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  1. I agree on shorting australian banks! As a hedge. While owning ecommerce, egaming, online advertising companies I dont agree that the last bear has given up. In january i warned with many posts on the "armstrongs writings" about a crash and i sold all my stocks which was 50% of my portfolio and went to cash. Me, Marty and most macro guys i watched, agree, this isnt over yet as many will go bankrubt and many will stay unemployed and tax income will fall so taxes get raised. Also ALL young people i talk to in europe think its the fault of the rich and we need to take their money and save the environment. And CEOs are only there to steal money. And politicians are representatives of god and their only job is to handout money which they steal from the rich. So.....nothing will be fixed in europe ever. England is tipping one toe into weimar republic zimbabwe hyperinflation printing, so clearly thats the only way out they see. The problem is, they can provide liquidity to people but NOT PROFITS!
  2. well what do you want for gold and silver? The 2nd level (i believe) gives you this detailed analysis: (bitcoin) REVERSAL SYSTEM OVERVIEW Employing our Reversal System, our next Weekly Bullish Reversal to watch stands at 1029810 while the Weekly Bearish Reversal lies at 907490. This provides a 11% trading range. Turning to the broader Monthly level, the current Bullish Reversal stands at 993743 while the Bearish Reversal lies at 584590. This, of course, gives us a broader trading range of a 41%. Immediately, we closed the last session trading at the 958000, which is below this level on a daily closing basis at this moment. We need to close above this on a weekly basis to signal a rally is unfolding. Right now, the market is trading some 6.97% beneath that level. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So if you wanted, you could use this to always buy upon elected monthly or weekly reversal like trend following If you have a couple of stocks, you could use this to sell them when a monthly bearish reversal got elected. if you get the premium subscription for a market, djia or asx or gold, that will need a decent size portfolio to be worth it. Then you get the nice visual reversals and can look for gaps and can trade in and out with stop loss, can see how the weekly and monthly line up. And get the timing arrays which you see on the blog often. And you see how many reversals were elected recently to get an idea how far into a trend we are already. Also, this highest tier gets a bit different private blog posts, bit more technical. I attached an image of the highest pro level how it looks. on very volatile things like bitcoin, silver, amazon, best is weekly reversals On very sideways stocks or with erractic swings its best to use monthly level.
  3. i checked and saw the array i posted on allords nicely showed the august dip in the allords and also the january high before this crash as well as the volatility and directional change in this month march really good job socrates also marty called the low in advance to the day and gave a correct range that we will see sub 19000 and march23 was his preferred timing with a possible retest on the week 6.april yesterday i ran the arrays for the dollar silver wheat eurousd dxy and came out with always the SAME turndates on all of these!!! so we expect a dollar rallye and the turndates should be quarters of feb2021 and march2022 honestly i do think socrates is pretty great. a friend of mine even uses it for short term daily trading i can reccomend Socrates but then to ignore the written text and only use energy model, array and reversals and craft your own rules as to how to act on reversals (thats where the devil is in the detail) and you also get the private blog access which i mostly find..... so lala but on the thing that marty focuses e.g. since 2013 its the djia there its great. while on gold he kinda missed the low in 2018 and also the rallye to 1700 and still claims: "its not breaking out yet" even dough it did on most currencies except yen swiss and dollars
  4. and BAMM marty nailed that one again! just read what i wrote above on page 163 to warn you all but now marty is looking for a low between 11880 and 17.000 or maximum as low as 15000 max
  5. turning points in djia were 2017/18 then the next is 2022 so 2022 can be a high or a low in the Dow Jones
  6. UPDATE: so marty is really warning of a DJIA high and correction. he threw out numbers like 20% correction. i have never before heard him warn like THIS about the market being high, toppy or near a peak. that being said, i follow since many years. never follow martys market predictions unless you wanna do the oposite like wec2015 on gold where he was talking about gold crashing further instead of telling everyone to buy gold miners but socrates reversals are a good help in following the trend. arrays i measured are accurate 75% of time for a time-unit being a turnpoint. they can be useful to know WHEN the trend might change and then pay attention to reversals being elected.
  7. yes i agree on russia, the worst should be behind and they manage many things extremely well, especially their state finances are like a rock! hey i just want to say it again, marty is REALLY REALLY warning of a financial crysis coming! even this for the DJIA: " If we get the high on the ECM in January, then this will warn that the Liquidity Crisis will pay out as it did in 1998 where they will sell assets in other investments to raise cash to cover losses in bonds. " Guys this is serious, here is the only perpetual bull, sure since 2017 he warned of corrections if a certain number gets elected but never did he warn of such a serious crash before! like ever since 2011!!! Get ready and hold dollars cash under the mattress The worst of this should be over by 2022 and then many things will flip and capital flow into asia For Stocks he advises to follow the reversals, so if somebody is long DJIA or Nasdaq index then if the dow closes any week below 26,717.04 then you can take this as a sell signal. A monthly close below 26,062.58 certainly is a sell signal you should follow, pay attention especially after february 2020 The market is calm now but march2020 should be the start or end of a more crazy move in the djia nearterm the week of the 23.december should be a weekly turnpoint.
  8. For the Record, Marty has NEVER before said, oh watchout this could be an important high, a bubble like he is doing now! " Both the S&P500 and the NASDAQ are leading the Dow. This is clearly warning that we may indeed be approaching an important temporary top in early 2020. The liquidity crisis remains critical as banks simply do not trust banks. The bulk of analysts are clueless as to what is going on and they continue to look at the NY banks and draw parallels to 2008 expecting a crisis in the USA. " thats all im gonna copy here. Clearly Marty is worried about the european banks collapsing and that stocks can have an important peak in 2020! This is the most bearish i have heard Marty. Yes in 2015 he said all the bad stuff comes after the 2015 turnpoint and in 2017 he said ok sorry guys, we are f*cked and cant prevent anything now anymore. But now he is saying 2020-2022 will be the time with the european banks, the monetary crysis cycle, the dollar rise. This is the most important to understand!!!! if you have sh*t-tons of money and its in the bank how do you get it out????? only by buying real estate stocks or bonds. Bonds are seriously overvalued so stocks and real estate get money. They are the flight to safety when you are afraid if your bank might collapse. Physical stock certificate. Also watch corporate credit and especially car companies! Ford and so on Obviously switch your longterm portfolio to risk-off mode! Might wanna add gold ond dips.
  9. Just follow the trend Medved Can use the reversals for help and for disciplin. For the record, marty kept writing all the way up to the 2018 top in djia if this numer gets elected then correction, it went further up, ok if THIS number, ok if this number and finally one got elected, he then switched to this is NOT a big crash, buy the an april low, he got surprised by the december2018 crash but called the low to the week, on the conference in may2019 he then said look buy the dow its making new highs, now hes saying okay guys, its going up but man THIS LOOKS TOPPY Hey, Marty is starting to say that the usa markets look toppy! He is still saying that right now we can get a rallye for a few months, but this is the FIRST time since 2011 that i hear him saying: look, this market looks toppy, be aware. His target is 32.000-35.000 for the DJIA (since already many years)
  10. Hi medved, cant seem to answer on the topic, or maby im just too blind to find the button?
    Can you post this answer for me?

    Sure let them make the next Asian WEC in Australia :)

    Yeah i seem to have some talent as a hedge fund manager. Im doing pretty much just that since 8years now. Plan on retiring in 2023 and start a family :)

    Heres a nice snippet from the blog: "The next technical support lies at the 10400 level and the next Monthly Bearish lies down at the 10500 zone. Indeed, the Quarterly Bearish is also at the 10500 zone and when we look at yearly support, this is the primary area - 104-105. A closing below that at year-end and we will see the Euro retest the historic low of 8230."

    quarterly 1,05 and yearly 1,04 eurusd after that....look out below.

  11. By the way, the forecast on the Dow is: 2021/22 high at 33.000-35.000 so im thinking to buy more on a september or november low this year
  12. by the way how is it going with the australian real estate collapse? Here are the turning points for australias stock market. August and December turnpoints with action in the market august and september By the way, @Mr Medved do NOT expect the next crysis to just be a stock crash. And also, stocks can decline much later after a recession or slump already started.
  13. So june became july and its probably a high in the dow and gold Next turnpoint is september area Yes medved i agree it could be a september low in the dow. Private blog summary: Dow up into 2022ish so buy the dips this year Gold up into 2024? Buy the dips Emerging markets will crash, europes economy declines, Dollar rallye ahead and eurondecline and pound decline into 2021 2022area monetary system crysis worldwide, bretton woods style, dollar reserve system change If your not making tons of money the next 4 years youre doing something wrong
  14. Just imagine a world, where everything is cheap relative to salaries but no one can save enough money, cause inflation outpaces wage growth AND a credit/loan at a bank will cost 8% annually... So good to have savings at that time! At the moment inflation in switzerland according to my guesstimate is 4% In Singapore they have good gov. Statistics izs also 4% Yet loans can be had for about 2-4% in Europe so all we would have to do is buy a cheap asset like a farm/commodities/agriculture with bank-money (in eastern europe like Czech its cheap) and inflation alone would cover the interest and when commodity prices go up again its profit time! Food/commodities are the ONE thing thats cheap. Im sure there are stocks of companies who buy farmland.
  15. AllOrdinairies Socrates buy Signal, buy a monthly close above 6,873.20 Big turnpoints September2019 Biggest weekly turnpoint week of 24.june Basically, you buy once the first monthly bullish gets elected and sell when the first monthly bearish gets elected. Simple trendfollowing system. Using this, you would have sold during the 2015 dow crash and during the 2018 dow crash so the system gets you out before any 2008-style event. So you can buy and hold safely, just check end of every month if any monthly bearish reversals got elected. Ewen the basic For trading you can use the Array and look for turnpoints and then after a turnpoint buy when the first weekly bullish gets elected and sell either on the next important turnpoint or on the next weekly bearish or when the market encounter a cluster of weekly bullish. Even the most basic, quite cheap subscription level gives you the basic monthly buy/sell signal. For example for the all ordinaries: "Sell your position: Long-Term critical support still underlies this market at 5294099 and only a break of that level on a monthly closing basis would warn of a break of the current uptrend. Buy a position: Critical resistance now stands on a monthly closing basis at 6481301 and a break above that level on a monthly closing basis would warn of a continued advance ahead becomes possible." Every person who has stocks or other investments, should consider at least the cheapest subscription for these buy/sell signals. Friends of mine, professional traders, have 75% successful trades with Socrates, instead of 65% so more than they had before. Erwin also showed his 15 winning trades and 5 loosing trades with the system and average 3:1 risk return.