a place I was previously interested in renting that's now on the market. Based on it seems like the owner has dropped rents below what was advertised in 2013. I reckon they may even go lower. But it's a pain to move places, especially with kids, so I think I'd prefer a rental reduction. Good news is I started a new job last week. Good to have cash flow after a year of very, very little.
  5. I have the opposite but complimentary theory that hot countries produce hot heads or brain-fried individuals. Think southern USA, Middle East, Afghanistan, much of Africa, etc. I can't remember the source but there was an evolutionary theory that those in cold, dark climates have higher IQ because of the survival aspect during winter. Somewhat plausible given IQ levels in North Asia and Scandinavia, and IIRC Ashkenazi Jews originated from modern-day Ukraine.
  7. There were some cyclers who were quite testy when I went on a walk with my kids. One said "move over!" (not sure if directed at me), another scolded a guy who stopped with his young daughter, "get off the path!" I was kind of taken aback by their rudeness. Everybody seems panicky as if they think I'm going to rob them at knife point.
  8. Yes - getting money in easy, getting it out is harder. I know someone who pulled money out recently but they were in country. Not sure if it was physical cash or wire transfer. On gold, for me I view it as insurance policy more than an investment portfolio. I was around on the GHPC forum in 2009 like most here, were you on that too?
  9. I think shares will be a good play but not yet. I'd like to see a massive drop first... at least 80% from the peak. Got a feeling Japanese officials were lying about their epidemic stats to get the Olympics up and running, so won't be surprised if things get worse there before they get better. I watch the RUB a little bit. Seems to have held up well until the start of March, then dropped to massive lows against the USD. Not quite all time new lows (80.3336 now, 83.8344 in Jan 2016), I wonder how much traders were sweating if that broke...
  10. Haha... sounds like a mate of mine. In the space of about a month he evacuated several times due to bush fires, dealt with landslides and floods, struck down by an unknown virus pre-Wuhan outbreak, and his wife was bitten by a deadly snake. Now his business has been shut down by the government due to the panic! Probably for six months. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. I hope they weren't Bezos-like photo leaks. Have the Canadians freaked out or are they taking it in their stride? Just as a time marker (from the post in October), gold got up to 2700 AUD but has eased a bit. That's almost +500 AUD since October. If it has a similar run as in the GFC it should get close to 3000 AUD. AUD/USD has dropped from around 0.70 to 0.59, so my liquid investments have held up well in the short-term.
  11. Apparently oil is in contango. If only I had a tanker! With many countries banning food exports I expect commodity prices to increase. Long oil and food.
  12. Soft commodities may perform well.
  13. I went to an office on Tuesday. It was a like sci fi movie. I rocked up before 9am. The queue was stretched around the corner and down the road. Very glad I took a novel with me. Standing in the sun reading a book wasn't all bad. A man and woman in police uniforms came by once. One made a comment to the effect "all we ask is that you keep your distance." When I finally got to the door I followed the guy in front of me. The security guy, clearly from India, started barking frantically something at me in a strong accent, clearly distressed. I stopped to try to comprehend the incomprehensible. He was trying to tell me that I couldn't enter the building yet. So I waited in the entrance. He was afraid that someone would touch me, and requested I stood in the corner. Shortly later I entered the building. There were pieces of tape on the floor for the queue, all on a diagonal angle. I stepped on either side of the diagonal, and in an instance I had a security officer telling me to stand back in a panicked tone. I finally made it to the concierge desk where the woman was freaking out as if she was a bank teller being robbed. After I sat down I watched her repeat her frantic cries of "stay behind the line!" and "don't give me anything!" and "have you been overseas in the last fourteen days?!" One elderly chinaman wearing a face mask indicated he had. It was like preparations for emergency evacuations from a burning building. I stopped reading my book to observe the environment. All the staff were paranoid, as if they were to be randomly selected for execution. Everyone visiting the building was quiet and docile, not fearing to trigger an alarm for breaching the superstitious covenant of "social distancing." I was finally called by a staff member and was led to a desk. Well not to a desk. I was escorted to a chair placed behind a diagonal line on the floor. I did not dare move the chair for fear a SWAT team would descend upon me. I explained to the man that I could not submit a claim online because the system had been down for several days. He said he could not do anything, and that I should do everything online. He repeated that I should submit a claim online. Clearly progress wasn't a possible outcome. I asked him what he could do. He said he could leave a note on the system. Two hours of my life for a note. At least The Bourne Identity is a good read. But I think Asimov or Orwell would have been more appropriate. I get the impression the whole country is going insane. There is a virus that has already infected 99% of the population - fear. It is far more devastating than one from Wuhan.
  14. Anders you may be wrong. I've heard the government is on the precipice of announcing a full lockdown (in Australia). May last six months. I'm not happy at all. The government has directly cost me job opportunities and I'm out of work now, burning savings. I have friends whose companies have had to shut down. They are destroying the economy on something they cannot stop or control. "It became necessary to destroy the town to save it."
  15. The bigger issue will be production of supplies. Where are they currently manufactured? Who owns the patents? Could be an investment opportunity.