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  1. WHAT you can actually walk away from a house by just leaving and the bank has to take it back and you dont owe anything anymore?? even if the house value is lower than what is owed (due to prices that fell)
  2. yeah brazil had bad years cause of low soja price venezuela cause of low oil price now argentina is toasting but the low for that region should be 2018-2021 and it should be bought, as 2024 is a commodity HIGH! and south america has lots of growing potential anyway. As for banks, get usd cash 50$ notes get gold physical get local currency cash Maby some water, some food(dont overdo it and store food you actually eat anyway and keep eating and renewing) IF there is a pandemic in 2019-2020 like marty thinks, stay healthy
  3. how is asia and what places were nice? reccomendations? in south america, many friends liked colombia and costa rica (i have never been) in europe stunning women in oslo, nice party vibe in holland, nice old town vienna(touristic) nice food in france also castles , very cheap places in the balkan-romania area also lots of wilderness (need a car and maby visa) budapest cheap and nice old-f*cked up-charm rustic if you like drinking and pubs, then scotland and ireland
  4. maby theres one local to Perth? according to this: https://reiwa.com.au/the-wa-market/perth-metro/ perth real estate peaked longtime ago and isnt in a bubble therefore the banks should be safe
  5. Yeah thats gone, but there are other gems right now waiting to be travelled in your area of the world, you got all of asia
  6. with the coming banking crysis i expect people around the world going crazy for physical gold coins! imagine the mess, especially in europe when governments go bust AND banks go bust, no one can save no one, so people will go to cash and gold and land and food storage and dollars! you cant imagine HOW bankrubt for example italian banks are! thats double the population of australia trying to get into real assets like gold! this will be historical
  7. gold seems to have bottomed and everyone is now waiting for the breakout. will be interesting how this combines with the dollar rise. silver has a yearly turnpoint in 2018 which could be a low. so by november this year, things will get really interesting!!! personally im long and expect a breakout abovve the sideways range by 2019 and new highs by 2024
  8. marty sees consolidation into june, euro has peaked, dollar might have bottomed and dollar WILL RALLY INTO 2021 this will be historic latin america will totally suffer, imagine the deflation! asias corporations also borrow in dollars a lot, ouch. watch the hongkong peg breaking!
  9. lived in spain for 2 months lately, wow SUCH a dead country, you can just feel it!!! they now close down children playgrounds to convert them to dog playgrounds as there are more dogs than children in the city, no joke! barcelona was ONLY tourists, have never seen something like that. just a terrible country. i loved porto, real chilled, cooler climate than lissabon.
  10. australias banks are fully in real estate you guys should start banking elsewhere, spread your risk!!! look for banks who lend mostly to mining companies in the west, as mining should improve from now on.
  11. Originally marty suggested 2016 should be the peak for highend real estate. Seems he was 1.5years off. Then in september-november 2017 he wrote this is it, highend real estate should be sold immediatly and is crashing. Now after the 1.st quarter 2018 numbers are in, we see the decline and trend change! 8% down in New York The next low should be 2033 so get ready to buy again within our lifetimes cause by then we will need cash to buy, not credit
  12. Now with rising rates, Im asking myself, What to invest in next? money can only go to stocks or commodities or cash. Cash according to martin armstrong will be best in us dollars for the next few years. So stocks and commodities to figure out.
  13. Oh thats a bad situation. So... its really happening right? The bubble that mever popped, has now popped? Auszralian real estate is changing trend after what? 50years?
  14. Cool, so thats the way to go thank you Just saw this article that says newyork high end real estate plunged 8% and sales plunged 25% most in a decade and sales now as low as 2012! https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/03/new-yorks-luxury-real-estate-market-is-in-correction.html Seems to me its happening, with the rising rates and worsening law situation. Thats a big shift. So momey might flow out of real estate and out of bonds for many years! It can only go to companies or commodities/land or cash
  15. Well marty focuses on europe, which is smart cause there we got data. Its more scientific that way. This winter DEFINITELY got much colder than usual also in the usa. Spring, feb march was also much colder. I think it was Dezember? Or january? that was warm/mild in some european countries. -14C° MAX daytime temp freezes phone holding fingers immediatly, i now know everything below 6C° is only fun with snow sun and good wool clothing. I might return to my routine of spending winters elsewhere. I want to thank you guys for tips, i started doing some sport and feel better