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  1. It's the third wave of colonisation in Australia (after British and American). Not sure people get that yet. It's more than just Chinese buying up Australian property.
  2. Not sure which thread to put this so will mention it here, Someone I know visited a prison yesterday as part of work duties. Apparently there are 3-4 four new prisons being built in Victoria (there are 11 at the moment). When asked about it, a guy working at the prison said that whenever there is an increase in the cost of living there is an increase in crime. So judging by what the government is doing they are predicting a lot more crime in the next few years.
  3. He quoted an article that is over a year old (re Australian real estate). From what I see nothing has changed from the boom times.
  4. Blocked again at work today, flagged as malware again.
  5. My father was notified of redundancy today. You guessed it - replaced by outsourced Indian IT company! Not sure how many people are impacted in his company but sounds like their IT division is closing down. Doesn't sound like he'll be back doing consulting/contracting for them as that particular vendor is highly protective of their turf. Given he is in his 60s he would have preferred to work another year or two, as it's hard to find work at that age and he's used to working from home... he has done so for at least 20 years I think. So early retirement it is for him. Apparently he pays bugger all tax on the redundancy payment so it's not all bad news.
  6. I started watching Hypernormalisation on the weekend (I highly recommend the director, he's made quite a few nice docos - he normally makes them for the BBC so I don't know how objective they are): It was interesting to see how New York was almost a third world city in the 1970s and the city couldn't sell their bonds. Curtis claims that the banks took over by stealth. Reading Armstrong I think we're going to hit a similar scenario but wonder what the health of banks will be like.
  7. I don't think so. If they can obtain info on water and/or energy as cobran mentioned then it wouldn't be too difficult. It may require some upfront capital but then it would be almost as easy as collecting rates.
  8. Not blocked at work today! I can enjoy reading over lunch for a change. Not sure if RumpledElf has done anything (I assume not).
  9. I wonder what Armstrong would make of the line chart below. I wonder if the trend is going to reverse. As a footnote, a guest speaker I listened to a couple of weeks ago said that freedoms are reducing (in Australia and around the world) and that the trend is going to continue.
  10. I'm still not interested. To buy a modest 3BR unit in the suburb I live would probably cost a million dollars, so 15k saving on stamp duty isn't getting me excited.
  11. Does it do much more than a port scan?
  12. I am definitely leaning towards contracting, just there aren't that many opportunities at the moment and the market seems to be cool. That's why I'm thinking about perm roles.
  13. I have my own indicator for gold. Yesterday a former colleague (originally from India) asked me about bullion dealers. I think either his family in India or his Indian friends have been in his ear. The last time he asked about bullion dealers was about five years ago, around the same time as the last low. So it may be a good time to buy an ounce or two.
  14. I have a dilemma. I am currently contracting independently, money is good. But it's only a three month contract and the program may be in trouble so I'm considering other options. In the last three months I hit four hiring freezes which tells me the market isn't all that hot at the moment. Two were for jobs I probably would have got, and one I eventually did get - only three months later. So I need to decided whether to commit to looking at more contracting work (more money) or a perm role (more predictability). My preference is probably more for contracting but the market is cool. If I stick around in my current gig then money is unlikely to be higher elsewhere... but it could come to a grinding halt and I'm burning savings looking for a gig. So do I jump early or take my chances and stick around? Or do something else? What would you do?
  15. It turns out our new friend from Crimea seems to be a public figure/famous in Russia. Go figure. When he joined us for dinner we invited a fellow Russian friend to join us, but he already had other plans. When our local friend found out who it was he was absolutely kicking himself he didn't join us.