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  1. @Solomon this "Dow Report" doesnt exist but check this out: " The reflection point that will tip the scales to extremely bullish will turn on confidence. What MUST BE UNDERSTOOD here is we have two possible patterns: (1) We leave 2016 as the intraday high temporarily and back off, moving to retest support into 2018, and then rally in a major breakout into 2020, or (2) we press immediately higher and complete the rally by 2018 followed by a harder crash and burn. " He clearly states that the Dow will go up into 2018 and 23k is a target and he still expects his phase transition and recently wrote above 23k the general public will buy in a frenzy. Cobran i think this is a prediciton "(2) we press immediately higher and complete the rally by 2018 followed by a harder crash and burn"
  2. Marty still calls for a new low in gold in USD Marty apparently said at the conference (2nd hand knowledge hearsay) that the aussi and canadian will be strong currencies now (not much more to fall anyway hey?) and that the dollar will still be stronger than both. 2nd hand knowledge from i think martys CEO ashley is that for example the yen will be weak, chinese will be weak has elected a yearly bearish this year DAX and DOW are super strong so the flight into stocks seems to be happening, hold onto your seats! Oh and.... bitcoin has broken out 1200$ now
  3. cool chart cobran! its clear gold is bullish in most currencies and the only reason marty thinks the low is still coming is that he expects a sizable dollar-upmove....
  4. @tor ah so you mean more like the direction its going into with banning refugees and starting more wars and getting the borders back up and being all closed and conservative is whats happening and if that would fail it could be a chance to be more constructive and bring forth smarter solutions? As for European politics i also kind of wish that they finally fail, cause this isnt leading anywhere, But then.... has it ever? When i talk to a French about politics, they constantly argue if this president is worse than the last or the one before haha In Germany real wages have declined since 1980 but has Merkel in her 8 years done anything to help? Nope, now her minimum wage is 8€ when even 7 years ago commonly 10€ were paid. Its the same with Trump, i noticed how even i got pulled along with the mass suddenly thinking oh yeah he is different, this will change things. My grandmother still follows the lections so even at that age people dont get that... theres always problems in a country and rarely are they easy to solve. What i wish for myself is that i start to solve my own problems on my own and with other citizens and friends and family. Getting off my ass and say f*ck that and just solve it on a small scale, person by person and help others to also make good things happen in their lives. Quote:" All the World's Problems Can Be Solved in a Garden ..." Therefore i will start a garden myself this Spring yehey
  5. Thor, we have never met, so i could be wrong, i sense a kind of like you seem to be waiting for people or society to tear itself apart, partly you see it coming partly you hope it comes because you might feel estranged by the weird people and their behaviour? Im really just wildly guessing here. Did any part of that come close to reality? As for Martys trading/investing/Socrates Guys, Marty got lots of things really right. Thing is.... on just as many occasions he was inaccurate. Gold low earliest by Dez2015. Then one month before goes oh no it will be april. Then one month later goes oh Dezember was a low now it will go up A LITTLE. Then april was nothing, gold keeps shooting up massively past his resistance, he says short at 1340$ (not too bad) then goes a low in January2017 but looks more like a high now, now says oh the low is 2018 the latest. So 2015-2018 quite a range... With the dow he just recently warned of a correction, now posts: see i told ya it will go up (yes marty you did, since 2013, but just before you said beware a correction...) The way it works is he gives a lower number and a higher one. If it exceeds the higher, then the assumption is it will go even higher. From a scientific point of view his arrays DO FAIL often. Im saying you take 20 arrays and see if something happens at the turnpoints and more than 50% it will be off or nothing happens, but worse they change sometimes and often the ones from the blog are different from what we get, basically confusing and untradable sometimes. The trick seems to be to filter out the "real" turnpoints and combine with the reversal levels. Lets say the dow mostly goes up for 7 months. I wont see that on the arrays in advance. Only very rarely important reversals and inmportant arrays come together and THEN we get a decent trade. Like he always says, trade less often and invest longer term, follow the trend. Goldman and Procter and Gamble both had a really really nice October turnpoint on the array. Goldman just shot trough it and Procter made a high there and has been down since. I could call it a great success or... 50/50 chance, just roll a dice. Need to combine with reversals. After the last conference most were confused. After this conference many said things feel clearer now. The newbees struggle dough. Socrateses commentary is usually wrong and much too long to read and understand. So got to really learn the reversals and arrays. Not so easy. I have followed a seasoned Goldbug and Marty fan and his trades based on Socrates. It was a disaster because of the human component! He took some signals and ignored others, that socrates gave, since there are so many, daily, weekly, monthly and multiples of each. Finally the solution could be: Marty said he wants to introduce a hedging model that gives clear automatic buy sell signals. And an alert that notifies us if a signal has been given. That could work great! Just put hedging on the weekly level for trading or monthly for saving for retirement and voila. I am looking forward to test that. One last thing. On the quarterly level array, markets first showed 2nd quarter 2017 then it shifted to 3rd quarter 2017 and some even shifted again, over the course of 2016. So arrays DO shift and change. Support and marty says otherwise, but i have seen it and i have proof. Even from his blog on the dow there were 4 arrays once and all different and none really correct. So dont get fooled, they dont always work perfectly as i at least would have wished.
  6. There was early snow in November, there was/is snow in Greece and even on the Balearic islands like Mallorca which is unusual. The weather channel in germany warned of this and said its an unusual pehnomenon of some weird air inflow from the north. All places have way more snow than in the last 10 years. 1960-1980 still beats that dough according to older people. The Swiss Government made their own climate study and found that there was basically stable climate, a little dip around 1960-1975 and then strong warming from 1980-2010 So they didnt find any hockey stick or any warming from cars or co2 or anything. Glaciers also showed the warming from 1980-2010 by shrinking. Im glad for this warming, my mother remembers huge lakes being frozen that i have never seen frozen ever. Other research around the world has showed that there was no gigantic simultaneous cooling in the tropics and subtropics. The last mini-ice-age was mostly in Europe. Other parts of the world did also cool but simultaneously to Europe. What did happen was that rain patterns got really screwed up. One year no rain, next year too much, late frosts, early frosts, stuff like this. Farmers were reporting that they are confused when to sow because the seasons became so irregular. Lots of crop losses either way..... cooling in Europe is a ba sign for the world. Luckily it has only plateau-ed so far and not dropped too far. @Mr Medved thats why i asked if anyone needs any info back then because i knew our Beta-Trial will come to an end sometime. Now it has. Those numbers and turnpoint are of course still valid. What i heard from the new conference as far as currencies go, the Euro hasnt elected the worst reversal, only the Chinese Yuan has. So the dollar upmove will come but not right now (next couple of months) @cobran20 Gold Hmm the low or the change into an uptrend is still to come according to Marty (in USA $ terms) Used to be January for a low so here we are. Its a low. If i was looking to buy this is a relatively good time. Inflation is piicking up all over the world, Germany, USA, Britain. In all currencies we are off the lows, just in US-Dollar Marty expects lower lows. Now he mentioned it can still break below 1000$ maby even next year who knows, he doesnt. Lots depends on the US-Dollar so relying on Marty when youre in Aussi Dollar doesnt make much sense, cause he expects a big rise in the Dollar til semewhere in 2018-2021 which will distort his forecast and make it useless measured in Aussi Dollar. He did say that the latest Gold can bottom is 2017-2018
  7. There was one recent blog post from marty with a monthly array on stocks, saying it shows how people will get trapped and then alittle correction first before it goes up further. Marty stopped his crash forecasts and now started to give numbers on advances and resistance.
  8. Dear Traders, Invest in Europe, we always got plenty of bankrubt banks to short Next year we will add nation states to our product range If youre not satisfied you can always get your money back.... in Drachma
  9. I just wanna say this: The Dollar Rallye has started, its time to act, i changed my money to USD (and Bitcoins) The Euro is at its yearly number and if it closes below.... On the conference some crazy high forecast-numbers for the USD got thrown around especially against Yen.
  10. his last prediction was a low on the benchmarks one of which was december 2015 now dough, because of the dollar rallye he sees new lows for 2017 and one other, he said, silver and gold wont have their bottom at the same time. that means one can bottom earlier, i speculate maby gold earlier. we can read now everywhere newspapers writing of inflation returning, marty also sees it that way. slowly inflation is returning. first asset inflation then cost (tax) inflation the dollar will rise substantially into 2018 amongst this chaos. make no mistake, 2015 and 2016 nothing much happened, things jugged along. but 2017 is the launching pad into chaos. especially for europe, not very much for australia, after europe follows japan....the yen will tank as youve never seen it tanking in their multidecade deflation. the next WEC is in asia
  11. ah okay you mean that its not november as that guy said, okay. well now you got martys prediction for checking if its correct too gold low in 2017 jan turnpoint
  12. Well those cycles are still interesting, of course not completely accurate. Armstrong by the way never said november would be a gold low, i did. Armstrong said january 2017 is a big turnpoint (already in april) and might be a good candidate for the low. I now suspect it might come as late as the 3.q 2017 looking at the new array A friend from india, living in india told me it has been sold as fighting corruption and black markets Also he said fake counterfeit notes appeared from pakistan financing uprising, terrorist acts in india. And it was no suprise act, it was planned and regularly people were told to get a bank account and put their money there. Then before the event everyone had the chance to declare black money, pay a tax on it and it became white and legal money. So plenty chances over many months. And even when notes were cancelled you still can for a month deposit them into a bank account but max 3000 us dollars equivalent, which is a lot. Way more than the average american has in savings now imagine indians.... Fun fact, one rupee used to be 11,66 grams of silver. Now it takes 420 rupees to buy that silver.
  13. and us bonds have peaked and japanese bonds have peaked and us central bank stopped buying bonds (more than a year ago) and the japanese central bank stopped buying japanese bonds couple months ago the japanese are almost at their first bearish reversal and almost breaking the uptrend line! check the chart Aaaaaaand march 2017 the ECBs program to buy bonds runs out! tam tam taaaaaaam
  14. Alaaaaaaaaaaarm Phase transition is probably happening right now Gold will probably bottom 2017 and is in the process right now! quote: " We we warned at the WEC, gold was headed sharply lower and it may very well break the $1,000 psychological barrier for 2017. "
  15. Falling bonds are bad for: -insurance industry as thats their investment -pensions their investment -banks its their reserve -Governments as rates rise -Government employees as they rely on solvent states -businesses as they rely on customers with jobs..... There are turnpoints on bonds in 2018 (could be the first low) 2021 2023-25 ish If rates were 3% until 2025 then EU Debt would go from 12trillion to 16trillion so nothing major. Greece pays about 2 monthly wages (before tax as noone pays anyway) so 2 monthly wages per year per employed citizen per year just for interest on the debt! In the last 3 years Greece paid 8% interest on their 10y Bond. At 10% until 2025 that doubles to 4 monthly wages per year just for interest. Can you imagine? Even with current rates i give Greece max 9 years. Similarly bad are Belgium, Portugal Ireland Italy Spain About a third of all EU debt is due within 1-3 years so after 3 years they will feel the new market rates on a third of their debt. So this can easily drag on for quite many years still. 3 years lagtime and even Greece might make it 4 more years so i dont see default before 2025. And then the ECB could just buy all debt and cause inflation for a while. So Europe might really be a sad and dreadful place for quite a while longer..... Marty said phase transition might maby be 2018 (my speculation begins) so if 2018 is 1929 then 1933(bond default) is 2022 , he also said countries might just add a couple of years to their already issued bonds with low rates so they never have to switch to high yielding debt haha The first country to exit EU and default may actually fare best. Maby Greece exits in a few years, 2018-2021 should be civil war/civil unrest. Otherwise Denmark Norway Switzerland Netherlands Iceland Estonia look the best, those are also the blondest, youngest population and richest places. Estonia doesnt even HAVE Government bonds