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  1. I stumbled across videos of Count Dankula recently. He made the news for training a pug to make a Nazi salute to piss off his girlfriend. He's been making a series of videos called Absolute Mad Lads which is based on true crimes. I highly recommend it, the one on Shoko Asahara is mind-blowing. One that I liked was on Simon Mann who was a mercenary in Africa in the 1990s. The first video is on Mann, the second is an interview with Mann! Very interesting if you like this kind of thing. Absolute Mad Lads - Simon Mann Interview with Steven Mann
  2. Just quietly I think Australia is in a recession and global recession is not far away. I spoke to a recruiter about a role and there were 686 applicants! Looks like the RBA wants a Japanese-style zombie economy while the government continues to import hundreds of thousands of migrants and over ten thousand millionaires every year! ( I read an article that said Australia imported 12,000 millionaires in a year, second was USA at 10,000 - but can't find the article) Which leads to: Ponzi nation. Not going to be pleasant when things start falling apart.
  3. I haven't spoken to him in years. Lost track of him when he stopped posting. I started buying USD when it was 0.80, now it's around 0.70. I think it's going lower, which means gold will go higher in AUD (most likely).
  4. Maniaxe was a local support band I saw last night. Liked them!
  5. I saw Tank last night with a few other bands - Raven, Girlschool and Maniaxe. They were awesome live.
  6. I have forgotten about gold until the last week. An ounce retails for around 2,000AUD (about a 50% increase since I started buying ten years ago, I should have bought property!). But it jumped from under 1,000 to about 1,500 during the GFC and I think we're heading for a global recession, so now is the time to buy in Australia IMO.
  7. He's in Japan eating rice (and drinking beer) so don't think wheat will be a major concern for him.
  8. T.S.O.L. and Luicidal (band of original bass guitarist for Suicidal Tendencies). Plus a bunch of Japanese bands I've never heard of. I think it's the fifth listing on the page (currently). They will also play in Kobe but I won't be going there. TSOL (show starts at about 1:30): Luicidal DIY music video:
  9. Well since my last post I've missed a few trips. I did a Ukraine/Russia trip for a few weeks (public speaking), a USA trip to film bands, and a Sweden/Ukraine/Russia/China trip with my kids (also included some conferences). Not sure I'll get around to tour reports for those. Now planning a trip back to Japan. At this stage only for two nights to film some punk bands. I figure you should do at least one crazy thing a year.
  10. But how to get exposure to wheat? I don't want a bigger pantry.
  11. No heating/cooling - a BIG difference. Water saving is from less consumption and no sh*tty leaky pipes.
  12. It's no completely new, maybe 10-15 years. There are windows only in the bedroom and living space, otherwise insulation is great. I rarely use heating/cooling. I haven't checked water invoices but the admin charges make up a large percentage. Energy is mainly used on kitchen/laundry appliances and computers. A lot of places have 3m x 3m bedrooms or smaller, which is too small for my liking. I prefer at least 3x4 or 12-15sqm. The main room should also be big. The one I have now is roughly 6x4.5m which includes the kitchen, so it feels spacey.
  13. @Swaize I think a September 2019 turning point will be down. All the signs of a global recession brewing and it has been a while since we had a stock market panic. It's also the seasonal time historically for that sort of thing (September/October/November).
  14. I noticed a big difference in utility prices moving to an apartment. I pay about half less for energy, and close to half less for water. My rough estimate is a saving of around $20/week or more. So I'd factor that in if I were moving to a place with poor insulation/standalone dwelling. The annoying thing about many apartments is both the living spaces and bedrooms are too small. Not Japan-style small but uncomfortably small with children.
  15. I don't think 5G is necessarily safe. I'd rather it not rolled out.