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  1. marty said grains will lead the cycle. so im betting on wheat and gold. oil is strong so that can be why the ruble is up. Many say, investint and doing business in Russia is a NIGHTMARE and you can loose it all. But australia and canada are also resource countries and internationally quite cheap in dollar terms. The biggest rise was in the nasdaq globally. FANG will eventually become an epic bubble haha Socrates is really up, bit expensive, and you can subscribe to ONE instrument. So you wont get arrays on many things but you can buy snapshot acces to things that interest you (not cheap) i find it now yet clear enough to get actual cold hard buy signals for various strategies and horizons yet...like, buy now!!! or sell 50% now!!! its more like....huge amounts of numbers and lines, not made for IQ80 politicians or newbies....
  2. There are 100.000 students in my city and the city center is about 1500meters.....and i live in the middle For the russian interested, the ruble has a quarterly turnpoint 1.st quarter 2020 and the yearly bullish for the ruble is 7992 against the dollar Every year marty gets more bullish commodities, first it was "prepare for the breakdown" then it was "ah nothing before 2018" now its "2019 and onward" and soon is 2020 so marty will start to shift towards commodities and said canada australia russia and latin america should "turn up again" So guys, start making lists of nice companies and prepare to be buying the dips! I just recently sold all my silver/gold exposure and bought platinum but will buy again gold silver sugar wheat and so on on each dip into 2022 Socrates is online but a bit expensive especially if you wanna dabble in many markets! I was lucky to have had the crazy access back in 2016 on the whole world.
  3. actually not much feedback, im a bit disconnected to the guys as we been waiting for this since 2015 haha thats 4 years now! hey australia has panic cycle this year, should get some action
  4. And December was the low hows it going guys? The REAL socrates is now secretly online, i couldnt try yet cause my credit card gets declined for some reason, but friends tried.
  5. Zaph so youre saying in this huge rallye of real estate, you bought 7 years ago and still renting is about even compared to buying? Not much profit?
  6. The Dax turnpoint of october seemed to have caught the high. djia buy Signal from the slide of conference buy the dow on weekly close 26965 and monthly close 25588 DJIA
  7. True, i hear from some people in some countries that the anti foreigner sentiment is rising probably in australia for chinese, in china for westerners, in europe maby too, That means if im a foreigner then that also sucks, but honestly, if you got a nice social circle with locals, then it doesnt matter so much. There is always a group of open mided people somewhere I mean, absent cultural revolution in china, jew killing nazis, and the like. And the jews were safe in america so no big deal and china was a sh*thole then anyway so good to leave. I think if you go to Singapore this wont happen to you that you get killed for being white. if you go to GOOD places with future and growth and openness (like america back in the day)
  8. Well you cant forget that especially young voters are full of leftist lesbian vegans which are all about, saving the planet, we are all one, stop consumerism, stop global warming (school protests today in australia?) The new militants are now in many countries the Green Party! like in Italy The counter is in many countries anti immigrants, like AfD or in Italy the North League (who wants to drive out the Roma population) So you have left environmentalists (and we know how rational they are...) and people who generally dont like immigrants out of principle Common sense is lost to both... Another problem is that trough social media, extreme comments get more attention. Plus the IQ in many places is sinking just low enough that most people (and brainwashed students) dont really understand complex subjects anymore! In science too, the culture changed towards just getting funding instead of making REAL research. I mean.... probably politics has OFTEN been like that, just childish and stupid debates instead of ACTUAL FACTS and debate trying to get to the BEST SOLUTION for the FUTURE of the country. In China they make 5 year plans. In Singapore some plan for decades. In Europe? I cant remember the last time i heard a politician think like that, otherwise the Pension debate would look REALLY DIFFERENT and there would be more talk of soon-to-be empty buildings. Talkshows could be about REAL ISSUES instead of a guy who f*cked 3 women at the same time.... There could be debate clubs. Forming an opinion together based on facts. I think its not even the politicians fault. I think the human species is just a TAD too stupid honestly. Germany has one of the higher average IQs but that means most of the World and all of Africa simply isnt smart enough to even have the low-quality debates Germany has. Then add that most countries arent exactly very democratic.... people just have too little influence! So it seems to me there is just no-one on the steering wheel! Just get out of harms way when the car rolls towards a cliff
  9. That seems to be unfolding now....maby into 2021 or even 2024
  10. Martin Armstrongs trades that are upcoming are i think: Trade a possible DJIA breakout Trade a strong Dollar against EM currencies and the EURO Shorting Banks Shorting Bonds especially Municipal
  11. Yeah time to get outta here... Just.... not that many good options...
  12. Yes as interest rates rise, we can se a REAL crash in real estate. Marty still sees the dollar rally A LOT by 2021 Measured in Dollars then, Marty sees the commodity bull market start mostly AFTER the dollar rallye
  13. Anyone been to the WEC conference?
  14. Actually angela merkel is about to be replaced by a guy from blackrock Thats like the successor to goldman sachs So...no hope for politics sorry. Just so many people who think something is wrong and so many answers WHAT is wrong and WHY but none are really correct. No joke, italys biggest party was/is a GREEN ECO party! so they now decide based on ecology not business or economic sense..... just bad. I will now try not to talk about politics in europe anymore in my life. Hard i know, but necessary for my nerves. And to be on topic, i realized australian real estate is measured in AUD but the AUD is itself in a 7 year downtrend?
  15. I think Europe is f*ckED for a LOOOOOOONG time. And im not talking about spain and greece, those are f*cked SINCE a looong time lol Im talking about the healthy ones like Czech, Poland, Germany, England, Holland these are the ones with low unemployment right now. (basically all the Germanic genetic regions are healthy, oh the coincidence, and the greeks who got overrun by turks and the spanish who got overrun by muslems have sh*tty economies, bad sign now that Austria and Germany are ALSO overrun by africans and middle-easterns......) In 10years when the next crysis is over, then the fixed interest loans will have run out and become changeable interest loans. So thats 2028, add maby 5y housing downturn to that and you arrive 2033 which is martys real estate cycle low! Oh... have i mentioned that maaaany swiss pension funds invested heavily in Real Estate because Bonds were not yielding anything....and swiss private people took their pension savings and put them into RealEstate too....