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  1. Well duh! I know a couple in their 50s, been working in WA for 25 years, big house on a 5 acre property which they are trying to sell for $1.6M. They are planning to live near family in the North of England where - at the current exchange rate - 20% of that will get you a nice big house- they never need to work again and are sorted for life with the remaining 800,000 GBP they will have left (= about 35 years at British minimum wage, or 50 years of the age pension there, to give you an idea how much that's worth). ...except the property has been on the market for over a year, so they have been unable to find a greater fool yet. In their position I would take a $300K hit, sell up and run!
  2. I believe the tenancy agreement specifically prohibits this (in WA anyway)- I used to do this in the UK every time when renting as a student though. LL would still be $100 better off if I could do this because we had to put a pet bond down as well.
  3. In the UK it's Approx 1250 GBP flat fee for cheaper properties, for more expensive ones (GBP 200k-plus) it's 0.75 to 1.5% of the sale price, no fees until sold. This includes advertising on Rightmove.co.uk and in the local papers- as a minimum. Mortgage brokers get 600-1000 GBP as commission. Buyer's agents are for multi-millionaires only.
  4. Hey- me too! Fool decided 2 days after returning the entire bond that we owed $540 for cleaning and consequent loss of rent- ha ha ha.
  5. Although, do you really get what you pay for? I paid about 1500-2000 GBP to the estate agent for selling my properties in the UK- I understand this is a tiny fraction of what you pay here- are Aussie agents 10-15x better?
  6. I was intrigued more by the 'Prostitute paid with chicken nuggets' story, sadly the link is broken
  7. VERY different things- lot of regional variation as opposed to age-related. 'darl' would be OK for a story set in a small town/ village on the outskirts of London, or parts of Oxfordshire/ Kent/ Surrey but totally inappropriate for London itself or say, Scotland or Wales.
  8. Yep, obviously while there is not enough public housing it will have to be rationed, but if you have places with surplus public housing stock like my in-laws' town in the west of Scotland, nobody rents privately because the public housing is both cheaper and of a better standard than private rentals. Most landlords can't afford to compete with the council either on price or quality. I was just trying to say that lots of public housing CAN benefit the working non-homeowner in this way.
  9. I disagree, Tom. If there were enough (or even surplus) public housing available for low- income workers as well as the unemployed, with rent as a fixed % of income, with no stupid policies like being kicked out if you get a better-paid job...... surely private rents would fall to almost the same level as public housing rents?
  10. Maybe she just recognised long ago that dumping the kids in daycare while she concentrated on politics wasn't a good idea? Personally I don't see that as a failing (but then I don't vote either so feel free to ignore)
  11. Actually, that is a piss-poor survey. 3-4 NAB employees could do that together on Facebook.
  12. So the survey included those who own property but have no actual knowledge outside this. Oh, and cobran, foreigners without PR could always buy themselves a single PPOR, nothing illegal. The law that they have to sell when they leave Australia rather than maintaining it as an IP is what was briefly changed.
  13. Ouch, don't ever buy a British house then! Our 3rd bedroom was 6ft8in by 11ft ( = 3.3 x 2.03m) and that was big for a 3rd bedroom with that style of house. Parents' house in a similar style had a 5ft9 x 6ft9 3rd bedroom (and remember BIRs are not standard there, so you have to squeeze a wardrobe into there as well as a bed).
  14. Animal Quarantine is in Byford- maybe there's something in the water out there?
  15. That could well be it- the old house may have had serious problems and nobody wanted to buy it, could be easier to sell a brand new house under a builders' warranty.